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The comment below has been moved from here, because I consider that it disrupts the discussion on that page - Ed (13/5/16)

Just what sort of time warp is Candobetter living in.?
War kills humans. War is good.
Selling uranium to India increases the chance of a nuclear war between India and China. That might (at best) kill 500-mil from each side, a total of 1-billion.
Ummmm -- that will give Planet Earth a spell for lets see -- 12 years.??????
We need something more than nuclear war to stablise, then reduce, the human plague.
Natural disasters? Cyclone Yasi - biggest for decades - killed one person. (That dope was burning a kero heater in a sealed room and died of carbon monoxide poisoning. We're better off without him).
Only viruses can do it.
HIV is pathetic - down to lower than 8-million kills a year. While global growth is still 80-million. While village idiot Bill Gates spends millions trying to "cure" tropical diseases like malaria and cholera.

Candobetter Ed:

Publication of this comment was delayed while we wondered what to do about it. We don't want to be seen to condone recommendations of violence, but Zero isn't saying that he plans to unleash viruses or wars. We also don't want to be seen to censor anything not actually illegal. I know the author and his ironic sense of humour plus his deep despair about overpopulation, so I am going to publish it. But the reader is asked to be aware that candobetter does not advocate violence and does not rejoice in mayhem or natural disaster.

On the other hand, the lack of empathy displayed in the comment about the 'dope' burning the kero heater who perished during cyclone Yasi, could cause the relatives of that person distress - and for no good reason. Zero's comment would have been just as effective if he had written that 'one person died, not from the cyclone, but through misadventure.' We would have had no problem with that statement.

And the comments about HIV would be read by many people as callous and even psychopathically devoid of empathy. They might also be interpreted as racist by people who perceive HIV as a disease primarily affecting third world countries with non-European populations (overlooking Russia and the USA). Others might see such comments as styled for shock-value, therefore ironically effective in dramatising nature's apparent lack of defense against human overpopulation.

Zero's message that selling uranium to India increases the chances of war between India and China is a perceptive warning, even though it is couched in sarcasm. In addition, he dramatises the fact that Earth's human population growth would catch up with a billion deficit in only ten years.

So, here is your comment, Zero, finally published with these editorial comments. Now I'm going on to your next one. Thanks for reading candobetter.