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Video: Brave Ukranian residents chase NATO-backed tanks out of Kramatorsk

Spending the weekend worrying about how our 'leaders' are dragging us into terrible wars? How can we combat this? By showing what is really happening in Ukraine. Unarmed residents of the Ukraine city of Kramatorsk came out to defend their 'self-defense forces' when these were herded by Kiev junta manned tanks into a small cluster in the central square. Elderly people, men and women were present, expressing their rage and disgust at these NATO-backed armed destroyers of democracy. After the hideous behaviour of Kiev-friendly thugs on Friday, could anyone still approve of the Australian government backing Kiev's unelected government? Only if they only watch the shamefully biased reporting by NATO-sympathising mainstream media such as the ABC and SBS and Fox version of these events.
'Defiant of the armed vehicles and sniper rifles pointed at them, residents were filmed approaching the troops to have their say.

“Fascists! Fascists!” the locals chanted, casting insults on the troops and the Kiev government.

Kiev authorities are commonly referred to as the “fascist junta” in the east of the country, because of their takeover of power in February and the government's alliance with nationalists – including the notorious Right Sector radical group.

“What kind of law and order are you bringing here?! We are the f*****g residents of the Donetsk Region, not you!” one man shouted.

Many of the soldiers interviewed by RT stringer Graham Phillips revealed they had come from western Ukrainian
regions, including Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk. Kiev has been apparently relying on regional and ethnic differences in Ukraine while launching the military action, as a large part of eastern Ukrainian armed forces and police have been unwilling to fire at our own people.”

The crowd in Kramatorsk grew even angrier as one of the Ukrainian APCs rammed a road sign, bringing it down.

“Get back to Kiev! You are not welcome here! Get out! It is our land!” residents shouted.

The troops could then be seen suddenly mounting the APCs and leaving the area. The crowd rushed to chase them, shouting “Donbass! Donbass! Glory to Donbass!”.



In this same town, junta-troops have closed down important factories and shops have been closed, leaving the Kramatorsk citizens without jobs, without money from banks, without food sources.

People on the ground say that there are a lot of ambulances outside local administration building. People hoped the armed vehicles won't shoot at civilians, but gunfire has been heard.

It sounds like the NATO-backed Kiev junta intends to beseige Eastern town protestors - that is, to starve them out.

What happened in Odessa on Friday was totally beyond military conventions. It gives us a real view of what Nazi government means - and who our 'leaders' back, in defiance of their electorates' values.

Russia and Putin have nothing to do with these actions.