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Billy Field re Letter about Julian Assange, to MP's and Senators, April 8, 2021

Billy Field
NSW 2250

8 April 2021

Dear Member of Parliament,

Please find attached a list of the cross-party MPs and senators calling for the Govt to take
immediate action to “free Julian Assange” who is currently in solitary confinement in Belmarsh
prison in the UK.

I, and I am sure countless folk all over the world, are highly appreciative of these members and
senators. They are routinely thanked by groups of citizens meeting and demonstrating for Julian
Assange’s release every Friday afternoon outside Sydney Town Hall (photo attached).

Despite the fact that credible experts have deemed Assange to have been subject to torture, he
still remains in solitary confinement (& for 2yrs as of April 11th) under heavily restricted
conditions and as an Australian I, and I believe his supporters, find this untenable.

I have twice written to all MPs and senators noting details regarding this matter (which I hope
you are aware of by now) and the matter’s urgency. I note I have received only one letter in
response by a “Ministerial Correspondence Unit” (unsigned) and this letter I feel is entirely

You must know that to sit and do nothing and not act for a person being tortured or harmed, as
I understand it, is not only a crime but also highly immoral.

Julian has made it his life’s work to help people in positions of vulnerability, including by helping
to publish evidence of war crimes and/or corruption from 2006 onwards. By revealing
wrongdoing by governments around the world, we stand a better chance of making them
accountable to their citizens and their victims.

At weekly demonstrations outside Sydney Town Hall for the past 70 weeks, it has been
heartening to see the support in the community as it reveals the ability of ordinary people to
remain objective in the face of relentless efforts by the media to demonise Julian.

Julian has first told us and then, by his own example, shown us that the powerful corporate and
political elements have an aversion to the truth and disregard for the sanctity of human life.

The future of freedom of speech rests on Julian’s shoulders, and more importantly, his very life
is at risk. To those who support Julian in the attached list, I convey my most sincere and
heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

I am writing to urge you to please join this group attached with all haste.

Please advise your position, or alternatively, if you feel there is something I am overlooking I
would be very pleased to hear that from you also.

Yours faithfully,

Billy Field