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Poll shows Australians do not share Rudd’s vision for ‘Big Australia’

"An Age/Neilsen Poll taken last week has confirmed most Australians do not share Kevin Rudd’s grand ‘big Australia’ vision.

Treasury Secretary Ken Henry recently predicted Australia’s long term projected population has increased from 28.5 million in 2047 to over 35 million by 2049.

Only thirty percent of those surveyed believed growth at this level was acceptable.

Australia’s rebuke of Mr Rudd’s ‘big Australia’ comes on the back of comments made earlier this year by former NSW Premier Bob Carr likening population growth of this enormity without an environmental impact assessment, to playing ‘Russian roulette with water security.’

While Mr Rudd and the Labor government might be excited about a ‘big Australia’, this poll shows Australians are seriously concerned of the demands this population explosion will place on our infrastructure, environment, economy, social systems and quality of life.

Mr Rudd has arrogantly failed to provide any coherent strategy or detailed plan to accommodate this projected population explosion in a sustainable way.

The Prime Minister’s ‘big Australia’ ambitions and lack of any credible policies to deal with the forecast ‘population explosion’ should set off alarm bells about the problems our cities and environment will face.

Mr Rudd should set aside his ego and self interest in spruiking a ‘big Australia’, simply to make himself a ‘bigger diplomatic deal’ and focus on the national interest of tackling the challenges presented by a population explosion on settling and supporting an extra 13 million people in the coming decades in a sustainable way.

The Hon. Bruce Billson MP
(in Victoria, encompassing Frankston among other suburbs)
Shadow Minister for Sustainable Development and Cities
10 November 2009
Poll shows Australians do not share Rudd’s vision for ‘Big Australia’

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While our leaders are wrangling their political futures on climate change and ETS, population growth, easily as important and directly related to climate change, is being brushed aside as detached (de-linked) from the issue. Population growth is ad hoc, and determined with consultation from business leaders and economists, together with politicians who decide what they want! These groups all have conflicts of interests, and left to them we will have continual population growth!

Polls are not reliable either. What people "want" be be totally skewed and based on social issues and other subjective areas.

Our carrying capacity should be determined by ecologists, agriculturalists, climate change analysts, demographers and based on empirical science. The science is clear that Australia will suffer from loss of agricultural land, and will have problems producing food exports. Why add more people? As for national security, does Kevin Rudd want more cannon fodder?

Kevin Rudd should be making policies for the benefit of the people of Australia, not on his personal and egotistical desire of a "big Australia"!