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Australian ABC needs to widen sources on Syria - letter to producer

Dear Marina,

As producer of the segment this morning about the current campaign to liberate Eastern Ghouta from its terrorist besiegers, I would like to offer this alternative perspective on what is actually happening in Syria. I understand only too well that all Western governments, NGOs and UN organisations, including Amnesty International, speak with one voice, but they still present the situation in Damascus and its suburbs in completely misleading and false terms.

While these voices talk of a “humanitarian disaster”, and make many claims regarding deaths of children and attacks on “hospitals” and “Syrian civil defence”, their sources are not in any way trustworthy.

The armed groups who have occupied Damascus eastern suburbs since 2012, holding the local population under siege, are the very same groups who staged the so-called Sarin attack in Ghouta in 2013, distributing videos of kidnapped children they had themselves gassed through the sympathetic media networks supporting the Syrian insurgency.

Regardless of whether we believe this in the West, or dismiss it as propaganda from “Assad apologists” or “Kremlin Stooges”, the fact remains that the vast majority of Syrian citizens know it to be the case, along with most Russians, Iranians and Lebanese. Their media do not present videos produced by the “White Helmets” as credible evidence of crimes by the Syrian Army, but as evidence of the criminals behind the White Helmets organisation in Westminster and Washington.

And while our media and leaders just dismiss Russian opinion and expertise as invalid, and portray Russia’s role at the UN as criminal, it is only the media who actually believe this. There would not be an intelligence agency in the US/UK/French/Israeli/Saudi network who does NOT know the truth of what their countries are trying to do to Syria, which makes their crime in fomenting and sponsoring the war on Syria truly the crime of the century.

People close to Syria and Russia, including myself, have been trying to bring the truth to the attention of the media here for the last seven years, as it was apparent within weeks of the so-called uprising that it was not genuine and not supported by Syrians.

There are now many commentators and journalists presenting the truth in alternative internet sites in the West, and in public broadcasters in the ‘non-West’ such as on RT, Al Mayadeen, Press TV and, and at some point the Western mainstream is going to have to come to terms with this.

But things don’t look good. Many people fear that a “World War” is imminent, because of the US and Israeli attacks on Syria, and the NATO moves in Ukraine. Given the US recent talk of using tactical nuclear strikes against conventional attacks, such a conflict will rapidly become an inferno.

We have reached a crisis point, but it will not be solved by UN meetings calling for ceasefires, or Amnesty calling out the alleged war crimes of America’s enemies. What must be called out is OUR OWN direct sponsorship of terrorist organisations in Iraq and Syria, including IS, to achieve our global strategic objectives.
These objectives have absolutely nothing to do with “democracy and freedom” or “responsibility to protect”, as the war on Syria so amply demonstrates. This war would have been finished in 2013 had the West’s media organisations done their job, and exposed the sponsors of the Sarin attack – Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US.
It is these countries, including all their partners – Australia, UK, France, Qatar, UAE, who hold responsibility for the half million deaths in Syria, and the swath of destruction across the region, NOT the Syrian government, nor its allies, Hezbollah, Russia and Iran and Iraq.

Veteran correspondent Robert Fisk is one journalist who has learnt the lesson that the mainstream needs to learn, and wrote this particularly accurate article about the campaign on Ghouta yesterday.

I would like to think that all at the ABC read this and think about it, as they – and probably quite innocently – shield the real criminals from the public’s view. Fisk used to regularly get interviews – with Fran Kelly amongst many others – on the ABC, perhaps until he started showing sympathy towards the Syrian army. It is urgent that his view is now shared with your audience again, along with that of many other investigative journalists and commentators who write in the alternative press, and are frequently interviewed on its programs.

I hope you can bring this to the attention of your colleagues, and senior staff.

I welcome your response.

kind regards,

David Macilwain,
Sandy Creek, Victoria, 3695


I posted the following in response to the article Syria, Turkey, Russia and the Kurds: the struggle for Afrin (25/2/18) | The Duran by Alexander Mercouris:

As the article shows, an all-out invasion by Turkey would be a mortal threat to the Syrian government.

Even if Sultan Erdogan now claims to be hostile to the United States government, how can we assume that the United States would disapprove of the Turkish Army's efforts to achieve what the United States' terrorist proxies have failed to do since March 2011?

Possibly the only way that lasting peace can be achieved in Syria is for the regime change to occur in Turkey (and elsewhere).

But, by helping Erdogan defeat the attempted coup of July 2016, supposedly orchestrated by the United States, and by its endorsement of the rigged constitutional referendum of April 2017 which gave President Erdogan more power at the expense of the elected Turkish Parliament, the Russian government helped further entrench Erdogan in power.

This letter was published in the Age today. Chris Burgess of Port Melbourne has swallowed lock stock and barrel all the western propaganda for continuous war. He even quotes the US on Vietnam. He probably fell for the incubator babies of Iraq, the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the mad dictator in Libya before falling for the mad dictator in Syria bullshit. Where is the critical thinking necessary to see the repetitive lying of the western warmongers? How could Bashar al-Assad survive in Syria over the last 7 years if the army and his people were against him? Syria needs friends, not idiots.

Destruction assured

In 1968, at the height of the war in Vietnam, an American commander said, "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."
Fifty years later, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has upped the ante, instead of a just a village, now it's an entire country. I despair that, yet again, the Syrian government, along with its Russian cronies, will ignore the latest UN resolution, and every day, in the newspapers and on our TV screens, we will see more innocent civilians, including children, lose their lives because one man's puffed up ego.

Chris Burgess, Port Melbourne

I can understand your despair Steve. It's amazing how many people out there in the burbs and sticks take as gospel what the MSM tells them, very rarely are both sides to any conflict/story given and more often than not what is presented is a blatant lie. The one that springs to mind is the use of chemical weapons which was originally rebutted many years ago.

The MSM know, however, that this will get the attention of the electorate and they know it will foment hatred and bitterness towards those who are supposed to have used such weapons and thus, their job is complete. For they are the lackeys of American hegemony and their job is to, in this case Assad, paint him as the evil dictator ruthlessly killing his own people in a bloody civil war.

The truth, as we know, is the reverse, but the MSM will never admit to this even when it comes face to face with the evidence of a war perpetuated on the Syrian people waged in proxy by the United States of America. If the MSM had the intestinal fortitude to expose the Yanks for what they are, the world would be a better place for it.