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Wednesday Oct 6 Rendezvous: Anti Desal Plant Rally & Libs move against VC71: Melbourne Parliament

Midday: Anti Desal Plant Rally on steps of parliament, Melbourne. All supporters welcome. After that, go to the Upper House Gallery, Parliament House,and show your support to the Opposition's motion to Overturn Amendment VC71

Anti Desal Plant Rally, Wednesday 6 October, midday until 1.30

Watershed (formerly Your Water, Your Say) – those protesting the now infamous Desal Plant at Wonthaggi, ARE HOLDING A RALLY ON THE STEPS OF PARLIAMENT HOUSE, calling for the very expensive and deeply troubled project to be scrapped. You are enthusiastically invited to support them by being there – after all, its OUR money and OUR future too, not just theirs.

Parliament House – Opposition To Overturn Amendment VC71

Wednesday 6 October (time to be advised but likely afternoon)

Matthew Guy, Shadow Planning, will be moving a motion in the Upper House to get rid of the terrible Amendment VC71 that was approved by Planning Minister Justin Madden last week. VC71 is a terrible amendment and terrible planning which puts Melbourne 2030 across all of Victoria, forcing metro standards on country areas, and makes it obligatory to have high rise and high density across the metro area (these provisions could also be applied in country areas).

Please show your support for getting rid of this horrid amendment by being at Parliament House Upper House gallery if you can. If you haven’t been to parliament before, here’s your chance to see how our democracy works (or not).

Also, please encourage Greg Barber (Greens) greg.barber[at] and Peter Kavanagh (DLP) peter.kavanagh[at] to support Matthew Guy’s motion by sending a message to both.

Source: Christine Pruneau of Macedon Ranges' Residents Association (MRRA)

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Watershed Victoria believe in "relocalising water supply, with consumption reduction targets combined with reuse and recycle". They do not address the root cause - population growth. As will all the "shortages" we are experiencing in public services, our lack of water is a case of overshooting our ecological limits.
The Thomson dam, if used properly, is only a fraction full. It was designed to drought-proof Melbourne, and should still be adequate. Logging in catchment areas still continues, and this inhibits flow.

Who want to drink recycled water, or reduce consumption any further, below 155 litres per person per day? Water access is a basic human necessity and an indication of society's wellbeing!

Watershed Victoria assume that our population growth is something that is inevitable? They should stop being "politically correct" and join in the demands for a sustainable Victoria!