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The Six Clusters of Denial---Death by Storytelling

"Humankind cannot stand very much reality" T. S. Eliot

Analyst Chris Clugston offered a sobering assessment of our response to the crisis that is unfolding before us.

"Seems to me", he said, "that the 'perspectives' regarding our predicament fall into 5 clusters:

1. Delusionists--totally oblivious

2. Denialists--see reality but turn away

3. Happy Ending(ists)--acknowledge reality but believe that a "down-scaled" BAU will prevail

4. Soft Landing(ists)--acknowledge reality but believe that "lifeboats" are the answer

5. Realists-- (like you) who acknowledge the reality that imminent social collapse is inevitable

In America, there are about 300 million in the first cluster, 8 million in the second, a few thousand in the third, a few hundred in the fourth, and a handful in the fifth. I guess I'm glad; if it was the other way around, we'd be over-run by panicked idiots! Probably better that they watch Amercian Idol..."

I believe this to be a very succinct and accurate categorization. I am becoming increasingly impatient with people in clusters three and four. People who will not follow the logic of their own arguments to their logical conclusion. It all comes down to what I have argued is a flawed human brain that is a failed prototype of what should have rolled off the evolutionary assembly line to supercede us. Just as the Neanderthals were quite possibly driven off the field by a competitive disadvantage---a language deficit --- homo sapiens of our design should have been pushed off the plate by a hominid who could acknowledge and act upon long-term dangers. In other words, we play chess with an inability to see more than one move ahead. With a language of complex symbolism we had the facility to articulate thoughts in a future tense, to speak of potential scenarios and plan for them. But instead, in my view, language became our albatross, because we used it as vehicle of entertainment and obfuscation. If I were to write an epitaph of the human race, it would be "Death by Storytelling". For eons we sat around the campfire regaling listeners with tales---myths and legends that would entrance and beguile us. And we are still doing it. Our appetite for escapist novels, movies, heroic feats of athletic accomplishment and fairytales is insatiable. And if even a morsel of truth is to be swallowed, it must be coated in entertainment.

The entertainment industry is so pervasive now that it acts as a buffer against reality. Our minds occupy a virtual world, not the real one, which is too raw, shocking and depressing for a primate brain that cannot tolerate more than a minimal quota of bad news. This is not an exclusively human trait, of course. Paleo-climatologist Andrew Glikson commented after a lecture in Australia last year than even zebras practice denial in order to maintain a mental equilibrium. They can be grazing just a few short metres from a lion without panicking. There is an inborn calculation that allows them to "play the odds" that a predator will victimize some other member of the herd but not them. As Glikson put it, we must live day to day. We cannot take another step if we think the sky is falling. On a personal level, some measure of denial is a necessary coping strategy, especially for a species that can forsee death. The only difference, I think, is that humans have taken this pardonable personal posture and completely enveloped themselves in a make-believe world---thanks to language and symbolism. Rather than seek knowledge, we reach for a cushion---something which the priests of corporate capitalism and Madison Avenue are only to happy to throw at us. The sum total of delusional individuals is a collective that walks blindfolded toward the cliff of extinction. Organized religion is only the most developed form of delusional thinking. We are all religious it seems, most especially the so-called intelligentsia whose intellectual realizations are not truly internalized. We embrace faith without evidence and grasp at false hope. So even those in our movement who understand "reality", who see the cliff ahead, cannot help themselves from attaching a Hollywood ending to their story. After all, their audience demands it. We crave intellectual comfort food, not the clarity of mental castor oil.

