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Video: Alex Jones and Infowars on globalist reasons to overpopulate and overdevelop

Alex Jones! Infowars! I hear you say. Aren't they the far-right conspiracy theorists? Isn't Alex Jones a card-carrying nutcase? Well, that's what the mainstream press say about him and his followers, all 50 m plus.[1] Mainstream media is on the way out, but Jones is on the way up and he really puts on a show. Maybe judge the pudding by its contents, which vary. But sometimes Infowars seems to really hit the nail on the head. Before you scoff, check out the following video, which is about planning threats to self-government in Austin Texas. Remind you of Australia's cities and towns? You won't hear it on the mainstream news.

Globalist regulations set to enslave american city

Quotes from the video:

"[...]Codenext wants to change existing single family housing development and implement a new 'sustainable' model that contains massive apartment buildings, some of which contain 200 square foot coffin appartments. And, by raising peoples' property taxes to unlivable standards, people are forced to sell their homes to giant developers which could knock down, say, four houses in an area and put up giant high-rises, thereby increasing the property tax base even more and crowding more and more people in to smaller and smaller areas. This also increases traffic congestion, so Codenext also makes driving lanes smaller, even adds concrete embankments, or bike-lanes. Anything to impede the natural flow of traffic.

But what's the true incentive for programs like Codenext? Beyond their claims of being the 'progressive left', the progressive left has been caught many times engaging in voter fraud. President Obama even encouraged illegal immigrants to vote on election day [...] And, with an abundance of cheap rooms and small coffin-like appartments being built in once-middle-class communities, you can turn conservative districts into leftist progressive districts."

"They have an admitted plan under Codenext to take over Austin, to take over the surrounding towns like a cancer, take over the A45 and I45 corridors and fully bring in the third world population to drive down wages, to house them in overpriced coffin appartments and to bring down the standard of living massively, then use those political groups as a checkmate on the rest of the population and kill the middle class once and for all. "

"The bureaucrats win by creating a vertical property tax base. Instead of one house paying one set of property taxes, you now have 400 little appartments all paying tax on the same piece of land. Breaking apart residential communities and adding small, rent-controlled efficiency appartments, popularly known as 'the projects' can have serious effects on a community as well. [...] "



"Alex Jones is a bona fide force in mainstream American politics. His radio show is syndicated from his Austin, Texas, studio to 160 stations nationwide, and it reaches many more listeners over the internet. According to the web analytics company Quantcast, his website InfoWars reaches about 7.5 million unique readers per month, with 6.5 million of the site’s visitors based in the United States. Those numbers aren’t far behind Quantcast’s statistics for the long-running liberal publication Salon, which counts 9.1 million global and 7 million U.S. unique monthly visitors. (That probably says as much about Salon’s declining influence as it does about InfoWars’s grasp on the American psyche, but still.)" Source:

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Amassing people in coffin-like apartments, forcing people to sell their homes, getting them out of the roads to make them flow better, massive property taxes! It's all about creating the cancer of human overpopulation, all for the sake of their Masters - property developers who will manipulate human resources for their own interests. So, cities will exist for their interests, and create big physical Ponzi pyramids, so that the money from all the hip-pockets and earnings will flow up the pyramid to the Apex - the privileged. It's the modern version of the Feudal system- of slave workers taking rents and produce all for the benefit of the land owners. It should be made into a horror movie! It's the extrapolation of what's already happening here in Australia.

The images could be Melbourne (although our traditional detached houses are mostly single storey, far less uniform and far more attractive than those shown in Texas) But things must be bad in Melbourne as one of my utterly complacent accepting friends related what was obviously a horror she had just witnessed in Bentleigh which used to be a quiet rather ordinary middle ring suburb. In recent years home owners have been clubbing together and selling multiple adjoining properties to appeal to developers.(Don't worry about the neighbours as they'll never see them again). What my friend described was an enormous cavern covering a huge area and a gigantic crane. She said the area and been ruined. (A tower to rise from this mess?.) It must be bad as she's never expressed any concern over any of the development atrocities in Melbourne before.

Thanks for this comment Simone. Your friend sounds like one of many mid socio-economic and even lower socio-economic who seem to respond to authority in such a dog-like fashion that they question their own eyes rather than cast serious doubts on the ruling classes. How did so many people get so goddamned obedient? Is it the food? Is it the education system? Is it television? Is it because they just cannot see where it is all coming from?