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Sweden's liberal immigration policy - and the costs

Sweden has joined the United States, Britain, Spain and other nations as a target of politically motivated violence. It is no longer possible for countries such as the Netherlands and Sweden to think about their populations as homogenous groups with shared values and world views.
The costs are high. Foreigners are 6.2 times as likely to be incarcerated than Swedes, or 520% higher incarceration rate.

As one of a many open immigration policies in Europe, Sweden has struggled to confederate more immigrants from Iraq than any other Western nation since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Sweden has always welcomed asylum seekers from all over the world, particularly the Arab and Islamic worlds.

However, foreigners are 6.2 times as likely to be incarcerated than Swedes, or 520% higher incarceration rate.

The number of violent and deadly crimes has increased by about 200 percent from 1976 to 2006, the report showed. Only in 2009, five deadly shootings occurred in Malmo, compared to four in Stockholm and eight in Gothenburg.

The anti-immigration party’s personality Jimmie Akesson has described a flourishing series of Muslims – about 5 per cent of a country’s race – as a biggest outmost hazard to Sweden given a Second World War.

Explosions that killed a suspected bomber and injured two passersby on a busy shopping street in Stockholm are being investigated as a “terrorist crime,” sending shock waves through Sweden, which prides itself on its open, peaceful society and had so far been untouched by the post-9/11 attacks.

The man, identified as 28-year-old Iraqi-born Swede Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, directed his ire toward Sweden’s military presence in Afghanistan and Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who drew an image of the prophet Muhammad’s head on a dog’s body in 2007.

Omar Mustafa, president of the Islamic League in Sweden, said he feared the attack could undo the years of progress made by Muslims living in Sweden.

The right is pointing to the bomber as a clear example of why Sweden should stop accepting more immigrants and promoting a multicultural society.

Reasons Sweden support the most open immigration program in Europe

1. Too much prosperity between 1940-1970 when they were building the welfare state. Most Swedish people think that the two are causally linked. They think the are prosperous because they expanded the welfare state 1940-1970.

They escaped the war. Sweden as a nation is still naive and innocent. The first notable wave of immigration into Sweden came in the post-World War II period with workers from Germany and Holland, later spreading to southern Europe including Italy, Greece and Turkey.

2. Egalitarianism is very strong for historical reasons. This makes them lean left.
More than a thousand years of continuous existence as a sovereign state allowed for the gradual development of strong national institutions. During the medieval period, the practice of serfdom was never established, and the preponderance of independent farmers helped minimize social class differences and nurture an ethic of equality.

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3. Humans are basically "good". If they act bad, it is probably because they are having an emotional difficulty, a hard time, and talking to them will solve the problem. Beyond those who seek to rubbish welfare state-ism with references to alcoholism, depression, and suicide, Sweden is high on the quotient of niceness and goodness.

Swedes think that is true for all life. They are surrounded by nice, good normal people, and become very native. This combined with the mirror effect ("everyone is like me") with catastrophic consequences. They simply don't have theories about predators and opportunistic people, such as people who exploit the welfare state, thugs, Islamic terrorist etc.

4. White guilt. When Finland and Italy were poor in 1960, Swedes had been rich and prosperous for 30 years. Their "white" guilt needs to be balanced by non-Westerns.

They believe very strongly in their social model. They, understandably but wrongly believe is why they don't starve or have wars like Africans, corruption and a soft state like Italians or crime, inequality and social problems like America.

5. Secularism. When you don't have religion, your mind looks to substitutes. This can be ideology or things like new-age, both popular in Sweden. A spiritual vacuum can be deceptively liberating, but encourage open-ness to ideas that may be contrary to their interests.

Like Australia, the large ethnic diversity that does exist makes it problematic to define what is typically Swedish today.

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A popular belief about Sweden, when living so far away from Europe, is that they might have a small immigration program and a lively, proud yet complacent, homogeneous society and subsequent nationalism. The facts about their liberal 'refugee quota' intake come as a surprise, and partly due to the more Muslim associated issues that in Australia, is something we haven't encountered - yet.