A man in Ireland recently asked, "Is there anywhere to turn from the despair which all thinking and rational persons must feel?" Indeed there is. Hallucinate. Take refuge in a virtual reality. Perceive the real world differently and confuse that perception with objective reality. Embrace a faith like environmentalism, which seemingly offers us the hope of accommodating infinite growth by infinite reduction in our per capita consumption. Or believe that industrial civilization, or civilization itself, is sustainable, if only it was organized along equitable lines. Or immerse yourself in murder mysteries, children's fantasies or tales of the supernatural . Or invest your hope in a technological fix. Dream about new technological miracles that will save us from ourselves, much in the way that the Nazis dreamed of miracle weapons that would snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The name of the game, after all, is to feel good about yourself, not about actually changing society around you. To paraphrase Marx, philosophers have merely tried to understand the world, the point however, is to be able to live in it by looking at it through rose-coloured glasses---or inventing another world in which to dwell. My father did that from a hospital bed. After he had lost his wife of 63 years, and his favourite son, in quick succession, he suffered three months of intolerable grief, then snapped. Thereafter he would ask me how they were doing, and proceeded to tell me how he had spent the day in some exotic locale like Mexico, India or down the mine shaft where he slaved for much of his life, coating his lungs with particles that would eventually choke off his oxygen supply. Dad even imagined that his male nurse was the host of a TV program which he appeared on. It was as if there was a Stephen Spielberg in his brain working full time spinning out fables of the fantastic. And my father believed in everyone of them, recounting the details with complete sincerity and a straight face. He was like a child who compensated for his loneliness by conjuring up an imaginary friend. That is exactly what most of us do. We cannot take in the full panorama of stark and brutal reality, so we live in our minds--- or watch American Idol. And once every four years, we vote for a saviour who promises to fix the unfixable.

At this late date, should we disturb these refugees from horror with information that is not likely to save them? And what thanks will we get? Are Cassandras ever popular---or useful? I, too, struggle with these questions. I chose to humour my father with fictions of my own, constructing stories of how his wife and son were doing well and asking about him. It got him through the night---- until he died two years later from congestive heart failure. Perhaps that is what I am doing now. Getting through the night by writing about it, and pretending that writing about our predicament is in itself, an adequate alternative to solving it. As Peter Goodchild wrote with disarming candour: "The keyboard acts as a safety valve for low-level political dissent, serving roughly the same function that sex and alcohol have served at other times and in other places, allowing ordinary people to believe they are rebels when in fact they are doing nothing to disrupt the structure of society." I suppose then, that I belong to a sixth category of denial---that cluster of 'realists' who confuse their realism with making a difference.

Tim Murray
August 16, 2010

PS If you would like to visit reality, go to Chris Clugston's website, "Wake Up Amerika" at

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Editorial comment: This seems rather long for a comment, but I have approved it all the same - JS, 22 Aug 2010

The Central World Problem - The Human Brain Cannot Do Reality, by Gabriel Chiron
When consciousness is incarnated in a human body, it gets reflected in the human brain as pitifully conditioned cognition. This conditioned cognition will itself tend to be hardly more than a node of one or another of the cultural or societal forms of mass hypnosis as a collective belief or disbelief system, which is further modified by governmental or religious propaganda as well as commercial advertising. The cultural or societal shared belief or disbelief system is what is called the Socially Constructed Reality, which gets projected onto the unknown Real Universe or World through virtually all the human brains of a culture, society or cognitive region of the unknown world, the actual global and cosmic Reality.

Socially Constructed Realities, SCR’s, are always an admixture of truth and falsity, of reality and illusion, and different SCR’s often support or promote various modes of oppression or warfare toward minority or apposite SCR’s. Each SCR dwells in its own distorted and inadequate partial “Reality” which is either under oppression or attempting to dominate and control the whole of humanity and the future. This is an anal-territorial struggle where the political, business and religious leaders are more or less insane, false and unable to comprehend the actual whole of humanity on Earth and throughout the Universe. The SCR’s, the Socially Constructed Realities, are wretched and conflictatory. So the various world problems (the global problematique) continue to be reinforced by an intellectually and spiritually weak humanity led by a predominance of corrupt, lying, criminally insane abusers of material, technological and military power. Pseudo-Realities are oppressing other Pseudo-Realities, and if a particular Pseudo-Reality overthrows its oppressor and “comes into power”, it will then inevitably begin to oppress its own minority Pseudo-Realities. Real Reality of the Whole never oppresses, nor can it be oppressed; never conquers, nor can it be conquered. Oppression or being oppressed, conquering or being conquered, is only possible for deluded, shallow, prejudiced human brains. All this has happened, is happening and will continue to happen because the human brain of any region of the world cannot do Reality because of its conditioning, its Socially Constructed Reality, its membership in one or another of the forms of debilitated mass hypnosis.

