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Protest against the Brumby Government's Unfair UGB Planning and taxation policies

When: Tuesday 24th November 2009, 12.30pm
Where: On the steps of Parliament House

Please come along and demonstrate your opposition to the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) legislation which is intrinsically tied to the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion. We need ALL members and supporters to attend. Bring your family, friends and neighbours! For all of you with a sign on your fence, bring it along or make a new one.

We need to let Brumby and Madden know that we will not accept their bad policy, ignorance of public opinion, and "smoke and mirrors" tactics.

If this legislation is passed many people will have the value of their properties and their life's work destroyed. A GAIC stamp on your title makes it next to worthless until development is imminent which could be up to 20 years away. Do you have 20 years to wait? Do you think its fair to have your right to sell your property when you choose, and to whom, stripped away? Do you think this is a FAIR tax for Victorians? If you answered NO you need to be at our rally!

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Originally posted as a comment to article "Total lack of consideration for the Loss of Habitat for Native Animals is shameful and unacceptable" of 2 Nov 09. - JS


HAVE YOU BEEN AWARE THAT the Victorian Government is wanting to put through Parliament this coming week what is known as Amendment C55. This Amendment would not only push the Urban Growth Boundary out further in all directions but also if you look at Clause 12 you will see it also spells the end of suburbia as we know it.

They are spelling out a new type of Activity Centres known as CADs and they will be Frankston, Dandenong, Ringwood, Box Hill, Broadmeadows and Footscray as well as the center of Melbourne City. These will all be NEW CITIES.

As well, they talk about all the high rise along tram and bus routes and massive development around all the Activity Centres, Principle, Major, Neighbourhood - nowhere is safe. And we all know that there will be 'infill' everywhere.

The only solution is to come out against the massive population increase which is being orchestrated by the Government hand in glove with the Growth Lobby.


This is the link to Amendment C55 And it is clause 12 I mention above, but have a look at the other parts. I feel that this is being sneaked through parliament without people knowing.


Please stand up for your rights.
Message on behalf of Mary Drost and others

The headlines in The Age on Sunday 22nd indicated that according to their polls, the Labor Brumby government's "dominance of Victorian politics appears unassailable one year from the next state election". This is just incredulous! We have massive urban sprawl, housing competition causing impossible prices and increasing homelessness, little spending on public services and basic infrastructure, rising taxes, increasing bushfire dangers as developments eat into national parks, logging of old growth forests, rising costs for water due to the desalination plant, yet the media report him as leading the polls! Who they ask - the builders, financiers and land developers?
On the economy, 39 per cent of respondents believed the Government had done a good or very good job, and just 15 per cent said it had done a poor job. It seems most people vote from their hip pockets, not for the big picture!
Melbourne@5 million is a nightmare and a State that is already the most cleared and damaged. Where are the voices against Brumby? If people are lured to vote purely on economic growth, they will get ongoing and addictive population growth.

Just because it's in the Age it doesn't mean it's true. It just means that the Age wants you to believe it is true and give up. The Age is telling you, "Resistance is futile".

Tell the Age to get nicked and join the supporters of Kelvin Thomson (see articles about him on this blog).