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Unemployment climbing along with population growth in Australia

There has been another sizable drop in employment. Greedy employers continue to put out claims that there is a terrible shortage of labour in Australia, because they know that the larger the pool of unemployed the less the market rate for labour will be. (Also, by pushing up immigration on the false plea that we are short of labour, they hope for more customers, more extreme house prices, and other changes by which the big fish benefit over the small.)

We have 885,000 unemployed! -- Roy Morgan

Big business has long abused its influence with the media, and has also taken advantage of various well-funded lobbies,fronts, and think-tanks (Committee for Melbourne, Urban Task force, Australian industries group, and other names for disguised lobbies) as well as the pro-business stance of the Murdoch Press and other media, to spread this disinformation.

Yet ordinary Australians know this is untrue, particularly if they have a teenager in the family trying to get his or her first job, or an older person who is been retrenched. (Employment agencies say it's hard even to get a job interview for anyone over 35, and if approaching retirement almost impossible, because employers are so spoilt for choice.)

According to Roy Morgan:

Australian Employment drops by record number in July to 10,802,000 (DOWN 418,000) as Australian workforce shrinks, and unemployment rate is up 0.6% TO 7.6%

* In July 2011 Australia’s total unemployment as measured by Roy Morgan was 885,000 (7.6%), up 40,000 (0.6%) from June 2011, and up 148,000 (up 1.3%) since July 2010.
* The Roy Morgan July 2011 ‘underemployed’* estimate was virtually unchanged at 859,000 (7.3%), down 3,000 (but up 0.2% as the workforce shrunk) from June 2011 and down 81,000 (0.8%) since July 2010.
* In total in July 2011 an estimated 1,743,000 (14.9%) of Australians were unemployed or ‘underemployed,’ up 36,000 (up 0.8%) on June 2011 and up 66,000 (0.5%) since July 2010.
* As stated, there was a large drop in the Australian workforce in July, down 378,000 to 11,687,000 which is virtually unchanged from a year ago (up 42,000) and slightly higher than in March 2011 (up 23,000).
* Overall full-time employment in Australia for July is 7,421,000 (down 219,000 since June 2011 but up 30,000 since July 2010) and part-time employment is 3,381,000 (down 199,000 since June 2011 and down 136,000 since July 2010).

Gary Morgan says:

“The July 2011Roy Morgan employment estimates was down 418,000 in a month to 10,802,000 with the falls consistent across both full-time employed — 7,421,000 (down 219,000) and part-time employed — 3,381,000 (199,000).

“This month’s fall in employment followed four straight months of rises and takes Australian employment back to the levels of February (10,770,000) and March (10,800,000) as school-leavers began to join the workforce after Summer holidays at the beginning of the new financial year.

“This is the biggest monthly fall in Australian employment ever recorded by the Roy Morgan employment measure and shows that the RBA’s decision to ignore commentators calling for an interest rate rise this week was the correct one.

Unemployment now stands at 7.6% (885,000, up 40,000) while underemployment is virtually unchanged at 7.3% (859,000, down 3,000).

This is an overall level of unemployment and underemployment of 14.9% (1,743,000, up 36,000).

“In addition employment in July is now down 106,000 on a year ago in July 2010. This is the first time employment has fallen year-over-year since October 2009 (10,385,000) which fell compared to October 2008 (10,400,000) — when the Global Financial Crisis began and dropped employment.”

For Full Tables & Release:


Australia has been muddling about having a fast train service for years, and now the broadband network NBN has only just had a limited release.

The top 10 technologically advanced countries in the world do not include Australia. With our government's fetish for a Ponzi-style growth-based economic model, we are being left behind.

The Global Report published by the World Economic Forum examines the preparedness of countries to use ICT effectively on three dimensions: the business environment, regulatory and general infrastructure.

Top ten countries are:

  1. Sweden
  2. Singapore
  3. Finland
  4. Switzerland
  5. United States
  6. Taiwan, China
  7. Denmark
  8. Canada
  9. Norway
  10. Korea, Rep

Taiwan is almost as technologically advanced as the United States, a report released by the World Economic Forum and INSEAD demonstrates. Sweden and Singapore continued to dominate the list, followed by Finland, which jumped three places from last year to third.

