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Yet another kangaroo cruelty case

Two 19 year old men recently appeared in court charged with animal cruelty, this is the story that appeared in the Albany and Great Southern Weekender

TWO 19-year-olds appeared in the Albany Magistrates Court on Tuesday for allegedly striking a kangaroo and then dragging it behind their car.
Jeremy Robert Lutley (19) from Kalgan appeared on reckless driving, ill treatment of animals and drink-driving charges.

Grayson Delury (19) from Albany also appeared before the court on the ill-treatment of animals.

Police prosector Sergeant Ron Watkins said police were still waiting on paperwork relating to the charges.

Sgt Watkins said it was unusual police had charged the two men because the RSPCA often deal with these types of charges.

He said the cruelty charges might be dropped if the animal was found to be dead before it was tied behind the car.

Magistrate Elizabeth Hamilton adjourned the case until May 18 for hearing.

Of course this sort of thing is nothing new. Usually however the offenders are not caught and all we are left with is a dead kangaroo with a rope tied around its tail as was the case in Gidgegannup, WA last year. Another exception to the rule was in 2006 when 2 police officers, a ranger and a security guard in Perth were charged with animal cruelty. In this case a kangaroo that had escaped from a golf course was dragged behind a rangers vehicle for 250m while a security guard and policeman walked alongside. The case against these individuals was dropped as the DPP accepted they had not intended to injure the kangaroo.

2009 incidences involving kangaroo cruelty in Western Australia alone include:

  • A beheaded kangaroo found in Ellenbrook
  • A kangaroo found hanged in Manjimup
  • In Mandurah a kangaroo was found with its front paws cut off along with another that had been cut in half
  • In Byford a female kangaroo was euthanised after being shot with a crossbow leaving behind an orphaned in-pouch joey
  • 5 kangaroos were shot with either a crossbow or a bow in the Mandurah area over a one month period
  • An orphaned joey was attacked with a whipper snipper in Preston Beach, the same area where a proposed cull of 100 individuals is due to take place this year on a golf course
  • 2 Dawesville men who struck a kangaroo with their car later returned to behead and gut the injured animal. 18 year old Shannon Christopher Conway was fined $3000 for his involvement yet 20 year old Thomas Forward had his charges dismissed and was awarded $5000 in costs. In this case the body of the kangaroo went missing and the prosecution was unable to prove the kangaroo was still alive when the men mutilated the animal
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Kangaroos are bigger than most wildlife in Australia. Maybe it is their size, some comparable to humans, that intimidates these morons. There are few animals as hard-hearted and sadistic as human beings! Kangaroos are seen as a threat, as a competitor, of being capable of "boxing", an ideal victim for perpetrators of violence. With official opinions classing them as a "pest", what hope is there of low-lifes grasping the concept of their value if millions are slaughtered each year? They are no considered as more than rats, easily tortured, maimed, killed and made to suffer for entertainment. Society's attitudes to these gentle and charming creatures is based on ignorance, economics and is evil.

Thanks for those details and names, Scott.
The world needs to have a record of the perpetrators. In the fish and chips news, names and places are all too soon forgotten and dispersed.

Usually however the offenders are not caught and all we are left with is a dead kangaroo with a rope tied around its tail as was the case in Gidgegannup..

Western Australia continues to record more cases of extreme kangaroo cruelty. This time a female kangaroo was left for dead near Kirup after her legs were shot off by a party of 3 men whom police have identified. The kangaroo and her joey were put down

Goldfields mine rescue worker has told how he has been threatened and labelled "Satan" for shooting a wild horse with a high-powered hunting bow and filming its death.

Jeremy Webb, who lives in Norseman with his wife and a two-year-old child, was acquitted of animal cruelty last month but could soon be back in court. The State Solicitor's Office has appealed against the magistrate's acquittal, which came after prosecution evidence was ruled inadmissible.

"You do one thing that people don't know the facts about and you're some kind of Satan," Mr Webb said. "I'm a good person and I have looked after a lot of people in this town."

Mr Webb, 31, said he was hunting last August with a compound bow when he was confronted by the brumby about 15km from Norseman.

"I was nervous," he said. "I was over a kilometre away from my car and this horse had a go and I didn't want to end up injured out there. It was a wild stallion."

He said he shot the horse when it came within 4m of him.

"If it's going to have a go at you, you're entitled to have a go back," he said.

But Mr Webb's decision to video the dying horse with his mobile phone camera resulted in the RSPCA and police investigating the case. He has since had threatening phone calls.

"I showed it to some mates at work and someone dobbed me in," Mr Webb said.

A keen hunter and archer, he saw no harm in having a record of the kill.

"The horse just stood there after being shot and I didn't want that so I kicked it over," he said.