Socially Constructed Realities, SCR’s, are always an admixture of truth and falsity, of reality and illusion, and different SCR’s often support or promote various modes of oppression or warfare toward minority or apposite SCR’s. Each SCR dwells in its own distorted and inadequate partial “Reality” which is either under oppression or attempting to dominate and control the whole of humanity and the future. This is an anal-territorial struggle where the political, business and religious leaders are more or less insane, false and unable to comprehend the actual whole of humanity on Earth and throughout the Universe. The SCR’s, the Socially Constructed Realities, are wretched and conflictatory. So the various world problems (the global problematique) continue to be reinforced by an intellectually and spiritually weak humanity led by a predominance of corrupt, lying, criminally insane abusers of material, technological and military power. Pseudo-Realities are oppressing other Pseudo-Realities, and if a particular Pseudo-Reality overthrows its oppressor and “comes into power”, it will then inevitably begin to oppress its own minority Pseudo-Realities. Real Reality of the Whole never oppresses, nor can it be oppressed; never conquers, nor can it be conquered. Oppression or being oppressed, conquering or being conquered, is only possible for deluded, shallow, prejudiced human brains. All this has happened, is happening and will continue to happen because the human brain of any region of the world cannot do Reality because of its conditioning, its Socially Constructed Reality, its membership in one or another of the forms of debilitated mass hypnosis.

Will you, the individual, now awaken yourself more completely and thoroughly from any socially constructed or conditioned belief, disbelief or form of social identification that still possesses your consciousness and deforms your cognitive neurosystem? Are you willing to totally question your assumptions about yourself, others and your world? Will you question your current paradigm or mental model of any important subject of your concern? Will you break down your present worldview or cosmogony into its fundamental elements and restructure it into a better, more open-ended whole that accommodates new or apposite elements that you have habitually excluded without real knowledge and understanding? For instance, if you are a conditioned Christian, Technological Atheist or Illuminati Satanist of the New World Order, try finding some verses in the Koran that might show you how you are losing a necessary higher connection with something like a Ruling Spirit or Overlord. If you are a conditioned Muslim, try reading the Bhagavad Geeta and see where it might help you come to a more personal Yoga or Self-realization system beyond outer social and religious duties. If you are a Hindu, try looking deeply into various teachings of Buddhism that could take your entire cosmogony and throw it into a whole new perspective beyond both Hinduism and Buddhism as such. What is the greater reality beyond karma and reincarnation as such without falling below the causal level into silly beliefs in one life only followed by eternal Heaven or Hell, or without falling into a purely materialistic perspective that says our mortal physical existence is all we have followed by an ignoble and meaningless extinction of a biological robot that imagined it was a “self” or that actually incarnated an imaginary thing called “consciousness”?

Will you see for yourself that your conditioned human brain cannot do Reality, but only some pathetic, limited distortion? Yet it can reflect more and more clearly with less and less distortion, which is by learning to deconstruct and reconstruct its mental model, paradigm, worldview and cosmogony over and over again. This cycle is what can truly be called Learning.

It is Learning, in the truest and most extensive meaning of that word, that alone solves the Central World Problem, which is the inadequacy of the human cognitive system, both personally and collectively. Will you, the individual, go beyond your social self, your conditioning, and explore your higher and more truly free Learning Self?

