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Questions to Michael Linke, RSPCA re the Majura Massacre of Kangaroos

The RSPCA has undertaken various inspections under the Animal Cruelty Act in respect to the current 'culling' program kangaroos at Majura Firing Range by the Commonwealth Dept. of Defence. Various institutions forwarded several reasons for the necessity of this massacre, one being that the kangaroos were 'starving' so the RSPCA was requested to give advice regarding evidence of 'starvation.'

The RSPCA was very compliant in providing the necessary statements this time last year for the 500 + kangaroos at Belconnen Naval Transmission Station, even though photographs taken by locals revealed no starving kangaroos. The majority of those kangaroos were killed so they wouldn't have to experience 'starvation.'

On Tuesday May 5, 2009 Defence began to shoot the kangaroos which continued up till Wednesday May 13, 2009 at which time an injunction called for a cease-fire. In eight days a total of 4,000 kangaroos were claimed to have been killed - er sorry, 'culled.'

We have a number of questions for the CEO of the RSPCA:

1. On What days, at what times and for what lengths of time were representatives of the RSPCA in attendance at the site before and during this period?

2. What procedures did these representatives use to ensure that (a) kangaroos were starving and (b) the killing by Defence was 'humane' according to the Animal Welfare Act and the ACT Code of Practice for the Humane 'Destruction' of Kangaroos.

3. In relation to question 2 above, please outline in detail:-

(i) Did RSPCA representatives travel across the entirety of this large 8,000 ha site or were inspections restricted to particular areas? If the latter, please specify which areas were inspected.
(ii) What sample size of kangaroos was used to draw conclusions about the population?
(iii) Were qualified veterinarians in attendance at this time?
(iv) Was any video footage or photographs taken before or during the kill program by RSPCA inspectors/representatives?
(v) What percentage of kangaroos were killed by a single head shot?
(vi) How were in-pouch joeys killed?
(vii) How were ex-pouch joeys killed?
(viii) How many Defence shooters were used and what was their level of expertise/qualification for the task?
(ix) What type of firearms were observed by your inspectors to be used by Defence shooters to kill the kangaroos?
(x) Was the killing undertaken by night spotlight and rifle shooting of free-ranging animals? Or were other methods such as rapid-fire weapons, coralling of animals used?
(xi) If the kangaroos were confined, how long had they been confined? What type of fencing was used? Did they have access to food and water? Were they exhibiting signs of stress?
(xii) Has the RSPCA given a schedule of numbers of kangaroos killed during the period including a demographic profile of male/female, adult/juvenile/pouch young?
(xiii) Is the killing to be continued? Are the health and stress levels of the remaining kangaroos being monitored?

On June 2 there will be an Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearing in Canberra to determine whether or not Defence has adequate grounds to continue the killing in light of new scientific evidence that has not been considered by Defence proving that there need never have been any 'culling'.

Jon Stanhope, in the meantime, has his knickers in a knot trying to create new laws to override the injuction so the killing can continue regardless.

It's pretty obvious that there is another cover-up story waiting to be discovered, as was revealed at Belconnen. Would any of us be surprised if six months down the track poof! a new housing estate or extension of the airport required the purchase of surplus Defence land at Majura? I for one wouldn't be.


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The RSPCA's vision of "for all creatures great and small" is slightly askewed! As long as the animals are not a food source, an extra burden on society, or native animals that have to be removed because they are considered a "pest"! The "starving" kangaroos were removed because Defence wanted the land for housing and whatever else they have planned. The RSPCA may be struggling to rake in donations from the public. It's not hard to understand why, if they help in a massacre of over 500 healthy kangaroos and joeys! Shame, Michael Linke!

An RSPCA veterinarian died and went to heaven. She arrived at Pearly Gates and was greeted by Arch Angel Gabriel who was very hesitant and advised the Vet she would be better off going to the other place. This Vet was insisting she belonged in Heaven and claimed she had cared for many animals all her working life. Eventually Arch Angel Gabriel relented and with a deep sigh let the Vet in where upon the Vet was torn apart for eternity by all the dogs she had sent to Heaven.

Editorial comment: This comment appears to make a judgment against all veterinarians. We think that it may be unfair to judge all RSPCA veterinarians in this way. More substantiation is required. James Sinnamon

As an Australian, one must ask just when did the retardation of moral decency descend on this nation? For too long governments have condoned the wholesale and brutal slaughter of animals in this country.

Joe Citizen unwittingly persists with the belief that this country's native, commercial and domestic creatures are protected from animal abusers by 'stringent' regulations that are supposedly enforced and upheld by a vigilant Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals.

The heinous realities makes a mockery of this country's peak body's brief - that is to protect defenceless animals. Media sources reveals that animal atrocities have become a regular occurrence that is now the norm throughout the nation. Indeed, given the current atrocities occurring, I would suggest that the RSPCA is an impotent body that is failing in its duty and is a sycophant to successive governments who are hell-bent on destroying this country's biodiversity and not least, with the silent approval or from the recommendations of the RSPCA:

1: This month a a parliamentary enquiry found that the WA Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) were responsible for the inhumane deaths of native and feral animals in WA's outback. Since 1998, the DEC have been acquiring pastoral stations for 'conservation.' In doing so they dismantled all water sources on these properties, thus, over some 12 years, an untold number of animals have needlessly and cruelly perished from thirst.

2. Yet another parliamentary enquiry during 2007 found that the same DEC's industry regulation was 'grossly inadequate' and predominantly responsible for the deaths of 9,500 native birds that dropped from the skies, poisoned by the heavy metal, lead, that was dispersed over large areas by a rogue miner.

3. Coober Pedy in SA has up to 2 million uncapped mine shafts. A recent survey estimated that between 10 and 28 million reptiles are falling into these cavities and are perishing every year. This has been allowed to occur over thirty years and continues with impunity.

Is the RSPCA indifferent to these violations, myopic or have they been gagged? Where are the prosecutions?

I applaud the author for his/her article on the Majura massacre since only community vigilance and community outrage has the capacity to halt the unnecessary and cruel slaughter of defenceless animals while successive governments commit mayhem and while our peak animal body either condones the slaughter, is oblivious to it, indifferent or remains silent on the inhumane atrocities that remain the status quo in this nation.