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Insane Senate votes 54-2 against Hanson population plebicite - Article by Houses and Holes

Australia’s political economy has turned into one gigantic lie. Via AAP:

Pauline Hanson’s push to have a national vote on immigration levels has been crushed in the Senate.

The One Nation leader on Monday asked the Upper House to support a plebiscite, arguing the country’s roads and health system were buckling under the weight of new migrants.

But Senator Hanson and her partyroom colleague Malcolm Roberts were the only votes in favour of the Bill, which was thrashed 54 votes to two.

Pauline Hanson is 100% right. Australian standards of living are tumbling owing to the mass immigration economic model:

  • wage growth is finished;
  • infrastructure is crushloaded;
  • house prices are pressured higher and quality control has collapsed.

These are simple statistical truths. They are not racist. Yet we can’t talk about them because Pauline Hanson does. Perhaps it’s the other way around, Pauline Hanson talks about them so we refuse.

Either or both ways, if Pauline Hanson said the world was round, the national discussion would declare it was flat.

This stranglehold of the imagination is gutting what was once great about Australia: fairness, classlessness, meritocracy and democracy. Replaced by exploitation, class war, corruption and oligarchy.

That this is led by the Left is one the great ironies of contemporary politics. The Right simply loves it. It is its natural tendency.

It’s insane.

Article originally published by Houses and Holes in Australian Economy, Australian Politics, at 11:45 am on July 30, 2019.

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Below is the response to Senator Hanson's motion from Labor Senator Ciccone
"Labor understands Australians are frustrated with stagnant wages, unaffordable housing and clogged infrastructure; however, migrants are not to blame. The truth is that this nation would not be what it is today without the contributions made to it by those who have come here in the hope of making a great contribution to Australia. It is not for us to subject this to a divisive and, perfectly honestly speaking, hurtful plebiscite. Whilst Labor accepts that this is important—that we make sure that we get the balance right in managing our migration program—this is the responsibility of the government with the best advice at hand. There is simply no place in our inclusive and proudly diverse nation for an expensive opinion poll on questions that don't need to be asked"
I understand the reluctance to use polls excessively in making decisions in Parliament but surely this is a question that should be asked? If the government were on the right track then this would be confirmed by a poll. Population growth of which net immigration is such a large component affects people massively in their daily lives. Those speaking against the motion acknowledged the 'concern" people have over these affects but it is more than concern if they are experiencing it. It is not just theoretical. I am disappointed in Jacqui Lambie in voting against the motion since she comes across as someone whose focus is the welfare of ordinary people.

You say:

"That this is led by the Left is one the great ironies of contemporary politics. The Right simply loves it"

I think the Left v Right dichotomy has broken down and is no longer useful. At the extreme ends of each they are both equally fascist.

Also the "Left" used to be about families and wages and fairness, now it is about sexuality, equity (not the same as equality) and unions are pretty useless.

What you refer to as the Right here - and what you lament about the supposed Left - I think is actually Elites. It is the Elites that are pushing high immigration - for the those on the Left they sell it as compassionate and fair to share Australia, to those on the Right they push it as offering growth and prosperity. The Elites are happy to play a double game, and get everyone arguing about issues they don't care about (e LGBT rights etc) as long as there is agreement on their core concerns - policies that gain them more wealth and power. Population growth is one of their core concerns, as it is impoverishes everyone but them. Their end game is to be unchallengeable overlords with everyone else too poor or exhausted to resist them, with the only resistance being through organisations they finance (eg. GetUP). Thus we have Soros financing all sorts of so-called 'left wing' organisations, and the Koch Brothers funding all kinds of Right wing ones. They don't care either way.