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Damascus, Syria: Tom Duggan asks why UN not covering Douma genocide by rebels?

Video inside: Tom Duggan lives in Damascus, Syria. This week he covered the Jaishal Islam (Saudi supported) terrorist group leaving Douma, Syria. He reports, "We were expecting between 3000 and 8000 hostages to be released. We got less than 100. Where did they all go? They had been held for between four and six years. Jaishal Islam submitted the names of these people, their ID numbers, and the Syrian Government, in good faith, accepted the release of the terrorists in exchange for the hostages they claimed to have. This is a huge example of genocide, but the UN has not even acknowledged it." Up to 8000 Syrians slaughtered or starved by Jaishal Islam, which the Syrian Government has been fighting, and, meanwhile the United states posing as an 'exceptional' state, is threatening to attack Syria, which will draw Russia and probably China into war, on the basis of a completely unproven allegation that the Syrian Government used 'chemical weapons' against its own people. Duggan knows there is a high risk of Damascus being attacked by the rogue 'exceptional' US state, but he has decided to remain there.

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Professor Quiggin wrote on 25 March 2018: "Nothing more on this topic, or along these lines, please. Also, no responses from other commenters."

I don't know where you have been, Professor Quiggin, but last night I was awake until 3:00am fearing that war would break out between Russia and the United States in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Would you have also disallowed, in the 1930's, discussion on the Munich Agreement , the Reichstag Fire, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the Italian invasion of Ethiopia?

Perhaps you could list in your "Discussion policy" what topics are allowed and what topics are not allowed in this "commentary on Australian and world events from a social-democratic perspective"?

This is just the same policy as the corporate media! With the exception of Tucker Carlson on Fox, in Australia and the United States, the controversy surrounding the allegations about chemical weapons as an excuse for a hidious attack on Syria, drawing Russia and China into the fray, is simply not being mentioned. If the United States does not draw back - of which there is now a hope, but no certainty - Australia and the US will be taken almost by surprise if WW3 breaks out. Maybe Quiggan's tenure is threatened because he's been interviewed on RT in the past and his masters do not like that? It is classical John Cleese "Don't mention the war."

Thanks to candobetter for its coverage of this topic.

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