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This Saturday: Politics, Population and Ports: SPAVICTAS AGM July 12 Speaker is Jenny Warfe

Sustainable Population Australia, Victorian and Tasmanian branch, Annual General Meeting, 2.00pm Saturday July 12 th 2014, Balwyn Library meeting room. Guest Speaker: Jenny Warfe, spokesperson for Blue Wedges: “Politics, Population and Ports.” NOMINATIONS WELCOME - ALL POSITIONS!

Massive developments to enlarge Victoria’s port capacity are proposed by the Victorian Government.
What are the monetary and environmental costs? Who and what population levels are these developments catering for?

Hear Jenny Warfe’s analysis of how past and future port expansion projects underpin population growth; the environmental and social impacts of the shipping industry, and the infrastructure it demands.

Venue details : 336 Whitehorse Rd
Balwyn VIC 3103, Australia
Tram number:109
Melway ref. 46E8
Contact: Jill Quirk Ph. 95097429


THE state government has backed a growth plan for the south-west of Victoria which predicts the region’s population will expand to 132,000 people by 2041.

The government has prepared eight regional plans with country Victoria’s population tipped to exceed two million in the coming decades. There are no funding promises or proposals in the 88-page document!

The Standard: Plans for South West Growth

There are always these grandiose growth plans, and governments celebrate population growth and give the impression that it is inevitable, and must be "planned" for. They are actually targeted growth plans.

They are never able to fund the growth, and services and administration keeps getting cut back. "Planning" is in hindsight, when they get funding! How are people to be part of a growth scheme without infrastructure, and any environmental impact studies on fragile coastal areas. What about jobs?

Housing doesn't increase productivity, and they are not export commodities.