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A happy elephant enjoys the surf

Magnificent, significant, relevant, a happy elephant ...

Thanks to Julia Hewett for sending us this film of an elephant playing ecstatically in surf in India.

Apologies and warning that it requires a facebook connection to see without ads, although you can also see it here on you-tube.

It is so rare to see

other creatures enjoying

the sea. In Australia, where

I live, even dogs can only

swim in the evenings with

their human friends.

Highways cut off access to

the sea for any non-human

creature that cannot fly.

Here is a film to remind us of what we are missing by transforming this world into a uniquely human one.



How wonderful to see a wild animal freely enjoying very thing so many of us humans love, and so refreshing not to see any humans in the footage. Its great how the animal handles his/her own weight in this medium.