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Rudd and Howard's eduction promises farcical - Molloy

Media Release 15 Nov 07

Cate Molloy, the Independent Candidate for Wide Bay, today labelled both John Howard and Kevin Rudd's education election promises as farcical.

"Both the Prime Minister and Kevin Rudd are only paying lip service to the real needs of our education system," said Ms Molloy.

"Both are offering total gloss, but no substance. Their promises are farcical," she said. "And the quality of our education particularly our university system will continue to deteriorate," said Ms Molloy.

"Forget tax rebates and computers, they do not help all potential students gain access to our tertiary sector nor enable them to live," she said.

"HECS must be abolished and the Free Education system must be returned," said Ms Molloy.

"We have the biggest booming economy based on our resources sector and a massive surplus far greater than when we had free education in the seventies," said Ms Molloy.

"If we are ever going to catch up with the education investments in quality and infrastructure of the rest of the OECD countries, billions must be poured into our education infrastructure and all fees abolished," said Cate Molloy. "And we can do it," she said.

"It is totally disheartening for all Australians, that even New Zealand invests more per capita in its education sector than we do," said Cate Molloy.

"Our education system is rapidly deteriorating to that of a Third World Country in quality and infrastructure with all the social inequities associated with it," said Ms Molloy.

Cate Molloy
Independent Candidate for Wide Bay,
Peregian Beach,
Qld, 4573

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