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Kangaroos and ducks flying in fright in Victoria

There were reports from residents of shooting last night (Friday, as reported by Fiona Corke) and as kangaroos are very stress prone, there are reports of them fleeing in fright, and they could abandon joeys and get caught in fences. Injuries could result. This violence is horrifying. The DSE should be responsible in caring for wildlife, not the contrary!

EXCLUSIVE: Shots heard as Eden Park kangaroo cull begins

The Department of Sustainability and Environment late last year approved NMIT’s application to kill 300 kangaroos until October. and for the next three years.

According to the police, That is a matter between police and the permit holder. This is hardly true! The kangaroos are our iconic native animals and belong to everyone. The Council unanimously agreed to support them, and so do many residents. There are no valid reasons to kill them.

The DSE have employed shooters were in the Whittlesea area shooting kangaroos and causing mayhem and distress. Why is the State government department above the laws that protect native animals?

"Overgrazing" is not a reason, even in the Wildlife Act (vic) to kill them. They are taking the law into their own hands and ignoring the public, the council and the residents in the area. How can public violence and crime be stopped if we have a State department - the DSE - gone feral?

There is no reason to kill the kangaroos and DSE are not giving any clear answers. Why aren't they dealing with the feral rabbits?

There is something very strange going on, and the DSE's 19th century attitudes are totally out of touch with community attitudes and values. Why do land-holders get so much veneration? We live in the 21 century now, and wildlife belongs to us all. Too much land in Victoria is in private hands.

Kangaroos are not a pest and very rarely will eat crops, only in extreme drought. The grass is almost knee high!

Not only do we have a duck shooting season this year, for the full 3 months, but with 10 birds per day per shooter it is likely to be the biggest massacre of native waterbirds for many years.

Campaign Director, Laurie Levy, said: Waterbirds have only just begun to recover in response to the rain in Victoria and east coast Australia. However, five years of heavy, replenishing rain must fall to allow bird numbers to build up.

Levy maintains that allowing 20,000 duck shooters to each bag up to 10 birds per day for three months could result in over 15 million shot, when there are still only a few thousand birds in Victoria.

Please could everyone send a complaint through to the RSPCA to (a plea from Fiona).

We have urban sprawl threatening our native grasslands and biodiversity, cattle permitted in the Alpine National park, besides the evidence contrary to fire prevention, a record duck shooting season with more permitted to be killed than numbers of birds, and kangaroos under attack for no apparent reason!

Tim Baillieu, when elected as our new premier, promised a transparent and honest government without hidden agendas. He also promised a common-sense and stable approach to running this state. Where is the transparency and “common sense” with the brutal treatment of native animals being hounded and slaughtered in our suburbs and wetlands?

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An anti-duck shooting protester was shot in the face hours after the opening of the season.
She is in a stable condition in hospital at Horsham. Shooters as young as 12 are allowed to have licences to kill. With rising crime in Victoria and random attacks on people, including the elderly, how is this "sport" ethically allowed?

Please vote to stop it:

Poll is in Herald Sun story Duck protester shot of 19  Mar 2011. Currently (at 3:50PM, Vic time) those opposed to duck shooting (561 or 53.9%) outnumber those in favour of this cruel sport (467 or 46.51%), so please don't delay adding your vote against duck hunting to ensure that this public rebuke of duck shooting is made as strong as it can be made.

Protesters vow to 'physically intervene' to stop roo cull at Eden Park of 23 Mar 11 by Shannon Deery of the Herald Sun

There is an article, linked to above, and a chance to add your opinions.

More than 100 wildlife warriors have launched a round-the-clock crusade against a mass kangaroo cull on a property north of Melbourne. The activists have vowed to "physically intervene" to stop the cull and have set-up camp at the 320ha Northern Lodge farm and horse stud at Eden Park, 40km north of Melbourne. They have vowed to remain on site 24 hours a day until a permit to cull the eastern grey kangaroos is revoked.

The DSE is run by shooters and red-neck thugs who are a law unto themselves. NMIT should be holding high ideals and teach about conservation, "green" agriculture and the benefits of ecology. Kangaroos are natural pasture managers. While the NMIT have livestock and horses, they cannot claim that kangaroos are "damaging pasture" when this is what livestock do. The DSE are impervious to public opinion, the local Council and local residents. Their flimsy claims of damage done by the kangaroos does not sound genuine. Considering that they came and destroyed bushland to install their institute, they can't claim to be environmentally "friendly" themselves. Do they expect wildlife not to be part of the local bushland they destroyed?

The mutilation attack on an injured kangaroo at Yarrambat is gut-wrenching.

Kangaroo castrated while still alive in Yarrambat, Victoria

Police believe the animal was hit by a car before being attacked somewhere in the vicinity of Red Box Court.

Whilst lying on the ground injured, police believe someone castrated the kangaroo and removed the area below its tail called the "mound". It was probably a sick-headed souvenir!

The kangaroo was later put down.

How can wildlife be protected when there are so many contradictions in State and Federal laws? There are healthy and non-invasive "protected" kangaroos being lethally "managed" at Eden Park, Whittlesea. No explanation or community consultation is required from NMIT or the DSE! Letters and emails go either unanswered, or get a generic, and vague, response.

The culture of stonewalling and secrecy is deeply ingrained in the DSE, and over the years they have become a law unto themselves. They are not answerable to the Law, the Council, the Victorian Ombudsman, and even the Minister Ryan Smith remains tight-lipped.

Native waterbirds are allowed to be killed by recreational shooters in wetlands. We had a nesting swan sadistically killed last week, and now this sickening attack! How are the young, and low-lives, meant to differentiate between legal killing and illegal wildlife attacks when there are clear parallels?

There is no science behind kangaroo "management", thus the silence must remain. Wildlife should be protected at all times without ambiguity and without exceptions.

please read the occasional book,
go to school,
get an education,
stopp kidding yourself because anyone with the simplest of intelligence can see right through your shallow self centred ideals.
Such ignorance is sickening

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