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Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of The Growth Lobby!

North American children of my older brothers' generation knew about The Shadow He was the heroic vigilante crime fighter of pulp fiction fame who made his presence felt in comic books, movies and most poignantly on radio, the centre piece of family entertainment. By the time I came of age as a boy in the late fifties, he had left the stage, but not in my imagination---- my brother Al made sure of that. He would hide in my bedroom closet as I went to sleep then awake me with a chilling rendition: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men! Only The Shadow knows! He knows that the weed of crime bears bitter fruit! I'll be around every corner---in every closet----in every room, as inevitable as your guilty conscience." Then he would follow up with a sinister laugh, "Ha Ha Haw!" To this day, I have fantasized about reprising that role, only this time as a corporate crime fighter, a shadow to the Growth Lobby, and those in the environmental movement who collaborate with them.

Some call me Tim Murray, but I answer only to the name of The Shadow!

For only The Shadow knows!

And what does The Shadow know?

The things that CBC Pravda and the mainstream media won’t tell you!

They won’t tell you that population growth cannot be decoupled from habitat and farmland loss or green house gas emissions!

They won’t tell you that Canada can’t add 350,000 consumers to its population every year without inflicting massive ecological damage!

They won’t tell you that Canada has the highest population growth rate in the G8 group!

They won’t tell you that mass immigration accounts for more than two-thirds of this growth, and that Canada has the highest per capita immigration intake in the world!

They won’t tell you that only 5% of Canada’s land surface consists of arable land, and that the best of it lies in the south and half of that in Ontario, which lost 600,000 acres in the decade after 1996!

They won’t tell you that about 20% of the more than 15,000 square kilometres of irreplaceable farmland that was lost to urbanization was classified as “Class 1”---the very best!

They won’t tell you that poor planning only accounts for half of this loss, while immigration-driven population growth accounts for the other half!

They won’t tell you that “smart growth” or the defence of green field acreage by strict zoning laws is a proven failure---as Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles demonstrated--- and it is intellectually dishonest to claim that it can! Why? Because zoning is the province of local governments and local governments are controlled by developers!

They won’t tell you that most species-at-risk are found at the perimeter of growing urban centres, a growth substantially fuelled by immigration!

They won’t you tell that Canada is a big “little” country. That like Antarctica, it has a large land surface, but not the means to support a large population! Or that Yellowknife in the North West Territories lies at the centre latitude of the country, a country of frigid temperatures!

They won’t tell you that three scientific reports—report No. 25 of the Science Council of Canada, a confidential report to the Privy Council in 1991 and the Healey report of 1997---all documented the stress that population growth is putting on ecosystems and agricultural land!

They won’t tell you about Peak Oil and the implications it has for our food security! And that even if we preserved the farmland we have, its productivity would fall drastically without fossil fuel inputs!

And most of all, they won’t tell you that mainstream environmental organizations are paid not to understand all of this! That the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF), for example, has taken money from the Royal Bank of Canada, whose chairman, Gordon Nixon, has publicly lobbied for an immigration intake 50% higher that its current stratospheric level! Or that the DSF has accepted donations from Encana, the natural gas giant, while accusing climate sceptics of being “shills” for the oil companies! And they won’t ask the BC Sierra Club why it accepts money from the TD bank!

They won’t tell you that Dr. David Suzuki told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that Australia is over-populated, but has not said the same thing about Canada on the CBC—even though he has been heard to confess that in more private settings!

They won’t tell you that the corporate money trail can be followed right into the coffers of major environmental organizations, and that by some strange coincidence none of these organizations will challenge the corporate agenda of importing cheap labour and expanding the number of consumers and mortgage holders!

They won’t tell you that the CBC and the corporate media are mouthpieces for the growth lobby, and that the CBC has betrayed its mandate to fairly represent every strand of opinion found in Canadian society, but instead has acted as an employer of first-resort for the graduates of the Carleton school of journalism, a boot camp for political correctness! No wonder Canada has no Washington Post! No Johann Hari! No Christine MacDonald! No wonder investigative journalism in Canada is MIA! No wonder Canada’s corrupt money-grubbing corporate lackeys in the environmental movement get a free pass from the Canadian mainstream media!

The weed of corporate crime bears bitter fruit!

But rest assured, Dr. S, that I’ll be there, around every corner, in every room, as inevitable as your guilty conscience! Ha ha ha! (taunting laugh)


Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned Britain's long-standing policy of multiculturalism as a failure, calling for better integration of young Muslims to combat home-grown extremism.
Multicultural policies need replacing, says Cameron
He showed marked change in policy towards Britain's ethnic and religious minorities, saying the "hands-off tolerance" of those who reject Western values had failed.

He urged a "more active, muscular liberalism" where equal rights, the rule of law, freedom of speech and democracy were actively promoted to create a stronger national identity.

While a healthy cultural diversity is stimulating and brings a sense of global identity, once minority groups comprise a large proportion of the mainstream population, fragmentation of society causes dis-unity. "Diversity" does not make a good social "glue".

Starting from December, floodgates will open to muslims from Albania and Bosnia, undoubtedly flocking to the benefits-rich UK.

EU to Open the Muslim Floodgates in December

In another article Europe is dying , go to any children’s store in Amsterdam or Milan or Marseilles or Stockholm. Look at the Muslim women in headscarves.

According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life report, the total number of people who identify themselves as Muslims is currently about 1.6 billion. That figure is expected to rise to 2.2 billion by the year 2030.

Some of the biggest increases in Europe’s Muslim population in absolute numbers over the next 20 years are expected to occur in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany. The Muslim populations in Italy and Sweden are projected to “more than double in size”.

European countries, including the UK , no longer have sovereignty. The politicians and leaders of Europe take their marching orders from the EU. Whenever the government makes rules for immigration/integration they are often overruled by the EU.