Internationally renowned for its high-technology and health care, Finland researchers are leading contributors in the fields of forest improvement, new materials, environment, neutral networks, low-temperature physics, brain research, biotechnology, genetic technology and communications.

Advances in space technology have made USA a superpower. It also leads the world in scientific research papers and 50% of the households have broadband Internet access. The country is the primary developer and grower of genetically modified food, representing half of the world's biotech crops.

Sweden is a small country has one of the highest standards of living in the world and is renowned for its top-quality scientific and technological development. Sweden apportions 4% of its GDP to R&D, one of the very few countries to do so.

The Republic of Korea has made great technological advancements in the fields of electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, petrochemicals and robotics. Their GDP is driven by exporting products manufactured from this sector.

Singapore houses technological institutes to provide its citizens resources to equip themselves to further technological advancement. The Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

Could it be that successive Australian governments, along with business, have been running a Ponzi scheme with our assets, our resources and our future?

Ponzi scheme operators meet their forecast earnings simply by getting more investors to invest, using their principal to pay “returns” to existing investors. This goes on and on -- until someone works out that all of the capital the investors have invested has been paid out to service payments to existing investors. If new investors don’t come in, existing investors never get paid out.

Our leaders and academics worship growth, and the public are supposed to too! It's a Ponzi scheme and the elite are the only "winners". Water is a basic essential of life, and should not be made a luxury commodity. There is nothing "inevitable" about our population growth. It's due to government policy, and our population numbers are designed to support our Economy, even to our detriment. Our dependancy on future generations and/or immigration to support us as we grow older is the ultimate Ponzi scheme.

We should be investing in the future, in high quality, leading edge communications, climate change alternative energy sources, and fast transport. Instead, we get ongoing immigration, a lagging behind on infrastructure, shortages of publis services and skills training, and freeways that ultimately promote more expansion and growth instead of consolidation and advancements.

The global crisis has clearly demonstrated that under a globalized system, the problems of citizens, businesses and nations are generated from international problems, impossible to solve, whether by the international organizations, whether by the national governments.

Globalization means ending the sovereignties of independent nations/states.

Globalisation is evangelised as the new religion of humanism; dare criticise it and invoke hardcore wrath labelling of 'racist' and be persecuted like a Salem Witch of 1692 under irrational prejudice.

Yet the demise of local values, endemic plants, endemic animals and traditional peoples are under barrage from the human pathogen. The pendulum of numbers..influence..power had now shifted from the incumbent population to the immigrant population.

Every introduced immigrant that steps off a plane, every introduced plant (weed), every introduced animal (feral) compounds the human pathogen against endemic species and peoples. Our 21st Century has the most humans ever. Climate change is not the problem.
Blessed be Whitlam's multiculturalism, Fraser's multiculturalism, Hawke's multiculturalism, Keating's cultural diversity and Rudd's Big Australia - the ubiquitous human melting pot?

Beachhead immigration in Australia has prevaded local society into becoming a preferred choice of Labor MPs.
It's no different to VicForests logging Potoroo forest habitat throughout Victoria's East Gippsland and then introducing sheep. Then there is the bizarre argument of one breed of ferals proclaiming more rights over that of another.

Read the following article:

'Deer culling attracts wild dogs'

Wednesday, 27/04/2011

'Wild dogs are encroaching closer into urban areas of Victoria's east Gippsland.
Leo Hamilton, retired agronomist and 40-year landholder, has lost $1,000 worth of sheep to wild dogs in two months at his fine wool enterprise on the outskirts of Bairnsdale.

He says a formerly minor dog problem is escalating, as shooters try to control feral deer, and their fallen carcasses attract other pest animal predators.

"Sambar deer is not the sort of thing you throw in the back of the ute and cart off. You are talking 300-400 kilos of meat," he said.
"And you talk to the truckies and the truckies have got the same problem. If they hit one on the road, it is two and half grand to fix the truck."

Mr Hamilton says wild dogs were controlled in the past, but the behaviour of the large dogs has changed from shy killers for food, to aggressive and savage attacks that maim sheep.

"What is different about this attack is they are not predictable. In the past, the dog has come in and eaten the sheep, but these are unpredictable as they come in at any time, don't eat the sheep, they mutilate the sheep, they just play with the sheep and maul them."

