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Video: Syrian villagers try to make the world understand that “rebels”, NOT the Syrian government are killing them

While European governments cry crocodile tears over the mass migration of people from this region, Syrians are trying to get them and the US to stop backing so-called 'rebels' who are the very ones forcing people out of the region. The video inside came to from a source describing itself as 'a group of Syrian journalists (living in Syria) who have created a new Middle East Channel'. The video shows Syrian civilians who have come from near Idlib protesting outside the Red Cross in Damascus about the silence of the international press on the predicament of two villages isolated behind enemy ['rebel'] -held areas above Idlib, where two villagers have been kidnapped by Islamic extremists.

Note that these rural protesters in the film feel quite comfortable about travelling into Damascus, which is still held safe by the democratically elected Syrian government (usually misreported as 'brutal unelected regime' by the US/NATO sympathetic press). The protesters visiting Damascus are complaining that US/NATO has been misled into supporting the very people who persecute and kill villagers, whilst targeting the Syrian government with clichéd imagined war crimes involving 'barrel bombs'.

'Barrel bombs' has become a kind of code in Syria for what a sick joke the mainstream press that supports US/NATO is.

The narrators in the film say that the region surrounding the villages has been invaded by what the international community refers to erroneously as 'moderate fighters'. These 'moderates' are now blocking access by the villagers to the the rest of Syria. The villagers are specifically trying to get world attention about how two members of these villages have been kidnapped by Islamic Extremists coming from US/NATO ally, Turkey, (which is aiding and abetting the 'rebel' extremists.)

The man pictured is saying, "Where's the UN? Where's the Human Rights? Where are all of these NGOs? If someone got a stomach ache or had diarhorrea in Douma, they get alerted and make a statement, starting by Ban Ki Moon. And so on. While we are 4000 people, Kfaria and Foua, [the abducted villagers] and nobody cares about us."


I discovered this report on this morning’s AM program on the ABC at Australia should consider airstrikes in Syria: David Petraeus (3/9/15) | ABC AM which is NOT available as a transcript. It is a story about Petraeus encouraging Australia to join the war in Syria – advice which he gave on Wednesday night at a talk at the LOWY institute!! I guess the lack of transcript is because of that, but you can listen to the report at the link, if you have a strong stomach!

It is beyond sadness what is happening to Syrians, However, The The west, USA, Canada and their dogs in the region are fully responsible for all the crimes committed against Syria and its people.

Progressive demands should be to cut off support supplies to terrorist groups, Work with Syrian's Gov. to defeat them and restore the diplomatic relationships with Syria in order to facilitate consular services to Syrian's refugees.