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Mitchelton residents resist imposition of congestion nightmare

The residents of the Brisbane suburb of Mitchelton are amongst the latest of communities at whose expense the houing development juggernaut plans to profit. The 5,000 current residents of Mitchelton now face the prospect of having as many as 20,000 more residents crammed into high rises in the area, but they are not taking this lying down and have formed the Mitchelton Action Group to fight these plans. Below, we include the 'about' page re-published from the web site of the Mitchelton Action Group.

About the Mitchelton Action Group

High rises in Chermside

The Mitchelton Action Group was set up to represent the Mitchelton Community in the consultation process with the Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) about a proposed affordable housing development in Blackwood Street Mitchelton. MAG is made up of residents and business owners who live and work in Mitchelton.

MAG has since reformed in response to the proposed Brisbane City Council plans to develop the Mitchelton area.  5 of the members of the Councils Planning team are members of MAG.

Governments are trying to overcome a chronic housing shortage caused by lack of foresight and planning by cramming high rise, high density housing into suburbs with train stations!

This will destroy Mitchelton.

Mitchelton should accept its share of new residents but Council's Plan is way over the top and the lifestyle of residents will be changed forever.

Calculations by community representatives on the Council's Planning Team indicate that the current population of the Mitchelton area is just over 5,000 and the added population could easily accommodate over of 20,000 people.

  • Blackwood Street CBD 6 and 8 storeys on either side Osborne Road West
  • 6 storeys from Northmore down to Sussex Street
  • then higher to Samford Road Osborne Road East (Brookside)
  • 6 to 10 storeys Ruby Road and Sussex Streets
  • 3 to 8 storeys University Road
  • 5 storeys on both sides

No plans to improve infrastructure

  • No rail overpasses
  • No improved intersections
  • No more train station parking
  • No new sporting facilities
  • No public toilets for Blackwood St
  • No widened main roads

It will be a congested nightmare for motorists and residents.

The Mitchelton Action Group is a not for profit organisation originally set up to consult with the Brisbane Housing Company on the plans to develop affordable housing in Blackwood Street Mitchelton. The Mitchelton Action Group is now representing the Mitchelton Community in negotiating with the Brisbane City Council and other interested parties in the development of the Mitchelton area.

See also: "Milton residents fight high-rise menace" of 25 Mar 10. Other Brisbane Residents action groups: Auchenflower Residents Alliance, Jamboree Residents Association, Kalinga-Wooloowin Residents Association, Kedron and Gordon Park - Save Our Suburbs, Kenmore to Karalee - Save our Suburbs, Long Pocket Concerned Residents Group, Mandalay Progress Association (Fig Tree Pocket) Concerned Residents against Milton's Excessive Development, Oxley Creek Environmental Group, Save our Southbank Parkland, Sinnamon Park Residents Progress Association, Walter Taylor South Action Group Inc, West End Community Association, West Toowong Community Association.

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This is the downstream consequence of the Rudd Gates. We have 300,000 net immigration every year now. That's another full Sunshine Coast population every year.
It is state-sanctioned invasion. Why did we have wars to stop the domino theory, when we now have Rudd?

Click this link, then when it opens click it again to enlarge...(this is Shanghai):
Rudd's China Vision for a Big Urban Australia

Am I wrong, or is this real estate development stretching into bushland and part of the carve up of Defence land sell off of nearby Enoggera Army Barracks?

It was at Enoggera that the AIF trained for the Gallipoli Campaign in The Great War.

"Gallipoli Barracks is the most significant Army barracks in South East Queensland. The land on which Gallipoli Barracks is situated was purchased in 1908 for the establishment and training of Defence units. Development during the period 1910-1921 included the construction of a rifle range, ordnance facilities, a school of musketry, artillery facilities, hospital, ammunition depot, depot for remount horses and camp facilities for citizen forces."

Gallipoli Barracks is the home of Australia's oldest Regular Army unit, the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment, dating back to 1860.

Thank you for publicising this outrage. There is so much pain. It is coming faster and faster, too fast for citizens to respond. Every little bit of protest helps.