He then butchered the horse, took the meat home and fed it to his dogs. "I wasn't going to drop something like that and let it go to waste," he said.

When Magistrate Felicity Zempilas ruled the warrant used by police to seize the video was obtained illegally, the prosecution case collapsed.

Mr Webb entered and left court last month wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet. He has since joked that he was impersonating "The Stig" from television program Top Gear.

This is an article from todays Busselton Dunsborough Times and shows how much the totally useless Busselton Shire Council cares about local native fauna, regardless whether they are originally from WA or the East Coast.. Its no wonder Australia has the highest rate of animal extinctions in the world..Australians environmentaly friendly what a joke..This wouldnt happen in most other countries..

The trial culling of Little and eastern long billed Corellas in the shire has been approved by the USELESS elected members. Without debate on Wednesday the group agreed to allow a volunteer shooter to start the cull for 12 months with a shoot plan to be drawn up with the USELESS council staff.
In a staff report the Corellas seen in Busselton townsite are "believed" to be native to SE Australia and have previously been held in captivity or escaped and bred in the wild..
They pose an environmental threat.. to other native birds and animals of the local area by out competing them for nesting hollows and interbreeding with other WA sub species of Corella .
Other issues associated with the birds have included damage to public amenity-, negative impact on vegetation, noise pollution and public health concern..All utter bullshit..
They are treating these Corellas the same as they treat the national symbol the kangaroo in this country if they get in the almighty two legged devils way shoot them...
The human races time will come in the not too distant future, Im sure of it..

In an update on the kangaroo cruelty case in Kirup:

TWO Bunbury men who allegedly shot off the hind legs of a kangaroo face a fine of $10,000 each.

The western grey kangaroo and a joey in its pouch had to be put down by a professional shooter.

Donnybrook Police allege a 32-year-old man from Carey Park shot the kangaroo with a .223 rifle and a 21-year-old man from Bunbury held a spotlight for him.

“They said they were down there shooting pigs on someone else’s property when they spotted a kangaroo – and shot it – in a neighbouring property,” Senior Constable Becky Breedveld said.

“Both hind legs were shot off and it had tried to get away on its stumps.

“A joey in the pouch had to be put down too – it’s a sad story.”

A professional kangaroo shooter called police about 8pm on July 31 to report three men in a ute firing into paddocks near Kirup.

Police saw the vehicle on their way to investigate and pulled it over, seizing three firearms.

A 43-year-old from Dalyellup, who drove the car was not charged with the killing but received a traffic infringement for carrying people in the back of a ute.

The men will appear in Donnybrook Magistrate’s Court next month.

The fine of $10,000 each is a good result, however, it can never compensate for the horrific suffering endured by this kangaroo and the joey. Humans are an enemy of kangaroos, and due to unrelenting hatred and scorn from our Colonial past, they are treated as "pests", "vermin" and "plagues", and justly allowed to be shot at for entertainment! With the commercial killing industry, how are (probably) illiterates supposed to know the difference between "harvesting" kangaroos and shooting at them for sport? They are just targets with no intrinsic value, and nothing more!

Unfortunately the $10,000 fine is the maximum penalty these sadists can be expected to face if they are found guilty. The maximum penalty is rarely if ever applied to crimes such as this one. I can only assume that this apathetic attitude towards our wildlife contributes in no small way to the general feeling amongst many West Australians that it is OK to shoot kangaroos. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are completely unaware that you are not allowed to shoot kangaroos in this state unless you have a licence to do so.

So a kangaroo's legs got "shot off" in the Kirip case according to Scott and the sadistic culprits received a $10,000 punitive fine each?

Do punitive messages change sadists?


If animal sadism in Australia attracts a $10,000 fine each then to be consistently immoral, Australia needs to change the Crimes Act nationally to allow the legs of a human child to be shot off and only incur a $10,000 fine accordingly - it doesn't matter what race the child is. In fact, the legless victim need not even be a child. If the sentient penality is $10,000 for legs, we have retarded our morals back to primitive sub-animal standards.

We may as well return to trade in slaves and children again, as their value is benign.

But if the sentient standards are to meet 21st Century standards, the Bunbury Sadists deserve 'psychiatric life' in detention. Martin Bryant had similar tendencies to animal sadism. These criminals need to be on a register like pedophiles are, since their behaviour is chronic and likely to re-occur.
Personally I abhor cruelty, so would gladly commit the two sadists Grayson Delury and Jeremy Robert Lutley to a painless lethal injection and then have a cuppa.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

This has to be in part a reflection of the dereliction by government of its duty to promote respect for our wildlife. All state governments stigmatise kangaroos as 'pests', without adequate statistical or ecological rationale. Sadly the idea of chronological progress is equally falsely based. Objectively, Australia is no more 'advanced' in matters ecological and zoological, than the society that saw the dodo off into extinction.

