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The Sounds of Media Silence----With Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel

CBC, ABC, BBC: same difference. Commercial media ditto. Sing along.

Hello ignorant greed my old friend
I’ve come to talk to you again
Because a Malthusian vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And an apocalyptic vision was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of CBC silence

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
‘Neath the halo of Ehrlich’s lamp
I turned my attention from the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of steady (state) light
That split the night
And broke the sound---of CBC silence

And in that naked light I saw
Canada’s population growth rate highest in the G8
Captive of a catastrophic fate
Yet I heard---the deafening Sound--- of Silence
Environmentalists talking without speaking
Hearing without listening
People writing articles that editors never share
Because no one dare
Disturb the Sound of Media Silence

Jack Parsons was right on
The population taboo has not gone
Journalists give the damn of tinkers
And the CBC is a herd of independent thinkers

“Fools”, said I, “You do not know
Silence like the cancer of growth grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Give me air time that I might reach you
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the well
Of media shunning

So the Canadian people bowed and prayed
To the Consumer God the Growth Lobby made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, “The words of Hardin and Kunstler are written on the subway walls and tenement halls”
And whispered in the sounds of Media Silence

Tim Murray