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Australia's Population Growth Unsustainable - SPA

Australia’s population annual growth of just under 400,000 people is absolutely unsustainable, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). Our annual population growth, of which 60% is made up of economic immigrants, amounts to building another Adelaide every three years, with all its need for infrastructure, fuel, housing ... at a cost of about $200,000 per person.

Figures out today from the Bureau of Statistics reveal Australia’s population grew at 1.8 per cent, with net overseas migration of 238,300 people (60%) in the year ending March 31, 2013, and natural increase of 159,100 people (40%).

SPA National President Ms Jenny Goldie says infrastructure spending has not kept pace with such rapid growth, resulting in greater congestion, unaffordable housing and longer waiting times.

“It is now generally accepted that it costs $200,000 in extra infrastructure for every extra person. With 400,000 at $200,000 per person it means $80 billion in one year. No wonder the states are crying poor!

“Another way of looking at it is that we need to build another Adelaide every three years with all the associated infrastructure” says Ms Goldie.

“The environmental consequences of human population growth are equally concerning,” she says. “A rapidly expanding population demands access to more natural resources, be it food, fibre or oil, putting ever more pressure on soils, seas and forests.

“Biodiversity is adversely affected. Birds and mammals have been driven to extinction by human overkill, loss of habitat, invasive species, pollution and disease. Human activity is the prime cause of these processes and they intensify as human numbers grow.”

Ms Goldie says it is alarming that over 100,000 were added to Victoria’s population in one year.

“It’s all very well for the Victorian Government to talk of better planning but that kind of growth simply translates into crowded roads, trains and schools, higher house prices and rents, and loss of general amenity such as sunshine and views when more high rise buildings are built.”

Ms Goldie hopes the new federal government will realise that rapid population growth is not beneficial to the average citizen who has to wear its downside.

“The new government must lower immigration and remove all incentives for a high birth rate.”


Australian Academy of Sciences advocated a maximum population for Australia of 24 million, a figure we are fast approaching and will soon exceed.
With climate science being discarded and unfunded by our new Coalition leader, Tony Abbott, any studies or facts that are inconvenient can be simply blacked out.
The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) in November 2009 called on Federal and State Governments to develop sustainable population policies to curb the associated population health and environmental risks.
“Australia’s population is projected to grow from the current 22 million to 35 million people by 2049 unless urgent action is taken now. Given the dramatic impacts that population growth has on health and environmental
sustainability, it is hard to believe that Australia still has no population policy -- it is well past time to develop one,” according to Michael Moore the CEO of the PHAA.
PHAA spokesperson Dr Peter Howat of the PHAA said: “The projected 60% increase in the population in just 40 years will have a dramatic impact across many areas of service provision including hospitals and other health care services.
The impact will extend to food security, nutrition, affordable housing, transport, education, stress and depression with the changing demography of Australia’s population”.

Sent to ABC news on their feedback page as there was nowhere else to comment:

Many Australians, and others, are sick and tired of the whole kangaroo myth about kangaroos being in 'plague proportions'. All this hysteria about 'numbers out of control', is spread by those with a vested interest in killing our national icon. I've worked in country pubs and heard the spin myself. It's as bad as the yarns about Big Foot. If you look at unbiased research, and there is plenty online, it will reveal the exact opposite. (Perhaps you could begin with ). The problem is the 'ballooning population' of humans spreading out into kangaroo habitat. We need to do something first about our own 'out of control breeding' before we point the finger at other species with whom we share this planet. As David Attenborough asks 'Why is the topic of human population control such a ridiculously taboo issue in this country?'

We need to do some serious discussion on this, without the intervention of religious superstition. The church should have no place in governments of the 21st century. We cannot continue mindlessly breeding forever. How can we give the church any credibility when you look at the absolute rubbish they so strongly believe, including the idea that they will be 'saved' from this planet and 'taken' to a 'better place', so they can trash this little blue marble all they like. Where are the ethics in this?

There needs to be another indicator of economic well-being, and aims, other than by calculating the GDP.

Of course the size of Australia's "economy" will increase with all the new arrivals. However, human societies are much more complex and demanding than simply economic data, for the benefit of big property developers and corporations!

There are nations will bigger economies than Australia's, but that doesn't make them liveable, or desirable, or sustainable.
Indonesia's GDP is growing, and its economy is now larger than Australia’s in purchasing power parity terms. In 2013-2014, Australia’s assistance to Indonesia will be worth an estimated $646.8 million.

Indonesia's environment is being challenged by population pressures and strong economic growth. The country ranked 157th out of 229 countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita. The Indonesian population therefore experiences many poverty-related problems common to developing nations such as high infant and maternal death rates.

Despite the healthy GDP, asylum seekers seek Australia, not Indonesia!

If land is subdivided for housing, and towers built, people will come. Our government is actively "projecting" population growth through open borders. It may "boost" our economy, but ignores the trailing debt and costs to living standards. An economy with entrenched population growth is logically unsustainable.

Costs of living are blowing out, housing is unaffordable, there are few jobs, congestion is hampering productivity and Victoria is going downhill. There needs to be a break-away from this undesirable and backward form of "growth" as a sign of progress!