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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Subject was: sadists?

Who said the people who shot that kangeroo where sadists? Farmers in the southwest veiw kangeroos as pests and shoot them regulaurly! Its a job! It doesnt meen that they are sadists....

The farmers who regularly shoot kangaroo should think again! They may not be "sadists" in that they actually enjoy this activity, but they are still deeply entrenched in political-historical-colonial attitudes. Just like land-clearing and native animal bounty hunters in colonial times, killing kangaroos because they are still deemed as "pests" is a maligned attitude still around. Fixing fences is part of farm life, and it is shown that kangaroos don't thrive on crops.
When Captain Cook landed in Australia, a carpet of native grasses and colourful flowering plants covered much of south-eastern Australia, from south-eastern Queensland, eastern New South Wales, Victoria, and into South Australia and Tasmania. Today less than 1% of the native grasslands survive and are now considered one of the most threatened Australian habitats. Grazing by domestic livestock has greatly degraded many Australian ecosystems and its legacy will be long-lasting in many areas. Kangaroos are natural grassland managers!
The big problem is not kangaroos but the environmental devastation cause by livestock!

Subject was: an attempt?

Obviously your income doesnt come from farming? 2 western greys eat as much as 1 cow a night! and in farming terms that can equal big losses. As you know we have had a very dry past few years and farmers cannot afford to be feeding kangeroos. Kangeroos destroy massive crops including grain and produce Not to mention the massive costs to repair fences due to kangeroo damage. ... Editorial Comment: Abusive words, which follow, and which add nothing to the debate, have been omitted.

Kangaroos don't thrive on crops. They do on native grasses. A drought would be an exception. They might then eat some crops. However, two kangaroos do not eat as much grass as a cow! It would more likely be 10 kangaroos! Cows are not ecologically justified. These hard-hoofed animals are an environmental disaster. The science is already very robust about the damage cattle do on grasses, wetlands, soils and cause pollution to waterways, and not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions. The real environmental pests are people - and their livestock!

As for money, it's filthy lucre! The vile livestock industry has done untold damage to Australia and is eating away our future!

It goes without saying that some farmers will blame kangaroos when times are tough but nature does have a way of reducing the pain when it comes to the bottom line of those who live off the land. In the case of the southwest region of WA the crippling drought we are currently experiencing has resulted in the kangaroo population being reduced by nearly 50% in only 12 months - these are DEC figures, not mine.

If I wanted to know how much a cow eats in one night I would ask a farmer. If I wanted to know how much a kangaroo eats in one night I would ask a macropod expert - at the very least I would ask somebody who at least knew how to spell the word kangaroo. Somehow I suspect you are none of the above.

Subject was: Dear scott So much 4 free

Dear scott

So much 4 free speech huh? Anyways i am a farmer. I see the damage. I am the one who loses money every year. Dont like it? Dont eat! Enough said.

Editorial comment: Anyone with past experience of candobetter would know the implied accusation that candobetter does not allow free speech is ridiculous. As said below, we welcome any contribution which adds to the debate. In particular, we welcome contributions of views which are critical of our own. In my experience of debating on the Internet, candobetter is a web-site which allows at least as much to be published on its site as any other web-site I can think of.

On very rare occasions, when a submitted post is disruptive to other users and adds nothing to the discussion, will we will consider deleting that post. On one recent occasion, I removed text from a post. For the information of others, here are the deleted words:

... So you might have a comfy office job or retired and think culling kangeroos is cruel and "evil" but just remember who is feeding your lazy asses! This isnt a justification.... its the way it is and how its been for generations so get over it nothings gonna change because you blog on this website!

I will leave it to others to form their own judgement as to whether or not the post or the quality of debate were improved by the removal of those words. In my view they were.

The sadistic abuse and killings of western grey joeys in Western Australia continues unabated. Articles in community newspapers and "The West Australian" yesterday reveal the horrors inflicted on these native animals particularly in the rapidly developing area of Mandurah.

In one of the most extreme examples of animal torture I have ever read a kangaroo was ripped apart by 2 cars:

"We had a roo basically pulled apart by two cars, yeah there were still things tied around its legs" kangaroo relocater Allison Dixon told 6PR radio earlier this week.

These events continue to occur on a weekly basis and have been attributed to the rapid human population growth in the area which is amongst the highest in the country. I have witnessed populations of development locked kangaroos in this area which unfortunately cannot be relocated fast enough by Allison Dixon and her team. It would appear that WA planners still believe that wildlife corridors and roads are one and the same thing ...

Subject was: get over it!

Boo hoo get ova it hippies!

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