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Australian Government silent as Julian Assange manhandled out of Ecuadorian Embassy by London Police

The President of Ecuador, on flimsy pretext, has thrown Julian Assange to the wolves. Today Ruptly footage shows Assange being manhandled by several police from the embassy into a police vehicle. Julian had long hair and a long beard and was shouting, "The UK must resist," and something about "the Trump administration." From somewhere else, the Ecuadorian President delivered a prepared speech to cameras from his wheelchair, stating, among other things, that the UK Government has agreed in writing that Julian would not be sent anywhere he might be tortured or face the death penalty. Wikileaks has said, however, that Assange has been arrested for 'extradition to the United States for publishing'.

Ironically, U.K. Foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, has said on Twitter, “Julian Assange is no hero and no one is above the law. He has hidden from the truth for years.” In fact, it is power elites, like Jeremy Hunt, who have hidden from the truth and who have put themselves above the law.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks have drawn the curtain to reveal the business as usual world of international criminal elites. Depraved men and women, like Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump, Obama, and Hillary and Bill Clinton, to name a few in an almost endless line of powerful and very wealthy American administrators. These are people who benefit from and encourage war, who tell lies to start wars, and who protect torturers. They hold secret courts and execute their fellow citizens. They assassinate foreign rulers they don't find useful any more, and they overthrow elected governments. And they expect to control the media - and the narrative.

The US is currently attempting to overthrow the Venezuelan Government. It has bought and paid for the Columbian Government. It has been trying for many decades to overthrow Cuba. It seems to have been able to do a deal with Lenin Moreno, the current Ecuadorian President, who succeeded Rafael Correa, the previous president of Ecuador who courageously gave Julian Assange asylum. Moreno invited the police to arrest Julian Assange. This was the quintessential uncivilised act.

Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Opposition leader, has so far failed to take the opportunity to distinguish himself from Jeremy Hunt, reportedly a close associate, by standing up for decent treatment for Assange.

The corporatisation of mainstream media has meant that national and commercial media outlets have used all the stories that Assange broke, without any threats to themselves of arrest, whilst utterly failing to defend their source. What a bunch of cowards promote the narratives that cover the depraved vested interests of criminal governments of the world. If so-called professional journalists had ever stood up for him, the world would be so much more advanced. Instead, Julian's arrest threatens to take us further down into the black pit of ignorance and censorship.

We at support Assange and thank him for his heroic exposure of the criminal forces which have taken over most governments. His determination not to be taken by the 'authorities' was a reflection of his knowledge of the truly awful corruption in the merciless US and UK judicial systems

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A protest has been called for tomorrow outside the Victorian State Library to demand that the Australian Government act now to bring Julian Assange back to Australia. Bring yourself, friends, placards and any literature you may have to inform members of the public of why they need to act to help prevent the deportation to the United States, of Julian Assange, who is not even a United States citizen and has never been there!

Bring yourself, friends, placards and any literature you may have, to inform members of the public why they need to act now to help Julian Assange.

Another protest is to be called soon in Sydney.