Mr Hamilton says the culled feral pest deer weigh 300-400 kilogram, making them too heavy for shooters to remove.

"Their [sic] attitude is that they disaster in a couple of days...but they disappear in a couple of days because the wild dogs and foxes eat them."

He says the wild dog problem is escalating and growing as the sambar deer population spreads to the outer urban areas.


...No mention of the indigenous Potoroo in all that. The controlling ferals are debating inter-feral rights, while the indigenous are ignored, forgotten...relegated to history's underclass.

The terror of invasion.
The defeat of a people and their cultural annihilation - resigned, hopeless and death row resolve in the face of an invader’s genocidal 'business as usual'.

Currently ecological conservation efforts are being made to deal with the rabbit population on Maquairie Island in a bid to save and restore the indigenous populations and habitat.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

The solution to the asylum seeker problem is to disentangle ourselves from the UN's refugee convention of 1951 and its updates. We need our government to have the courage to assert our sovereignty over our shores and borders and not be dictated to by the UN's "humanitarian" blurring of nation-hood. Arriving un-welcomed onto our shores should be made illegal and this would avoid people smugglers and random ships risking lives to take reckless voyages here, various off-shore "solutions" at tax-payers' expense, and leaving unaccompanied children. While the "welcome mat" of high immigration and legality of our refugee acceptance continues, people will keep arriving.

We should be increasing our humanitarian intake and decreasing our economic immigration numbers, and they should be selected and assessed as genuine refugees off-shore. Swapping people is not enough of a deterrent. The boats are still coming.

A void of our agreement to the UN refugee convention would end the ongoing problems of detention centres, riots, hunger strikes, children and all the political "immigration" smokescreen of the asylum seeker problem. We should be focusing on our own population growth.

I wholeheartedly concur with Nimby's comment above.

Australian humanitarian tolerance is being abused by the UN. Priority for humanitarianism needs to start at home - our indigenous, our rural and remote communities, our unemployed, our youth, our disadvantaged. If Australia's underclass hired a boat and sailed it to Ashmore Reef, splashed on fake tan, ditched their IDs and didn't speak, our Navy would collect them and they would receive the humanitarian care they deserve at home.

The UN is failing to deal decisively with civil unrest issues fundamentally and failing to contain the humanitarian problem with the countries concerned. The government violence against citizens in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Burma Syria is no different to what the Army of Republika Srpska did to the Bosniaks in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre with UN 'peacekeepers' standing by. Let us not forget Rwanda. Where the United Nations is systemically failing, the humanitarian problem and the overwhelming numbers of breeding humans is being encouraged to spread like an uncontrolled pandemic. People have a right to life and a right to live without violence and famine. People have a right to flee violence and famine. But the causes of violence and famine at home are being avoided by the United Nations. The United Nations is irresponsibly reactionary and painfully slow at that. Worse is that the UN is not cracking down on the global Arms Trade.

Refugees and asylum seekers perpetuate because of these threats and so good samaritan countries like Australia sign up to be on the receiving end of other people's conflict.
Just as humanitarian charities need to be held accountable for unsustainable population growth in countries that cannot cope (Sudan), the United Nations needs to be made accountable for controlling the cause of the refugee problems.

The UN status quo is to see the human pathogen spread until that globally societies are diluted by sheer numbers undermining the hard fought standards of living of advanced nations like Australia. What the leftist humanitarians ignore is what happens when the peoples of Third World nations saturate Australia society, economy and ecology? Their humanitarianism is selective and short-sighted utopianism. Australia will become like South Africa, where the the lowest common denominator is the mainstream.

Quality of life, infrastructure, public services, carrying capacity need to be critical success factors of all immigration globally. The Tottenham Race Riots [Read More] in London of 6th August 2011 (just last weekend) are symptomatic of decades of naive uncontrolled immigration policies inviting hoards in from Africa, with no thought of carrying capacity and ignoring the inevitable social, environmental and ecological costs of too many people concentrated into ghettos. There is no work, public infrastructure can't cope, the police can't cope. Moving the world's poor, persecuted and starving to wealth countries is just relocating the problems, not addressing them. It is indeed a folly. It is the single misguided global policy fueling the greatest problem facing the planet in the 21st Century - the human pathogen.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885