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Population Film Festival - Brisbane

SPA Population Film Festival - Brisbane Sunday 4 June 2011, Event supported by The Stable Population Party Australia. Details below.

Population Film Festival - Brisbane, Sunday, 04 June 2011 19:13


Recent documentaries and short films on a pivotal issue for our planet.





Purchase tickets online at OzTix. Great value Festival Pass -- see all films for only $25 !!

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See summary program below, or view detailed program notes here.



10:00am How many people can live on Planet Earth? 2009. (60 min.). Note: Admission to this film is for Festival Pass holders only.

In this BBC Horizon special, naturalist Sir David Attenborough investigates whether the world is heading for a population crisis.

 11:30am Mother: caring for 7 billion.  2011.  (55 min.) Tiroir A Films.  Australian Premiere. Ticket price: $13

A courageous and sensitive new film that shows how population silently fuels our largest environmental, humanitarian and social crises, and finds hope in the empowerment of women. View trailer at

 Followed by public forum on global aspects of the population issue.

 1:30pm A smorgasbord of short films to munch on.  FREE admission with any other ticket from this Festival.

Arithmetic, population and energy. (30 min.)  Physicist Professor Al Bartlett’s classic lecture on exponential growth rates.

Empty handed: responding to the demand for contraceptives. (8 min.)  Women’s lack of access to reproductive health supplies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - Updated 2010.  (6 min.)  A colourful and unforgettably graphic test of the rationale for current U.S. immigration levels.

 3:00pm Dick Smith’s population puzzle. 2010 (60 min.) A Simon Nasht film.  Ticket price: $13

Follows the journey of famous Australian Dick Smith as he explores the population issue for Australia.

 4:30pm State of siege: from the green bans of the 1970s to the present. 2011. Tropic of Oz Independent Films. Queensland Premiere.  Ticket price: $13

Dennis Grosvenor’s new documentary on Sydney’s conflict between developers and residents, political patronage, the loss of democracy, and the arrogance of power. 

Sustainable Population Australia is screening this work because we believe that the urban intensification and destruction it depicts are largely powered by Australia's rapid population growth rate, which is higher than that of any other OECD country and China and Indonesia.

 Followed by public forum on Australian aspects of the population issue.


Tickets for sale online and at the door. 

Purchase tickets online at OzTix. Great value Festival Pass -- see all films for only $25 !!

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Teas, coffee and snacks available, including tasty vegan hot dogs!

Cinema discount parking available in Tank street.    Roma Street rail and bus station is nearby.

This event is presented by Sustainable Population Australia.       Enquiries: seq @

Supported by the Stable Population Party

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Hope this horror show goes all around Australia! Human herding instincts prevents them seeing herd size as an issue. The Australian Sovereignty Party is NOT primarily about protecting Australia and our sovereignty. They believe that the planet can hold millions more people and it's just the distribution of food that's the problem.
They believe that water from the north of Australia through a pipeline would enable them to construct "beautiful new towns and cities in the outback, as we make our push to reclaim much of the desert areas for agriculture, and for population growth potential. We will invest heavily in this effort to green our deserts, which is perfectly possible". There is no acknowledgment that we have poor and thin ancient soils in Australia. Water is needed for biodiversity and ecology, and can't just be taken out of the land without massive infrastructure costs. The supply is also irregular.
They believe that we should consider the "building-up of our rural areas and country towns to support a growing population". They believe we should not be "over-populating already congested cities where new infrastructure has not been provided". It is assumed that our population growth is inevitable, unavoidable, and must be accepted! Those pushing for growth are always demanding infrastructure, but the economic benefits of population growth are only short term cash flows and don't cover infrastructure costs!
The ASP believe that we have immigration because the national birth rate is dropping to record low levels. However, this won't be needed as their policies will "financially liberate most working families, providing greater impetus for families to have more children who are the future of Australia." It's about the retro Populate or Perish!
The Greens wont address population growth because its just too politically incorrect and 'racist' to talk about stemming population growth. We don't have any truly "green" parties in Australia as any environmentally responsible party would actually discourage population growth. Where are we getting your water from in 20 years? Natural resources are finite, and any political party that supports a carbon tax and still fails to stop our population growth is simply hypocritical and pushing suicide.