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Kangaroo slaughter in Canberra

"Canberra's Nature parks will be closed tomorrow for a "cull" of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. About 2000 are to be slaughtered for a "sustainable" number, to protect the flora and fauna. Polls of about 600 residents reveal that 79% of the city want the killings to go ahead. It's ironical that 9 "Nature" parks will be closed, under that assumption that kangaroos are not part of Nature and a threat to conservation efforts and sustainability.

Endangered flora and fauna are being threatened by "over-abundant eastern grey kangaroos". Just how does Daniel Iglesias, the public servant responsible for the decision, actually evaluate what is "abundant" or "sustainable"?

There are never any government polls or public debate on what is a sustainable human population, for Canberra or any city. Kangaroos are native animals, living in harmony with the environment, and softy-treading animals on the Earth. Humans, on the other hand, drive cars, use energy-consuming technology, change irrevocably the landscape, emit greenhouse gases and pollution, but there's no discussion on human "carrying capacity" or sustainable numbers, only for kangaroos!!

Animal activists have located what is believed to be fresh graves at Mugga Lane where 2000 of Canberra's iconic kangaroos will be buried during this year's slaughter, including the stars of the recent ABC documentary "Kangaroo Mob". Despite claims by the ACT government that their killing program is about protecting threatened species, they have failed to provide any credible evidence to support this claim.

The ACT government has also refused recent Freedom of Information requests from the Australian Society for Kangaroos relating to questions about recent culls in ACT nature parks. The Canberra government has breached multiple FOI laws by failing to respond to our request about their kangaroo culls within the legal time frame.

Thanks to the Australian Society for Kangaroos for the photo:

One of the intended burial sites for the kangaroos was switched to another location yesterday after the activists stumbled upon the proposed burial ground in south Canberra.

Activists ready to disrupt cull of 2000 roos - Canberra Times

Parks and Gardens Conservation services director, Mr Iglesias, said the culling was necessary to keep the number of kangaroos at sustainable levels that did not have a detrimental impact on other animals and plants. Just how is "sustainable", a vague and ambiguous word at the least, measured? Grasslands were used by pastoralists for many years causing species extinctions and land degradation. Nature should be allowed to find a natural balance to restore ecological systems, and this includes kangaroos.


This is absolutely disgusting...This Government is horrific, useless...We desperately need a cull of humans starting with the useless government officials that are carrying out this barbarity and then the 79% of Canberra sheeple that support this...Rot in hell you murderers...

This comment was accidentally deleted. We don't know who posted it although we have what he/she posted. In truth, the 'culling' of humanity and human overpopulation, which has helped to motivate the ACT government to murder other creatures, are no more than two sides of the same coin. More chilling examples of 'culling' of humans include the murder of 2 million Iraqis since 1991 as well as the murder of tens of thousands more in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria since then. The same sorts of forces which support human overpopulation, supposedly out of their deep love for all humanity, also, in effect, support that culling. An example is the fake UK socialist group, Workers Liberty which last year enthusiastically cheered on NATO's barbaric conquest of Libya and is now cheering on NATO's proxy war against Syria.[1] In this 2005 article, they dismiss concerns against population growth and high immigration into the UK.

where a massive increase in population, particularly from Eastern Europe, has driven up the cost of housing and driven down the wages of the native British.


[1] In both cases they have claimed, against the evidence concealed from their readers, that the wars waged by NATO aided popular uprisings for democratic reform.

Can we send the culling practice to Ashmore Reef?

This way we will be respecting the rights of indigenous Australian over the invasion of pest refugees seeking the good life.

But according to NAZI ACT Australians are pests in their own country.

John Marlowe