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WWF top ten Aussie Battlers - Australia Day Honours - alternative List

According to the World Wildlife Fund, half the mammals that have become extinct globally in the last 200 years have been Australian species. The WWF is battling the odds against time and climate change to save precious wildlife. WWF Australia has announced its own Australia Day Honours list - the top ten Aussie
Battlers of 2008!

  1. green and gold frog
  2. cassowary
  3. green sawfish
  4. yellow-footed rock wallaby
  5. red-tailed black cockatoo
  6. yellow-snouted geckos
  7. swift parrot
  8. golden sun moth
  9. bridled nailtail wallaby
  10. woolly wattle

Protecting the Earth's endangered inhabitants is an overwhelming task, and losing any is tragic and unforgivable. Forests, waterways and other habitat are being destroyed, over-utilised and polluted. The monocultures of livestock industries, housing and developments, are consuming and destroying valuable vegetation and habitat.

Our iconic symbols of Australia, kangaroos, have been devalued as "renewable resources", to hunt and kill on an industrial scale for their little meat and skins. About 70% being killed now are females, often with joeys that will die, and the average age of Reds is about 2 years old now. They are being labelled as a "plague" in areas that they live due to human encroachment and the swelling of population in urban areas.

Not all creatures can share our Australia Day pride!

A healthy biodiversity ensures a viable ecosystem. How is further increasing our population sustainable? "Sustainable" is being used as a greenwashing term when the reality is that we ourselves are becoming an invasive species due to overpopulation. We are becoming the greatest "pest" species!

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You Said It!

"How is further increasing our population sustainable? "

You may also be interested in this debate, generated around Australia Day by the abc's 7.30 Report.

The population debate: do you want 'a big Australia'?

35 million Australians by 2050. Will we all live in a cohesive, dynamic, more productive society? Or will more people just mean more social dischord and disharmony?

And YES! - to this:

the reality is that we ourselves are becoming an invasive species due to overpopulation. We are becoming the greatest "pest" species!

Australia ~ the Five Buck Whore

Who quite willingly opens her door

The immigrant encroachment

Defies reasonable quotient

While the grass disappears along with its peers

The fish, the coral and all watered frontiers

The cattle who battle

Not only the man

But that empty watering hole

Soon, not even enough for a tadpole

Never mind! For the houses we have room

And all the people too

So let them all in!

Yes, A Great Big Love-In

Because Australia is cheap

We can accommodate heaps!

Never mind about quality

It’s all about quantity

Little rooms for each one

Where once there were Land Barons

Our resources are pledges

For foreign investors

To make hay while the sun shines

From the Whore - shaped of our Shore-lines

And in this year, 2010, declared by the UN as the International Year of Biodiversity, Australian Living Treasures are recognised only as people.
The National Trust of Australia says it "has announced 15 new "Australian Living Treasures", which were selected by a popular vote conducted over several months.

They replace 15 of the original 100 Living Treasures who have died since the list was first released in 1997.

Those who have departed include Sir Donald Bradman, Ruth Cracknell, Slim Dusty, RM Williams and Judith Wright McKinney."

And yet the National Trust promotes its mission as "
* To advocate for the conservations of our built, cultural and natural heritage by engaging with the community and government
* To conserve and protect our built, cultural and natural heritage by example, advice and support
*To educate and engage the community by telling our stories in ways that awaken a sense of place and belonging."

Mmmmmm, yet there exist endangered fauna and flora and ecosystems across Australia that pre-date humans in this country (including Aboriginals that go back 60,000 odd years).
On the EPBC Act List of Threatened Fauna Australian birds that are critically endangered include:

* Scrubtit (King Island)
* Spotted Quail-thrush (Mt Lofty Ranges)
* Yellow Chat (Dawson)
* Orange-bellied Parrot
* Round Island Petrel
* Trinidade Petrel
* Herald Petrel

Australian mammals that are critically endangered include:
* Southern Bent-wing Bat
* Christmas Island Pipistrelle
* Gilbert's Potoroo
* Bare-rumped Sheathtail Bat

..of which most Australians wouldn't know, let alone know what each looks like. But no, the National Trust list of 'Living Treasures' includes the likes of:

Phillip Adams
Marie Bashir
John Bell
Russell Crowe
Bart Cummings
John Farnham
Malcolm Fraser
Margaret Fulton
Peter Garrett
Rolf Harris
Nicole Kidman
Cheryl Kernot...

The National Trust, on the basis of it conserving and protecting Australia's natural heritage and educating and engaging with community about natural heritage, is clearly a farce.

Tiger Quoll
Snowy River 3885

I'm sure that the EPBC list is as badly maintained as the stats in the Fauna and Flora Guarantee Act in Victoria.
We can only be sure that the shameful governments and businesses that run this country down together have ensured that the figures under-represent the damage, if simply through neglect. There is no way that Australia is living up to its international obligations to keep statistics and form and carry out plans to monitor the state of our biodiversity and protect our species.

It is amazing that people in power have such anaesthetised, blinkered capacities to appreciate life on earth. It seems that we are ruled by Golems, legions of grasping Golems, with only the sketchiest memory that they once shared the same values as the rest of us.

Anyone care to contradict me on the EPBC stats?

Sheila Newman, population sociologist

No offense meant but that list is rather pedestrian.


Which list? The list of people exceeding their carbon footprint in wealth and fame, or the list of unknown species being pushed to extinction?

No offence taken, but not sure if your comment is frank or sardonic.


The list of living treasures !