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Road death of a cat who was a great friend to baby kangaroos

Brett Clifton sent these photographs of the late, much lamented "Bim-Bim", a siamese cat who was a great friend to baby kangaroos in Brett's care. This is also partly a response to a comment from a person who posted to this site this morning that she had just lost her great friend, Bessie, a dog, to roadkill. We have all shared such sadness for our friends from other species.

Tragedy of Human Impact on Koalas in Queensland

The rate of road-kill of koalas in Queensland, NSW, and Victoria is testimony to the unsustainability of human population growth and the cowardice of our leaders in the face of profit-driven developer groups. We drive too fast, we are too numerous, and we have far too greater impact. Are most of us ignorant, selfish and callous or is it mainly our leaders and the developers they protect?

Doing something to stop roadkill

'It may be tempting to believe our 4WD has bumped over a wombat.' (from an article in a magazine). Tempting? Roadkill is driving some species towards extinction. Too few safe corridors for animals to find more food. Too many cars and trucks on many more roads through their habitats. How about a campaign to stop carelessness about road-kill?

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