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Exploratory drilling for east-west tunnel to commence if council approves

Article originally published: 2013-05-29 01:10:20 +1000

Plans to build the east-west link tunnel Melbourne's Royal Park are commencing. The tunnel, which is to cost from $10 billion to $12 billion, is to use vents protruding from the ground to pour motor exhaust fumes into the park. Some of the park will have to be dug up to build the entrance to the tunnel. On Page 8 of the Melbourne Age it was reported that, for the project to commence, eighteen boreholes will have to be drilled into the Royal Park as part of the assessment by the Melbourne City Council as recommended by the city of Melbourne management. If voted for by the council "on Tuesday" (28 May or 4 June?) drilling will commence.

On page 6, in the article Risks of east-west tunnel face assessment, it was reported:

Last week Mr Guy said the comprehensive impact statement was "a clear, transparent planning and assessment process that involves community feedback on this important project for all Victorians".

The state government has begun the formal planning process for the project and will hold a series of community meetings in coming weeks.

We urge concerned residents to attend and will convey any information on candobetter about the venue and times of the public meetings as information is made available.

The following was one of four letters against the east-west tunnel published in the Melbourne Age of Tuesday 28 May.

Stand up for public land

Did you visit a park this weekend? Use a sports ground? walk around a lake? Picnic with Friends? Or just enjoy the peace and the wildlife? Best capture those memories before become a think of the past. Royal Park, Melbourne's largest bush Park, and all it's sports facilities are about to be trashed. It's my park, so I care a lot about its demise -- but it's also your park. Royal Park is the lungs of the city -- vital in offseting the pollution of its rapidly growing population. My park, neighbourhood and perhaps my home will be ruined. Yours will be next. Stand up for public land before it, too, becomes extinct.

Margaret Jungwirth

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As I understand it, the project will most likely be open cut bulldozing through the park. Virtually all playing fields and wetlands in West Parkville will be destroyed by the surface connections with CityLink. Furthermore the years of construction will render the area unusable during this time and leave a permanent scar. A park is never the same after it is bisected by a multi-lane road. Its integrity,amenity and ambiance will be utterly destroyed.

This is much worse than I feared!

Surely the scale of the planned vandalism demands that it be treated as an issue of interest to the Federal Government.

All Candidates standing for the September Federal elections, in particular the candidates contesting the seat of Melbourne (pdf, 18M) in which the Royal Park lies, including sitting Greens member Adam Bandt, should be asked what they intend to do to try to stop this outrage.