No society should be expected to tolerate more than what is only a bit of almost, experimental, multiculturalism. What do people expect from people who are not and possibly never to be assimilated into a bleak, cold, dark and 'white' culture? Sure, Sweden have done their bit with refugees, and even economic migration. However authorities need to not accept complaints about the system as being, oh - 'all racist'. Swedes no doubt want to preserve their society and long history and monarchy! What about closing all the doors on immigration? And only really, genuine refugees, allowed 'in'?

MT Isa may be the worst place to buy a house, but Sydney's western suburbs dominate a list of 13 of the nation's top no-go zones for residential real estate investors.

Ethnic tensions, high crime rates and aircraft noise are reasons to stay away from Bankstown, and Blacktown/Mt Druitt is no better.

Buyers are urged to stay away from flood-prone Giru in far north Queenland, crime-ridden Shepparton in regional Victoria, The figures for the year to March show total crime in greater Shepparton was up 5 per cent compared to the previous year. While Iraqis and Afghans have been settling here for about a decade, the most visibly different arrivals have been the black Africans from the Congo and Sudan.

The fact that there are lots of crime free and hard working muslims does not mean that the social, political, religious tensions can't come to Australia in the same way that they haven't come to France or Denmark even if the threats are only from a 'small percentage'.

Social cohesive communities where people are glued together with common values, aims, language, history and cultural heritage surely are much less prone to crime and disunity.

Ideologies and humanitarian concepts of equality, diversity, one-ness of the human race, compassion and egalitarianism are fine in theory, on paper, but the human race ironically does not fit into these ideals. The discrepancy between the limitations of humanity and an ideal world are glaringly obvious once overpopulation and the plight of refugees face us.
The recent tragedy of lives lost on Christmas island bring the refugee crisis to our headlines. These people are risking their own lives, and the lives of children, by making these perilous crossings. Children are being used to ensure public sympathy. However, the boats must be stopped before more tragedies happen, and asylum seekers must be made fully aware of the potential dangers.
Only genuine refugees should be taken, and the process of identification should take place in the refugee camps, not in Australia or in detention centres. The people coming on boats should be flown back! We need some tough action to protect other potentially tragic sea-crossings. We must ensure that only suitable and genuine refugees, ready to adapt to Australia, are allowed to start their lives here.

Dutch police have arrested 12 Somali nationals suspected of plotting an imminent terrorist attack in the Netherlands. They were detained on a tip from the intelligence services that they were planning an attack shortly in the Netherlands. There have been growing holiday security concerns in Europe following a suicide bombing in Sweden and attacks on two embassies this week in Rome.

A prosecutor said they wanted to eradicate the threat and the focus of the investigation now will be on any potential connections to terrorist operations planned for other countries.

According to the Dutch authorities, all the suspects are of Somali origin, six are Dutch citizens, five have no permanent residence and a man comes from Denmark.

Europe is on alert for a terror attack, and the latest scare came from Rome. An explosive device was left under a seat on the subway. Security at major cities across Europe has been stepped up.. with growing concerns about a terror attack during the holiday season.

Three Melbourne men charged with planning a terrorism attack on the Holsworthy army base in Sydney have been found guilty. The court heard they planned a shootout at the Holsworthy army barracks in the belief Islam was under attack from the West. People living and gaining from living in the West, and their hospitality, should be denied their citizenship. Open immigration obviously is too idealistic and poses a risk in our fragmented world. We can't afford to be naive any more. Not all cultures or religious group support our ideals, or democratic freedoms.

According to the SBS Immigration Nation report, within a decade, resentment to further immigration was setting in. Multiculturalism was being imposed from above, even though opinions were sharply divided about whether the benefits outweighed the risks. As the host country, people making their homes here should understand our history, our values and our culture and be prepared to adapt to and honour Australia.

It is not only about a changing and increasingly hostile world, but about our population growth impinging on our liveability, our costs and the space, freedom, and tolerance we have always taken for granted.

Britain's mass immigration turns out to be not due to gross incompetence, but to the Labour government engaged in a deliberate and secret policy of national cultural sabotage.

This astonishing revelation surfaced quite casually last year in a newspaper article by one Andrew Neather. He was a speech writer for Tony Blair. In 2001, its manifesto merely said that the immigration rules needed to reflect changes to the economy to meet skills shortages.

Since 1997, the number of work permits has quadrupled to 120,000 a year.

