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Santa visits some pigs at Christmas in Germany

A German animal liberation group slip into a pig-farm and give the pigs a nice Christmas. (Film) Originally posted on 1 January. by Jan 4 it had over 150 reads. Reposted January 6th after loss due to site damage.

Twas the day before Christmas and the silence was deafening of billions of animals locked away in factory farm sheds, laying on concrete blocks and unable to turn around, in agony awaiting their slaughter for the insatiable appetite for meat.

This group prepares fruits and veggies and sneaks into a factory pig farm in Germany. You can see that many of the pigs are unsure of what to do with the fresh food as they have never had it before.

These exceptional beings living in filth--doomed to a hell.

When humanity stops these atrocities towards our fellow creatures, only then will this time of year be a "celebration and peace to all"

Below are two films which show what life looks like for pigs in their native habitat. What a contrast.

For the Animals

Jaylene Musgrave

Vegan Warriors

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The way farmed pigs, chickens and dairy cattle are treated is totally unacceptable. The only way I can see an end to this is when humans get themselves back in proportion, numerically with the rest of the animal kingdom. This is not the direction we are going in, rather we continue to increase our numbers. It will get worse for other species before it gets better, unfortunately. Whilst animal welfare activists will win some battles along the way I just see the screws tightening more and more on animals who provide humans with food. It's great that Father Christmas visited the pigs that night and the music lends a real poignancy to the film.

Originally posted on Jan 2, 2012 but lost due to site damage. Reposted by Editor on Jan 6th.

{Reposted by Editor on Jan 6 2012 due to original having been lost to site damage.)
On January 2nd, 2012 Vivienne Ortega says:

Sixty billion farm animals are already used to produce food annually, the majority in industrial-scale factory farms. Citizens in developed countries eat four times more meat than those in developing countries, a far greater difference than that which exists for grain consumption. In the United States alone approximately 10 billion animals are slaughtered every year.

Due to the increase in human population and the high demand for meat products at a cheap price, there is now a system of 'extensive' farming. But instead of producing ‘goods‘, animals are reared in the quickest and cheapest possible way before being slaughtered. The fate of millions of future factory farmed animals is a bleak one indeed.

Rising incomes, populations and demand for meat has resulted in the global poultry population quadrupling since the 1960s to about 18 billion birds in factory farms today. The pathogenic H5N1 form of avian flu does not usually develop in wild birds or backyard poultry because their populations are too spread out and diverse. Thus we have bird flu, swine flu and mad-cow disease. These horrific places are tinder-boxes for disease, with monocultures of animals crammed together reliant on antibiotics.

A report from United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) international panel of sustainable resource management says: "Impacts from agriculture are expected to increase substantially due to population growth increasing consumption of animal products".

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has also urged people to observe one meat-free day a week to curb carbon emissions. Why not 7 days a week? We wouldn't need a carbon tax if we all avoided livestock products.

A veg*n/vegetarian diet is not only kinder on the planet and animals, but more people can be fed.

On January 2nd, 2012 Tigerquoll says:

Now at 7 billion and exponentially breeding, humans have become Earth's Pathogen.

It is our sheer numbers that are the root cause driving ecological harm across the planet - deforestation, salination, pollution, climate change, wildlife extinctions, sprawl - all compounded by decadent consumerism since the Industrial Revolution. We have become a rat race.

To curb human overpopulation we need human-sterilsation in global drinking water. Add it to the fluoridation globally. It's a simple cost effective solution to curb humanity's pathogenic impost on the planet. Wait three generations and until there's about half a billion of us humans left. Then adjust the sterilisation treatment to maintain the half billion threshold with each nation a quota. That was our global number pre-'Industrial Civilisation' circa 1700, before our exponential ecological carnage. Half a billion humans globally may be thought of as our 'healthy equilibrium capacity'.

The planet and its inhabitants will breathe anew! Melbourne would be like leafy quiet Suggan Buggan - paradise!

While it's not politically correct, it sure beats China's cruel one child policy. What are the alternatives to Earth's Pathogen? 17,000,000,000 by 2050 and 35,000,000,000 by 2300 as predicted by the United Nations? How else can current exponential human population growth be reversed and reduced substantially and quickly? GM water sterilisation sure beats famine, plagues, genocides, nuclear holocaust, etc. - and no-one gets hurt, just 'clucky-frustrated'. I'd award the inventor the Nobel Peace Prize and the planet will thank them.


Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

The above comment about sterilising humans demands response and debate. does not like censorship and advocates real debate instead.

Any act of sterilising humans involuntarily via their drinking water is unacceptable. Tigerquoll offers this idea as logically beneficial according to a paradigm where human overpopulation is otherwise unavoidable. That paradigm lacks detail. The suggestion of affecting water resources on a grand scale has a certain irony since that is just the way that wholesale fluoridation has been promoted - as a necessary good. Who would imagine that anyone would go so far as to pollute or alter in a drastic way a community's drinking water? Yet that is what state after state in Australia has done with fluoridation and what is being done again in the name of desalination (which alters peoples' control over pricing and access because it places supply of a natural resource in the hands of a few human beings who happen to have control of an expensive technology.) It is also being done through excessive fertilisation of agricultural land, through excessive run-off, and through other industrial processes that accompany high population density and high intensity of human activity. Those processes should not be allowed either, no more than involuntary mass sterilisation. Overpopulation should never be encouraged in the first place. Individuals and organisations that profit from it should have their profits taxed into oblivion

Actually I'm quite serious and I too encourage debate.

When one compares the implications of current out-of-control exponential global human overpopulation with involuntary/indiscriminate sterilisation, the latter is far more ethical a solution.
The only downside is clucky-frustration - couples not able to procreate.
Study history and compare past alternatives of mass reduction in human population - none is ethical since each involves horrendous suffering.

Why is sterilising humans involuntarily via their drinking water unacceptable?
It is decidedly NON-violent - that is the point!
When human population reaches 35 billion would your opinion change?
When human population reaches 350 billion would your opinion change?
When human population reaches 3500 billion would your opinion change?

Are we compromised here by ethnocentric relativism?
Step back from this proposed solution to the seriousness of the problem. Then try to suggest an alternative.
The problem is truly worse left unchecked than my proposed solution.
I invite ethical alternatives, but I have not found one yet!

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

There's nothing nice or politically correct about any way to address human overpopulation. People are cautious about suggestion voluntary birth control. China's one child per family is something forced onto them, and controlled through abortions.
The general trend is to accommodate it, and expect our land to produce more food, and technology to provide better services. Few leaders or thinkers have the courage to offer real ways to stop humans continuing in their pathway to ecological overshoot.
Nature will eventually limit our numbers, but that won't be nice either. The proposeal to sterilize people via drinking water is of course abhorent, but Tigerquoll has a point. The consequences are also abhorent.
We need a reality check. Australian government still has an appetite for population growth, despite our rising costs of living, obvious economic constraints with the cost of housing the highest in the world, our environmental/species destruction and the cost of our lifestyles adding to our ecological footprints. They imagine that all our growth can continue, and prosperity will follow. On the contrary, Australia is being downgraded as a generic, global, international non-specific resource. So many people are born overseas, and our culture, our common sense of being, our history, our unique identity, and heritage - social and natural - are being eradicated.
Natural vessels keep being filled but eventually they must be declared FULL. However, when it comes to human numbers, any natural resource, and our planet, is thought of as being infinite.

Yeah, it's like as a pathogen we're pleading pathogenic rights!
It's up there with psychopathic rights, pedophile rights and sadomasochism rights.

Save the pathogen!

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885