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State Government intervenes on behalf of Repco Rally Australia

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The NSW state government has taken the decision about planning approval for the proposed Repco Rally Australia leg of the World Rally Championships away from local councils by announcing that it would prepare special events legislation to ensure the rally goes ahead despite growing local opposition.

In a sign of growing desperation the Minister for State Development, Ian MacDonald, made the announcement on Friday.

Local residents are outraged and appalled! The fact that the announcement was made the day after a well supported protest rally was held in Murwillumbah to oppose the rally was a real slap in the face for locals residents.

It demonstrates yet again that this government is not interested in listening to the views of locals, preferring instead to listen to the assurances of "flim flam men".

At the same time that the state government is ripping the guts out of local health and transport infrastucture it can find up to $8 million to support a bash and crash rally though National Parks and rural gravel roads.

The Minister calims that “The legislation will permit the Government to impose environmental protection measures to manage any temporary impacts on affected local areas.” This begs the question ... Upon what evidence will the imposed conditions be based? Will the government undertake its own environmental studies? Because the studies undertaken on behalf of the organisers are seriously lacking!!!

All the studies acknowledge that they are walking on untested ground and thy don't know whether their suggested strategies will work! In other words, the Tweed and Kyogle areas are to be used as a laboratory to test untried strategies. Is it any wonder that local residents are not impressed???

The noise (acoustic) study acknowledges that the organisers are unable to meet the recommended standards.

The dust report recommends that residents on the route either "go out for the day" or " close their windows and doors and turn on their air conditioners".

The waste report recommends the use of split waste bins (recyclables at the rear), that even the council is replacing, rather than separate bins for recyclables.

The Carbon Offset Plan consists of one page on their website plus Q&As.

And they wonder why we don't want the bloody thing here!!!!!

We will continue to fight on!

Join us ...
- write / email / phone the NSW government
- write / email / phone your local MP if you live in NSW and encourage them to vote against the special legislation being introduced to allow the rally
- if you have contacts in Greenpeace, WWF, GetUp or other similar organisations urge them to get involved.

Our contact details are:
No Rally Group
Tel: 0438 357 452 (Australia)
Email: no.rally[AT]

A slightly pythonesque moment occurred when I rang the Premiers Department to speak with someone from the "Office of Protocol and Special Events" (who are the organisers of government support for the rally) and found out that they had been renamed as "Community Engagement and Events". George Orwell lives !!!

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