The social self of cognition in and through the human brain is delusion, illusion, stupidity, bondage and future shock, future suffering. It is the proud, witty, nasty and foolish evolutionary stagnation of an actual loser in the Real Cosmic World. It is a failure to awaken to the Learning Self that can truly improve the body and the immediate world through more enlightened consciousness, thinking, speech and behavior.

The Learning Self has less and less prejudice. That self studies and appreciates whatever new truth-elements it finds in all the world’s greatest traditions and thinkers. That self listens carefully to what intelligent extraterrestrial contactees have been told by intelligent extraterrestrial people, such as the Ummo’s and the Iargan’s, just for starters, for there is no good or sufficient reason to limit one’s perspective to earthbound sources only. Mahayana Buddhism, for instance, was an update of Buddhism by Nagarjuna, who was a wise, illuminated contactee of the Nagas, the extraterrestrials. Not all Serpent People, “Reptilians”, eat people. Some are stupendous, kindly and compassionate Siddhayogis and Gurus of high evolutionary development, which Nagarjuna happily discovered.

The great, original and fantastic inner truths are triggered by the more far-out and controversial outer truths from Extraterrestrial (ET) and Ultraterrestrial (UT) sources. Inner and Outer Truth work together as a virtuous causal feedback loop within the heightened awareness of a Learning Self. Real Learning thus promotes Superconscious experiencing and understanding in oneself and in those receptive to your superconsciousness if and when it is awake and active. Hence it is Real Learning and Superconsciousness that alone help the world.

It is Learning and Supercosciousness that will survive and thrive through the cosmic mass oppressions and destructions being promoted by criminally insane leaders such as the Bilderbergers, Neocons and the like. It is Learning and Superconsciousness that participate harmoniously in the Cosmic Command that brings an increasing Divine and Cosmic intervention that will cut short the wrong plans and abusive global actions of perverse and stupid leaders on the Earth. This can and should be seen by you or any individual entering into Learning and Superconsciousness. It is not merely a matter of believing-in what I or anyone else is saying about all this. The force of growing and clarifying inner and outer Truth is the authority here.

No Earthbound religion, culture, society or political ideology is going to conquer and control the whole of humanity and the global Earth. Any collective, militant aspiration of that kind is deluded and doomed to failure because it is a violation of Cosmic Law. Neither the Americans, the Russians, the Chinese nor the Muslims will achieve global domination nor culturally survive in their present form. All four of these twisted, perverse and ignorant secular and cultural military power centers are in a futile fourfold shoot-out with one-another. They are like four contorted, angry and ugly faces of Brahma, the Time God or Creator of the Earth, the Creator and Maintainer of the four most dominant Socially Constructed Realties of Mass Hypnosis on the planet, including Israel as an aspect of America and India as an aspect of China. The human brain is unable to register Cosmic Reality in any of these struggling global factions.

Do you want to help the World? Then purge and reform your body and its habits, merge your mind with the learning cycle of repeated deconstruction and reconstruction, and teach your consciousness to rise into superconsciousness through Zen, Yoga and the Sufi Way. Get serious about possible human evolution, beginning with yourself.

Now, since this article is written in English and made available on the Web, the majority of its readers will be stupidly suffering within one of four main Socially Constructed Realities or collective mass hypnosis delusions of the Time:
1. The Christian
2. The New World Order Illuminati Satanism
3. Modern Hedonistic Technological Atheism
4. New Age Healerism and Spiritual Self-importance, including Extraterrestrial Channelism.
If you are therefore identified with any one of these four deluded groupings, you have no meaningful comprehension whatsoever of other groupings on the Earth or in the Extraterrestrial Universe at large. If any of these four deluded groupings has a predominance in your thinking and consciousness you are not yet really thinking nor have you actually achieved genuine consciousness as such. There is a way out of the cognitive trap in which your consciousness is embedded, distorted and darkened. The way out, as I have already said, is through relentless questioning of your assumptions about yourself, others and your world. By clarifying to yourself and within yourself what a cognitive trap or Socially Constructed Reality is actually doing to you, by seeing how it keeps you rotting and stagnating in a proud and stupid social selfhood, you awaken from it.

