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United States claims vote by Eastern Ukrainians against neo-nazi putschists illegal - Video

Includes Appendix, showing how the ABC's Latelaine of 12 May, similarly covered up the support of the United States and its European allies for the Ukrainian neo-nazis.

Jan Pseki

Jen Psaki, U.S. State department spokespeson, dismissed the high vote in Eastern Ukraine for autonomy from the neo-nazi Kiev junta. She labeled the voting 'carousrel voting'. When asked by a journalist to explain what exactly the term 'carousel voting' meant, Jen Pseki replied, "Ah, you know, the truth is that I was reading that term. I'm not familiar with that term, either. It may be that people weren't checking in. I'll check and see what, what RT meant to say by that term ... "

Marina Portnaya

Marina Portnaya reported that when Jen Psaki also accused Russia of using energy as a bargaining chip with Ukraine, the journalist asked Ms Paski how she expects for that debt to actualy be paid. Jen Pseki replied:

"We don't think energy should be used — access to energy be used as a tool, a threatening tool ... "

He responded:

"They would say that they just want to be paid for products delivered."

She responded:

"I think the back context of the situation on the ground means that this is not just business as usual, obviously."

He responded:

"Broadly speaking, you do think the Russians have a right to demand to be paid for a product they are selling?"

She responded:

"Again, man, I'm happy to pull this up when I get back to my desk, but there's a range of details involved in their agreements in the past and they've made threats about them before."

Author's comment: In the comment above, Jan Psaki appears to be making the preposterous claim that the term "carousel voting", just used for the first time ever by herself, was invented by Russia Today (RT).

Similar lies reported by ABC's Lateline

Lies, similarly covering up the support by the United States for neo-nazis in Ukraine, are being broadcast in Australia, including ABC's Lateline of 12 May 2014, as shown in excerpts from the transcript below:

EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: Foreign ministers from the European Union have dismissed independence referendums in Eastern Ukraine as a sham, saying they're illegal and have no credibility. The pro-separatist organisers of the polls say 89 per cent of voters in Donetsk and 96 per cent of voters in Luhansk cast ballots to break away from Ukraine. Europe correspondent Philip Williams reports from Donetsk.

PHILIP WILLIAMS, REPORTER: The result was never in question. As votes were counted, officials said those in favour of independence clearly won the day in a highly-flawed election that no-one in the West is going to recognise.

As with the claims by Jen Psaki shown above, no evidence to support the claims of electoral fraud, made directly by Phillip Williams or indirectly by Emma Albirici, are given. The program continues, giving a platform to another supporter of the Ukrainian neo-nazis, UK Foreign Secretary Wiliam Hague :

WILLIAM HAGUE, UK FOREIGN SECRETARY: These votes, these attempts at referendums have zero credibility in the eyes of the world. They are illegal by anybody's standards. They don't meet any standard, not a single standard of objectivity, transparency, fairness or being properly conducted as a public referendum or election and indeed the people organising them didn't really even pretend to meet any of those standards.

PHILIP WILLIAMS: William Hague warned the EU and US were ready to implement new sanctions against Russia, the so-called third tier. That threat didn't appear to have much effect in Moscow, where the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov welcomed the result of the poll.

A few words are given to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov near the end of the report, but none which directly addressed the lies which preceded.

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It was reported on RT that official observers had been invited to monitor the referendums in East Ukraine, but that the invitation had been refused. I cannot find the reference easily, unfortunately. Closest I can get is a very biased representation by Kyiv Post which reports:

"There will be no international observers present at any of the more than 1,400 polling stations in Luhansk Oblast or 1,500 in Donetsk Oblast, according to the separatists’ head election official Roman Liahin, a 33-year-old former Party of Regions advisor."

and then admits:

"But he encouraged “anyone who wants to observe the referendum can do so.”

Anyone able to provide more detail, please post here.