Unless policies change, over the next 25 years some seven million more will be added to Britain's population, a rate of growth three times as fast as took place in the Eighties.

It was a politically motivated attempt by ministers to transform the fundamental make-up and identity of this country. It was done to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions. It was to put a put another 'multicultural' identity in its place.

One motivation by Labour ministers was 'to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date'. The argument that Britain is better off with this level of immigration has been conclusively shown to be economically illiterate.

Very high immigration means that it desperately difficult to cope with so many children who don't even have basic English. Other services, such as health or housing, are similarly being overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers. It also conveniently guaranteed an increasingly Labour-voting electorate since, as a recent survey by the Electoral Commission has revealed, some 90 per cent of black people and three-quarters of Asians vote Labour. It was indeed a conspiracy to deceive the electorate into voting for them.

The vast majority of the new immigrants have no intention of integrating into British society and becoming compliant Labour voters. Instead, they want the British to change by introducing sharia law. Britain could become another backward hell hole like Pakistan, Sudan, and Somalia.

Ironically, voting trends indicate that migrants and their descendants are much more likely to vote Labour. The full document was made public in February 2010 following a Freedom of Information request by Migrationwatch, a pressure group. A version of the paper was published in 2001, but most of the references to “social objectives” had been removed.

Only now that their working-class supporters are deserting them in droves have they started to talk about restricting immigration. Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, accused the Government of having a secret policy. “This shows that Labour’s open-door immigration policy was deliberate, and ministers should apologise,” he said.

Addressing the Royal United Services Institute in London, Tory Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed that Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), was “now working in the UK and planning new atrocities.” Ms May admitted that there was a second threat to Britain from young Muslims living in the country who were “being trained in Somalia to carry out atrocities when they return to Britain.”

She identified the “radicalised young Britons” as being of “East African origin.” The British National Party alone has warned that tolerating mass immigration could only lead to terrorism in Britain.

Editorial comment: Even the English, the forefathers of many of whom have used mass immigration and colonisation to destroy cultures all across the globe, are right to object to their own culture and economic well-being being similarly undermined today.

However the 'terrorism' which this commentator warns against, is in fact, a far greater threat to the people from the very lands from which these migrants come from than it is to citizens of England. The reason is that acts of terrorism, said to have been committed by Islamist extremists against the West have provided pretexts for the launching of the bloody destructive wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. The death toll in Iraq alone exceeds over 1,000,000 people. How could the perpetrators of 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid train bombings, the Bali bombings, etc., possibly claim the these acts, which caused the deaths of, at most, 3,000 'infidels' (on 11 September 2001) and well over 1,000,000 million Islamic people, possibly believe these acts to be blows for Islam? If these acts were, indeed, perpetrated by Islamist extremists, then it would seem that there is, in fact, common cause between Islamist extremism and the ruling elites now waging those wars in Central Asia and the Middle East. However, those who are more skeptical of what we are told by our political leaders and the newsmedia should be asking for the evidence that Islamist extremists are guility of these crimes. And if they were, how were they able to outwit, at least three times, the operators of the most sophisticated and expensive air defence system that has ever existed, that being of the United States? Why, for example, after more than 9 years of military occupation of Afghanistan, the land from which 9/11 was supposedly launched and in which its perpetrators trained, has not a single person with a proven link to 9/11 been captured?

If we truly want to prevent any more terrorism against the West, then we should join with the 1,403 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 10,763 other supporters have signed the petition demanding of Congress a proper and truly independent investigation of the 'collapses' of the 3 World Trade Center Builidings on 11 September 2001 including WTC 7, which, mysteriously, wasn't even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Ed. A phrase about ethnicity has been edited from this comment because the context seemed to have been missed out.

We have many immigrants and refugees from nations that depend on window shutters, iron grills, firearms and high walls. Some come from war zones where conflict is the norm. Not only this, but some countries must employ private security guards to protect businesses and housing estates. Coming here, the opportunities for crime are enormous. Our houses, like 24 hour fast food outlets, are soft targets, easy and accessible.

The rise in crime cannot be blamed purely on new-comers but on society's fragmentation.

Our relative safe Australian suburbans are becoming targets for thieves and rapists. We are becoming internationalized in ways that we don't want. We embrace high immigration and diversity, but the costs are not often mentioned for political correctness.