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Protest Tuesday 22 June: Amendment VC67: Urgent Appeal to all Victorian activist groups

Urgent Appeal to all Victorian activist groups

Planning Backlash is joining Protectors of Public Lands and Green Wedge Coalition to oppose Amendment VC67, which is being brought to Parliament by Justin Madden (Minister for Planning) on June 22.

This amendment must not be passed.

Please join the rally 1 - 2 PM

June 22

On the steps of Victorian Parliament, Melbourne.

Details from Protectors of Public Lands:

Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. has joined with the Green Wedges Coalition Inc. and Planning Backlash to hold a protest SAY NO TO VC67 PLANNING AMENDMENT - STOP URBAN SPRAWL, GREEN WEDGES DESTRUCTION AND HIGH
RISE ON TRAM/BUS ROUTES. It is not exaggerating to say that, if ratified by Parliament, this amendment could signify a catastrophe for Melbourne - the face and fabric of our city will be changed irrevocably forever. We are, therefore, inviting member groups, friends and supporters to our protest:

Rationale for Rally:

It is expected that, at this next sitting of Parliament commencing on 22 June 2010, Planning Minister Madden will be putting a resolution to the Upper House for ratification of VC 67 Planning Amendment. This is to approve extension of Melbourne's urban growth boundary involving alienation of Green Wedges and will also increase density (Government lingo for high
rise) of residential development, including along tram and bus routes.

We need you to write to Coalition (Liberals and Nationals) Members of Parliament plus the DLP Member Peter Kavanagh urging them to take a last stand and vote no on VC 67. It would be helpful if you wrote to the Greens commending the Members for their stand opposing VC67. (I will send email addresses in my next communication. Also some extracts of VC 67.)

The maps showing the new Urban Growth Boundary and affected shires were only made available by the Department of Sustainability at the request of MPs late on 9 June. See VC67 at link here.


There is a clear collusion between the growth lobby and land sales inside dealings.
According to The Weekly Times, a West Australian property developer, Mr Simpson, made repeated offers before buying land later chosen as the site for a valuable transport hub north of Melbourne. "That property didn't come up for sale, they (the agents for Simpson) went in and asked for it," a source privy to the sale has claimed.
Mr Simpson initially offered $3 million for the 202-hectare parcel at Beveridge. When this was knocked back, successive bids rose over the next three months to $6 million, then $10 million, $12 million and finally $14.5 million.
Minister Tim Pallas, whose department selected the site for the logistics centre, a move that potentially lifted Mr Simpson's land value to more than $200 million.
Beveridge landholders, part of the new urban boundary, said at the time of the offer they had no idea their land had been earmarked for a freight terminal.
Australian Electoral Commission records show Mr Simpson has donated $85,000 to the Australian Labor Party's West Australian branch, with $45,000 donated in 2007-08 and 2008-09.
The State government are part of the growth lobby, and are members of the Property Council of Australia.
If this is not insider trading and collusion, what is?

Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.



In order to action his planning blueprint for “Melbourne @5 million” Premier Brumby has to find land for another 284, 000 new homes in the next 20 years to cope with the Government generated population boom. [ Ed. Strange choice of words. This is not a'boom'; it is a disaster.] The State Government is determined to extend the Urban Growth Boundary to facilitate rezoning vast areas of rural land as residential and with this end in mind proposes to amend the Melbourne Planning Scheme. Planning Minister Madden has refused to look at vacant land or brown field sites within the existing UGB. Additionally he has refused to adopt any measures to deter developers from “land banking.” He has broken the promises made by former Premier Bracks that the UGB would never be changed nor would Green Wedges be alienated or touched.


Three major community organisations – Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc, Green Wedges Coalition Inc and Planning Backlash are holding a protest at 1 pm on Tuesday 22 June 2010 on the steps of Parliament to declare opposition to Planning Amendment VC 67, which Planning Minister Madden proposes to put to the Upper House tomorrow Tuesday for ratification. There is a major community revolt over extension of the Urban Growth Boundary which will signify growth of urban sprawl, destruction of Green Wedges and decimation of arable food producing land. Plus there is community fury over the well hidden, previously unpublicised provisions of Clause 12 of the Planning Amendment. These spell high rise residential development along tram, bus and light rail transport corridors plus around train stations and the go-ahead for the E6 freeway reservation. These will change the face of Melbourne forever and destroy our rural surrounds. The rally will ask the Greens, Coalition and DLP member to vote “no” to VC 67.

Brian Walters SC, President of PPL VIC, comments: “We vigorously oppose the move by the Brumby Government to ratify VC67 which will create growth areas on the fringe of Melbourne outside the existing boundaries, thus extending and creating urban sprawl. It will alienate established Green Wedges; destroy the environment and wildlife; result in loss of biodiversity; and loss of arable land for food production. This will inevitably increase car dependency; worsen Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to climate change with land clearance, unsustainable housing and reliance on road transport. We remain firm in our opposition to VC 67 Planning Amendment.”

Julianne Bell PPL VIC Secretary comments on VC 67: “Concealed in a clause in this planning amendment is provision to allow high rise residential development along tram, bus and light rail routes. This is a lunatic planning solution by the Brumby Government to accommodate Melbourne’s population boom. The ‘rack ‘em and stack ‘em’ strategy is a way of squeezing in another 1.5 million people by 2036. This will see the evolution of concrete corridors with heat islands, wind tunnel effects and put neighbourhoods at risk of flash flooding with impermeable street surfaces. Where are the open spaces and parks for rest and recreation as advocated in the Government’s much publicised “Healthy Parks Healthy People” doctrine? The Sunday Age has revealed serious health risks to people living 500 m within major roads, including asthma in children. Hence the Government will be putting at risk the health of a large section of the community.”

PPL VIC calls on Members in the Upper House to vote: “NO” to VC67 tomorrow.

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