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Citizens Electoral Council

Anglican Church accused of paganism, advocating genocide

As was reported in the Melbourne Age of 9 May 2010, the Anglican church has rightly called for both a decrease in natural population growth and a decrease in Australia's current record high rate of immigration. The Citizens Electoral Council, which believes that not only Australia, but the whole world, is underpopulated, responded, on 11 May 2010, with one of its typical hyperbolic media releases.
The Anglican Church General Synod paper can be downladed from here (pdf 277K), See also the original paper released for comment by the Anglican Church.

Call for the re-establishment of a true national bank

As we approach the centenary of the passage of the Commonwealth Bank Act in 1911, the Citizens Electoral Council plans to launch a fight to re-establish a true national bank that the (now privatised) Commonwealth bank once was. Its impressive achievements in financing Australia's economic development and war efforts3 of the early 20th century show what would be possible if such a bank were to be re-established today. In spite of candobetter's serious concerns about the CEC's hostility to environmentalism, we believe this proposal deserves your enthusiastic support.

See also: Cut Wall Street out! How states can finance their own economic recovery of 3 Nov 09 by Ellen Brown, How a state-owned bank could make Queensland asset fire sale unnecessary based on original article by Ellen Brown of 29 May 09, Call for the re-establishment of a true national bank of 17 Jan 2010.

About the Citizens Electoral Council

The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia is a political group, which derives its policies and political philosophy from Lyndon La Rouche in the United States. It is often dismissed by the political establishment and supposedly alternative political figures as being extreme right wing and conspiracy theorist. However, many of their policies were once mainstream Labor positions and, if adopted, would be of enormous benefit to ordinary Australians: ending the scam of private banking, opposition to privatisation, opposition to war, as examples. However, they are seriously marred by their refusal to recognise the global ecological crisis and the problem of overpopulation,

See also: Call for the re-establishment of a true national bank of 17 Jan 2010

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