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Endangered Quolls and Flying Foxes fleeing loggers on NSW South Coast

Last Monday week, 1st February 2010, conservationists down the NSW south coast temporarily stopped logging in South Brooman State Forest, situated between Ulladulla and Batemans Bay.

They have called on the NSW Premier, Kristina Keneally, to halt the destruction. Assurances were given by the NSW Government's deforester 'Forests NSW' to the local community that Forests NSW would ensure damage to threatened species habitat is mitigated.

Endangered Grey-headed Flying Foxes in South Brooman Forest

These assurances are signed off in a Regional Forest Agreement (RFA), yet RFA's have become regarded as logger speak for deferred right to log.

The evidence of habitat destruction in logger 'Compartment 62 and 63', that were earmarked for protection by the community, clearly shows the law is not being implemented.

Spotted-tailed Quolls are escaping to nearby private properties as their habitat is being destroyed, which is particularly alarming as Forests NSW pre-logging fauna surveys failed to identify these animals as being present in the area.

Spotted-tailed Quoll rescued from South Brooman Forest

"Forests NSW are breaching native forest management strategies and wilfully ignoring their own legislated regulations," said Lisa Stone from South East Forest Rescue.

"We are sending a clear message to the NSW and Federal Governments that they must fulfil their international obligations on climate change by protecting their remaining carbon sinks," said Ms Stone. "Forests NSW have fudged the books when it comes to reporting their greenhouse gas emissions. We call on the State and Federal Governments to prove that political will is not extinct and put an end to native forest logging, for us and our children's future."

Neanderthal logger culture in Forests NSW try to justify that many native trees are just too big and mature and so have to be chopped down for their own good, or else because previous logging didn't do good enough job, they're contractors are sent back in to finish it off, or simply the standard crap that logging is good for forest health.
Such a bizarre evil mindset is equivalent to Sr Lanka's President Rajapaksa's genocide of the ethic Tamils last May, whom he finished off quite effectively.

RFAs are no more than a bastard fork tongue instrument - one side used by immoral pollies to spin motherhood environmentalism to the public and 'yes' media, the other side that orders in the heavy artillery for the loggers.

Unlike National Parks which are protected under federal conservation legislation, a 'State Forest' is no more than a timber reserve for loggers to log whenever Forestry NSW says it is ok. A 'State Forest' is logger speak for 'virgins of the vanquished' to rape at will by the 'dogs of logging'.

RFA's may as well stand for Rape Forests Anytime.

And Forests NSW justifies its logging as 'education' to children from kindergarten age to "provide interesting and relevant information about the forest environment, in a stimulating and fun way."


The public needs to "get real" about the effects of "our" activities. A forest was felled with no consideration for the inhabitants- in fact ignorance of their existence there. The public needs to see the fallout of the activities of our society. Basically they (we) are ignorant of most of what goes on- shielded by our media and our tunnel visioned lives in the cities of Oz.
Just as felling a forest dispossesses the native animal inhabitants, so does the march of suburbia in a similarly ruthless manner. The bulldozers arrive, moonscape then lace the area with bitumen and cars in an inescapable tangle of barriers which spell immediate difficulty then drawn out inevitable death to the wild life.

We need an article about how Quolls are native cats to wake people up. Many don't even know what they are.
If there is someone out there who has raised one it would be a good start to helping our compatriots get real.

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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The quoll's still here, loggers have taken out about 2,000 acres here which the quolls obviously lived in, its now bunked in a greasy old bus.. of its own choice....the Old Growth it relied upon..IS GONE...KOALAs ARE NEXT ON THE AGENDA.....SF Bateman's Bay have just approved to logout Mumbulla SF....GOODBYE KOALAS..on the south coast..unless we do something about while partaking the benefits of our lovely free country. spare a thought and maybe some time...for our year of biodiversity...2010...STOP SLAUGHTERING OUR NATIVE ANIMALS

This is truly dismal and a betrayal of our forests and native animals. We hear about environmental concerns, climate change, "sustainable" until it becomes to mean a justification for environmental destruction, and conservation. We have a Federal Environment Department, but there is not outrage until 4 people are killed putting in ceiling insulation! Peter Garrett has done little for the environment, except to condemn the Traveston Dam! We have a Minister for Climate Change, and State environment departments, but still the savagery and demolition continues. Jobs for loggers and short-term economic benefits are given higher priority than even old growth forests and our natural heritage.

Is there a petition to sign? Who are those in charge of allowing this demolition to continue? Peter Garrett is a complete loss!

South East Forests NSW,Bateman's Bay....Ian Barnes,manager,ph 44726211, is responsible for half a million bats that have been camping here for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, he left 38 hectares for them,also responsible for signing off the spotted quoll who seems to be a permanent resident now that its still here 3 weeks after appearing, and as for the forest....typically trashed and full of regulatory breaches,looks like they prepped a housing estate in western Sydney...pity,the National Park is across the street.