Remember: if your brain thinks in English, then one of the four above cognitive blind conditionings is most probably having a deluding and controlling effect on your mind that you do not normally see.
1. If you are Christian dominated, you will always secretly feel guilty about your awakening intellect, your natural desires and your intuition of spiritual truth beyond the boring, tired old Scriptures.
2. If you are New World Order dominated, you will always feel that you must always say and do what is “politically correct” and pleasing to the political and business leaders, even where you can increasingly see that they are stupid, corrupt liars who are making bad decisions in their spheres of responsibility. You will fear being ostracized if you speak up too boldly about World Problems or obvious wrong-doing. You are always trying to avoid being branded a “Conspiracy Theorist” or disruptive crank.
3. If you are Hedonistic Technological Atheist dominated, you always believe that you have to explain to anyone and everyone that your current Metaphysical or Extraterrestrial concerns, studies and activities are “scientific” and well within the parameters of cognitive neuro-philosophy, as if you have to convince Dan Dennett that you are O.K.
4. If you are New Age dominated, you will always believe that you have to make your mark on the outer social spiritual scene as a “healer” or “in-teacher-counselor” with a growing following. You will tend to be obsessed with your social self-image and how many people want your personal attention and “help”. You are more concerned with appearing “wise” and “advanced” than you are with Learning and Superconsciousness. Do what you will, you always find yourself revolving around “spiritual” socializing, gossip and “who’s who” in the New Age scene.
Can you see and feel where and how your own puppet masters make you dance to the tune of their false authority where you believe you have too much to lose by stepping personally beyond a common cognitive boundary? Do you now understand that there is no way out socially, no collective grouping or social movement on the Earth that you can join for your awakening and liberation? This is an utterly private and personal revolution in your own consciousness and selfhood. Existentially, you become an authentic and resolute originary thinker, as Martin Heidegger pointed out in Being and Time. Spiritually, you become an Avadhut, an Outsider, or what the Amerindians called a Contrary. Like Krishnamurti, you are no longer contained in a religion, tradition or ideology, but you certainly do not cling to Krishnamurti or any of his old followers at the Krishnamurti Schools or the publishers of his teachings. This does not mean you cannot learn from a Cosmic Teacher, but such a being does not advertise, has no courses, seminars or cult to join. In fact, if you cannot respectfully learn from such a being, you are probably still caught up in the pseudo-independence of your bodily habits and mental conditioning. Only a Real Learner can learn something necessary from a Real Teacher, only a Superconscious Beginner can learn from a more advanced and developed Superconscious being.

Take a truly fresh look at both the state of the World and your own higher possibilities. Have you seen the full truth of your present way of life and where it is leading you? Have you looked deeply into the heart and core of all your usual relationships as to where the others in your life keep tugging you to go? How much do you allow the World of stupid, degenerate and foolish normalcy to worry you, anger you or depress you to the point of just curling-up uselessly in meaningless pleasures or keep-busy chores? Do you really know what is happening to you, to others in your life and to humanity as a whole? Or do you just pretend to know to avoid the pain of searching, questioning, studying strange books and disrupting your ordinary routines?

