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Tragedy of Human Impact on Koalas in Queensland

The rate of road-kill of koalas in Queensland, NSW, and Victoria is testimony to the unsustainability of human population growth and the cowardice of our leaders in the face of profit-driven developer groups. We drive too fast, we are too numerous, and we have far too greater impact. Are most of us ignorant, selfish and callous or is it mainly our leaders and the developers they protect?

(Above) Yet another koala road accident victim. (Below) Ray and Murray Chambers return a koala to the wild. (Photograph from Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue

Its all a little too late for the koalas, finally being listed as threatened and the rest of the world is waking up to the shame of what we have done.

Following a photographer from the BBC tagging along with the Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue Service twin brothers, Ray & Murray Chambers, National Geographic Magazine included them in their feature in this month's issue, with photographs by one of the world's leading wildlife photographers, Joel Sartore.

The twin brothers today are laying three more of their beautiful koalas to rest and regardless of the heartbreak they endure each day, will not stop being on call 24/7 for their mates. Without this vital service, not just many koalas would be waiting to die on the sides of roads, but many other injured wildlife wouldnt be given a second chance.

We are currently negotiating with international documentary makers who have expressed interest in filming series on the incredible work these angels in footy shorts do without any financial assistance. A Sunshine Coast University Journalism student Sean Fabre-Simmons has also been chosen from a number of applicants to ride shotgun on some of their rescues, armed with a state of the art camera to post online the sickening scenes we are called to for the world to see.

For the Animals

Jaylene Musgrave
Vegan Warriors

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