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Oz media joins US witch hunt of celebrities - Geoffrey Rush targeted

I am disgusted to hear that actor Geoffrey Rush has been refused the details of an accusation of 'inappropriate behaviour'. This has apparently left him accused and unable to defend himself except by denying a vague claim from a person unknown. He appears to have been denied natural justice by his accusers and by the newsmedia, which has sensationalised the little information it has been able to glean. Publishing this news without objecting to this manner of disclosure should be seen as defamation.

Rush is a credit to Australia and a fantastic actor. I cannot help wondering if he is being pursued by the media because he has had the guts to engage politically in defending residents and citizens' rights for Planning Backlash in its Marvellous Melbourne inauguration. Most 'stars' are too afraid of this kind of persecution to sincerely engage in politics and the world is poorer for their fear. Rush has shown courage.

It is particularly ironic that Rush is being unfairly characterised at this time because Melbournians are currently battling the same democracy-eating development monster but it has now grown absolutely frightening and we need high profile people to step forward and denounce what the Victorian Government is about to do.

In 2008 I wrote,

"For his political courage in speaking out against undemocratic, but mainstream media and government endorsed, growth, actor, Geoffrey Rush deserves particular historic recognition from Australians. He launched a new website: -"Marvellous Melbourne." (Site no longer on line).

On Sunday July 6, 2008, Planning Backlash held an impressive public meeting in Mooney Valley.
Speakers included Blue Wedges activist, Jenny Warfe, and Actor Geoffrey Rush.
The meeting focused on the imminent threat of two key changes to government powers:

- New residential zones that remove residents’ rights to object to or even know about planning applications, and
- Removal of Councils’ planning powers by the Victorian government.

Jill Quirk, of Sustainable Population Australia, Victorian Branch, described the meeting as "Amazing".

Jenny Warfe evoked the ultimate pointlessness and crudeness of dredging operations in OUR Port Phillip Bay.
Geoffrey Rush launched a new website for Planning Backlash, called Marvellous Melbourne.
He spoke movingly of how utterly Melbourne will be transformed over the coming years. He also intelligently and courageously questioned the necessity for the population growth currently being imposed on Victorians, and raised the question of the optimum size for Melbourne.

For his courage, Geoffrey Rush deserves particular historic recognition from Australians. Although it is common for people at to challenge the grotesque premises and impacts of endless growth, a professional actor depends upon the mainstream media to a great degree. He therefore takes enormous risks in speaking out against politics which profit the mainstream media and which it heavily endorses. Indeed, it is largely because the mainstream media endorses undemocratic growth and the governments which provide it, that we have had this growth and its frightening and demoralising effects imposed upon us.

The Marvellous Melbourne site asks:

"Is development the same as progress ? What makes the difference ? Is growth sustainable ? Is there any such thing as 'big enough'? What do we want to sustain ?"
"Are elected governments just dictatorships between elections ?"
It states that,
"Planning is off the rails in Melbourne", and asks, "What is happening in the country and on the coast ?"
It concludes, "This site is for you. It is an attempt to celebrate the best of Melbourne - and to encourage you to explore what was, what is, and what could be.""

Unfortunately the Marvellous Melbourne site has not been maintained. It would be good to bring it back again.

Dealing with sexual harassment in 2017

As a woman who, like so many, has experienced sexual harassment and worse than harassment, I am horrified at the way harassment is being turned into a bandwagon. In the end it makes effective self-defense against serious harassment almost impossible, because it looks like crying wolf. I guess this is the way the 'male establishment' defends itself - by sensationalising even the vaguest accusations, so that no-one will listen to serious detailed ones and business can go on as usual. In the meantime, the male bastion shafts anyone it doesn't like.

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