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Scientific dishonesty and nuclear power - Chris Busby at the Royal Society

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Talk by Dr. Chris Busby about scientific dishonesty in nuclear issues at the Royal Society in London last November. How do the government committees work? How are scientific papers selected or deselected for publication in the mainstream journals? How does scientific fraud become established knowledge, thereby sweeping the illness and death of thousands of people under the carpet to protect the use of nuclear materials for military purposes? It's all in here... Powerpoint presentation added on 11 Jan 2012.

I think it's well worth your time to see the video and hear what Chris Busby has to say!
Or Download the 1.92MB powerpoint presentation here.

Dr Chris Busby at the Royal Society: Scientific Dishonesty

Final comment: If this is happening in the UK, what do you think is going on in Japan, the USA, and also in Australia? And not just over nuclear issues - how about BSE, GE crops and food, biotechnology in general, and global warming?

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Great film! Very interesting - and not only on the subject of nuclear power. On the subject of academic competition and the failure of peer review due to a variety of institutionalised problems that we all suspected. Thanks, Tony.

I should add to my hasty remark in the first comment that the main subject of investigation is the harmfulness of ionizing radiation to living cells.
The detail and the names make the film's contribution enormously important to what is happening in Japan today.

Busby also shows how criminally negligent committees reviewing material on Mad Cow Disease and childhood leukeimia have been. He names names, some of them on the editorial board of the Royal Society, some of them still in high positions in institutes of epidemiology, and those institutes in receipt of public and charitable funding.