There is a much greater truth than anything you presently possess within your present mind or physical brain. This is a cosmic fact and you have to face it sooner or later. How much you face it and what you will or will not personally do about greater truth when you come to it are going to remain the biggest issues in your life. If you want a better world, you must first become a better self, a learning self, with an unfolding and developing superconsciousness or heightened awareness. This means you will discover steps to take about yourself, your life and your future that you have been avoiding for a very long time or which had never occurred to you at all. You will be exploring some huge unknowns, not just intellectually, bur personally, experimentally. This can make your usual everyday self rather uncomfortable and insecure; other people in your life will also become uncomfortable, insecure and even threatening or condemnatory toward you, which can become psychologically difficult for you; commitments you have made with your old social self may not be upheld by your new Learning Self. Again and again you will feel internally and externally pressured to crawl back and hide in your old conditioned beliefs, disbeliefs and routine activities. Therefore, it requires a great deal of inner strength and courage to wake yourself up and live a real life that is no longer just another cog in one of the big social machines of the World of fragmentary human ignorance and false authority.

Assuming that you are prepared to genuinely and thoroughly, seriously, enter into the true learning cycle with your most conscious intention, you will have to discover how very physical, bioneurological, conditioned belief and skepticism both are. Hidden controlling prejudices that dominate your personal thinking and decision-making are not merely abstract, verbal and mental, but are incredibly physical, not just in the brain and nervous system, but in the cells of your body, including your very bones. Memories and conditioning pervade all the cells in your body right down into the atomic structure where very digital, automatic, mechanical things happen that border on confirmation of Eliminative Materialism. The less genuinely conscious and free-thinking, the more conditioned and locally prejudiced a human being is, the more mechanical and easy to manipulate that human being is. Erroneous beliefs and disbeliefs are therefore not unlike other bad habits, such as smoking or over-eating. This means that the same kind of personal strategies that overcome and defeat bad habits will be needed to overcome and defeat one’s conditioned prejudices of social selfhood. In many ways, being a normal conformist member of any society or culture is the most dark and deadly bad habit anyone can have. In fact, it is easier to see the Self-harming quality of a bad bodily habit than it is to see the regional self-harming quality of a bodily rooted and reinforced bad mental habit because the bad mental habit seems disassociated from the physical neurosystem when it is actually all too embedded in it. Can you see this and understand how it works in your own mind/body system? Your own body does not want you opening up cognitively to greater truth. Are you prepared to deal with this problem?

All the World’s Socially Constructed Realities, its self-destructive prejudices, are unbelievably mechanical, blind and nauseating, rooted right in the cognitive neurosystem, the human brain and throughout the biological and atomic structure of the physical human body. Human beings in general on our suffering planet do not know what is really happening to them or what they are actually doing. The entire globe is very much like a macabre puppet show with over six billion bioneurological puppets unwittingly, awkwardly herking and jerking toward their death and doom without a clue. And each Socially Constructed Robotic Pseudo-Reality feels through all its puppets that it and it alone is the superior view with the superior way of life-habits.

Are you personally clear now that the Central World Problem is indeed that the human brain cannot do Reality?

TRUTH In Ancient Greek - By Gabriel Chiron

Alitheia in Ancient Greek means not merely “Truth” as we think of it in English. It means literally, un-covered, dis-covered, discovery, unveiled. Martin Heidegger saw the significance of this and went into it at length in his book, Parmenides. I want to go into it even more deeply.

In a time like the present where propaganda, disinformation and psy-ops are being constantly and heavily utilized to dupe the masses in America, Britain and Europe (throughout the entire English-speaking world), truth of government wrong-doing, abuse-of-power and do-it-yourself-false-flag-terrorism, is constantly covered-up and needs uncovered, alitheia. The English word, Truth, etymologically connects to the same root as trust, which implies hypnotic states, conditioning and belief. In English, truth is merely what people firmly believe, have faith in. In the English-speaking world, whatever people believe without question, without inquiry and investigation, is supposed to be “Truth”. This is the underlying sociolinguistic tendency. The very meaning of “Truth” in English is whatever the stupid masses are manipulated to believe by their government so their government can successfully cover-up, litheia, with lies.

