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YouTube removes Michael Moore's Planet of the Humans - why?

Did you know that YouTube has removed Michael Moore's massive environmental film, "Planet of the Humans"? The reason appears to be a purported infringement of copyright, which its producer vehemently denies. They didn't like the message, he argues in this rivetting and educational interview. Michael Moore joins Rolling Stone's "Useful Idiots" show to discuss the removal of Planet of the Humans from YouTube, and addresses criticism he and the film have received. This fascinating interview has nearly as much to offer on the environmental movement and its problems - notably with corporate interference - as the film itself.


I was appalled that "Planet of the humans" was removed from You Tube and I am glad that this interview has been done and is available.(at least for now) As the interview proceeds it becomes clear how serious this censorship is for any future film-makers to put ideas that do not conform into the public domain. Will they dare?