In Ancient Greece, the Truth, Alitheia, is the Truth-That-Comes-Out, the Uncovered Truth, as a result of successful investigation of the cover-up, the lies and illusions of the time. Truth, Alitheia, is finding out what is really going on, what has really happened. Truth, Alitheia, in Ancient Greece, is a disillusionment, an awakening from common mass belief. But in the modern world of government cover-up, Truth-That-Uncovers-The-Facts is always called a “Conspiracy Theory” in the sense of a “crank belief of people who want to disrupt society”. This is the tendency in Ancient Greece which itself culminated in the martyrdom of Socrates. Socrates, like Parmenides, was a devotee of Alitheia, the Goddess of Truth, the Goddess of Uncovering Real Truth. It was not merely Socrates who was martyred in Athens, but Alitheia, the Goddess of Uncovering, of Discovery. The present governments of America and Britain are working very hard to kill Alitheia, Uncovered Truth, yet again and again.

When a pattern of belief, a worldview or paradigm, is socially constructed as a “reality” in the human brain, it will reject unpleasant facts that do not fit the constructed pseudo-reality. Learning happens when through investigation the constructed pseudo-reality pattern in the cognitive system is broken down into its elements, which can then be reconfigured to include previously rejected unpleasant facts, which leads to a new paradigm. Periodic paradigm-shifting from time to time, even from the new paradigm to the new new paradigm, is the learning process as opposed to the mere cumulative effort of only building up the present paradigm with reinforcing facts that seem to fit the current belief.

Philosophical expressions that do not entail paradigm-shifting through extensive and profound inquiry and investigation, which is a manifested learning process, are false philosophy. Any rigid belief or disbelief in the name of “philosophy” is a farce, an actual failure to philosophize. Real questioning of a belief or disbelief is the resurrection of Alitheia, the Ancient-Greek-Goddess-of-Dynamic-Truth-as- Discovery-and-Real-Learning.

Real philosophy is a very rare thing on the Earth at this time because it has become equated with cynical post-modern scientific materialism as a mediocre anti-metaphysical position, a rigid paradigm, a disbelief system. These modern pseudo-philosophers are the new priesthood of what Robert Anton Wilson calls, The New Inquisition. Take a look around you. Who do you know who really questions the obvious cover-ups and lies of the government and the mass-media? Who do you know who really thinks, who has genuine philosophical inquiry, who has a real learning process, who wants to renew cosmological and ontological metaphysics beyond beliefs and disbeliefs?

Take a look around you. Really look. Who is not brain-dead, just mindlessly staring in a dreamy state of anxious hedonism without depth, without inquiry or higher human development of awareness, intuition and extrasensory perception? Who do you know who is searching for the real history of Earth and humanity or the full cosmic facts of extraterrestrial humanities? Take a real look at the hypnotized zombies all around you, including those you are personally attached to. Have you not painfully noticed how flat and boring, superficial and gossipy, most of your family, friends and associates are? It is like they all want to be assimilated by the Borg so as to avoid even the possibility of waking-up real thinking, individuality and spiritual evolution. They are conformist biological robots who are happily allowing their unused “civil liberties” to be removed by their criminally insane government for the sake of collective pseudo-security on a planet destined to suffer catastrophic loss of petrol/gasoline coupled with runaway global warming.

Everywhere all around us is a numb and thoughtless humanity drifting stupidly and heedlessly into mass destruction at the hands of government and the mass media. Philosophy is dying; originary thinking is not being attempted. Anxious, tense and blind materialistic selfishness is everywhere lurching into chaos and destruction. Good thinking and good work are being replaced by nastiness, resentment and corrupt escapism. The average person is losing it, losing whatever was there of intelligence and Spirit. Neurotic and psychotic behavior are on the increase.

The Ancient Greek meaning of Truth as Alitheia, the Uncovered, naked Goddess of Truth, is about a passionate inquiry into the real trends of human life and consciousness. Wake it up in yourself with total intensity or you will just go increasingly into the meaningless hell of the stupid masses. If you have enough going for you to read my words, why not take the greater step you now need to take?