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Mad acts of violence against kangaroos by ACT government - burial pit photos

These photographs of a mass-burial pit in Canberra for kangaroos gunned down by the government was sent to me by 'Friends of AnimalArmy' with the message, "We cannot find an investigative journalist anywhere who will expose the corruption and the lies." I cannot understand why not. Don't we want to know the truth?

Do we want to know the truth?

I think that Australians do want to know the truth, but it seems that the mass media is letting us all down.

This infinitely sad photograph of the dead kangaroo with bent head and hand placed around the body of a hairless joey might remind some of you of pictures of Mary and the infant Jesus, and others of bodies in a pit in Auchwitz. The point is that the photograph documents a deeply tragic mistake on the part of the ACT government, that taints it as brutal and dishonest. This is one of several remarkable photographs that came to me via "Friends of AnimalArmy," with the message,

"We cannot find an investigative journalist anywhere who will expose the corruption and the lies."

"They are shooting 20 metres off major 4 laned highways during peak hour in full view of all traffic, being the ACT Govt they are untouchable and do not answer to anyone."

In the early hours of Sunday morning 3 June 2012, activists uncovered a large mass burial pit at the Kama nature reserve. It contained up to an estimated 300+ slain kangaroo bodies. Evidence was discovered amidst a slurry of mud and blood illustrating unethical and illegal practices including throat shots, partially severed joeys and mature kangaroos with smashed heads. The large kangaroo among the small and tiny ones is a big mature male.

These images were taken of an unearthed pit where hundreds of kangaroos have been buried during this 2012 cull. The images are graphic and may be distressing but think how the kangaroos felt. Can any of us imagine? It is most important to share these truths around to friends, families, colleagues, media, and politicians. Blow the lid off the dodgy 'wildlife management' that goes on in the ACT and blow the lid off the mainstream media conspiracy to hide the facts from Australians.

Click here on Animal Liberation ACT’s new website for further information on what you can do to help!

When I received these pictures from friends of 'AnimalArmy', I wondered where to begin to describe what I can see is happening. Leisa's poem (above) sums it up. Leisa has said to me that the longer she knows kangaroos, and she has worked intimately with them for 25 years, the more impressed she is by their intelligence and their capacity to love - "not just their own species, but humans as well." She also says, "When I look into a kangaroo's eyes I see a capacity to analyse."

In contrast to the Canberra male half-buried in mud, the picture at the bottom of this article is of a healthy South Australian animal interacting with a friendly photographer.


[1] This poem by Leisa Moore, a kangaroo rescuer in South Australia was originally written in memory of 453 Belconnen Kangaroos Killed by the A.C.T. Government in a Kangaroo Management Cull, 2009. Leisa called it, "Message from a Belconnen Kangaroo, 'Reflection In My Eyes'.


The "human like" size and qualities of fully grown male Eastern Grey kangaroos maybe part of their downfall. They are seen as a threat to the "managers" of the Nature parks, and to residents who are encroaching onto their habitats.

Population growth has placed on Australian capital cities increasingly unmanageable stress. Investment in physical infrastructure, such as transport, water, gas and electricity networks, has not kept pace with population increases.
Canberra's burgeoning population growth, due to politically-engineered policies, means housing is spreading out to grasslands of native species. Without wildlife corridors, there are road accidents and collisions, and kangaroos are being blamed.

The United Nations estimates the planet's agricultural output will need to increase by 70 per cent by 2050 in order to feed the world's population. With food security stresses, kangaroos are seen as eating grass, on land that could be feeding livestock, providing food for people!

The limited "nature" parks for endangered species means kangaroos must be the scapegoats for the threats to long-term survival, not developers or the human population.

The competition for natural resources is heating up, and thus kangaroos - who live gently and in harmony with their grasslands and bushlands - are easy targets for reprisals. They are too "Australian", while our population continues to be "diverse". They are a afront to modern values of Australia as a globalized economy, a "big Australia" and an overpopulated planet.

Humble, gentle creatures make easy scapegoats, easy targets for human violence and an outlet to justify Government departments environmental "management".

The animals on our Coat of Arms are being massacred, ironically, in our "bush" Capital Canberra. It's a destruction of our national symbol and these photos should be front-page pictures in the international media. With live exports, Australia is not the "clever" country any more but more and more famous for extinctions and cruelty.

Animal Liberation ACT


Please see Animal Liberation ACT’s latest media release regarding a shot kangaroo found after shooting occurred on Friday morning. See photo attached and please share to your networks.

Shot Kangaroo found after Cull on Nature Reserve

Activists witnessed another night of the kangaroo cull at several Nature Reserves in the early hours of the morning on Friday 1 June 2012. One of the areas where activists reported shooting was Kama Nature Reserve, near Hawker.

Shortly after the shooting had ceased on Kama Nature Reserve, the activists came across a kangaroo body left behind in the Reserve. The kangaroo had only recently died from a very fresh shot wound in the head (see photo attached).

Given that the Government’s contractors had been shooting in the same Nature Reserve that very night, it is difficult not to conclude that the animal had been shot as part of the Government’s cull and left behind to die a slow and painful death. This directly contradicts statements from the Government that each animal shot is accounted for and taken away. Daniel Iglesias, Territory and Municipal Services Parks and Conservation Director, recently stated that shot kangaroos are immediately removed from the area by the contractors. He also stated that they follow “a very, very scripted process whereby when the animal is shot, it's identified, it's retrieved and it's disposed of and we account for every single one, to the point where at the end of the night, there is not one animal left behind.”[1]

Yet according to Animal Liberation ACT spokesperson Carolyn Drew, “Shooting was heard by activists early in the morning on 1 June near where the kangaroo was found. Several ranger trucks were surrounding the area and police were about. This kangaroo is believed to be connected to the cull because he was found at the very nature reserve they were shooting at, which activists later entered. Unless a member of the public entered the nature reserve and shot a kangaroo at the same time the cull was taking place, then this kangaroo is likely to be connected to the so called “humane” government sanctioned cull currently taking place”.

Animal Liberation ACT opposes the ongoing government sanctioned culls. Ms Drew emphasised that “kangaroos are shot at night and far from any welfare inspectors. Shots often do not hit their lawful target, which is the animal’s brain, and young kangaroos die slowly of exposure and starvation without their mothers. Also, joeys are taken from their shot mothers’ pouches and then killed by decapitation. The ACT Government has given no compelling reason or evidence as to why the slaughter needs to continue”.


Canberra Frontline Action

Animal Liberation ACT would like to thank local and interstate activists for helping with the kangaroo kill campaign this year. The combination of activists have put in a 24 hour patrol of every nature park on the ACT’s kill list and is ready to act at the first sight of shooting. Thanks to Australian Society for Kangaroos, Wildlife Rescuers Victoria, WRES, and many other activists from the ACT, NSW and SA. Because of this support we have been able to stop and interrupt the kangaroo kill for several nights.

A 24 hour patrol of every nature park on the ACT's kill list and is ready to act at the first sigh of shooting. This team is made up of ASK, Animal Liberation ACT, Wildlife Rescuers Victoria, WRES, and many other very dedicated front line activists from the ACT NSW and South Australia.If you would like to help in some way with this please contact Lara on 0402 599 293 or


Lodge your Protest

Remember to lodge your protest against the ACT Government’s ongoing destruction of kangaroos and joeys. Politicians may not always read letters but they do count them. Please write to Katy Gallagher.
ACT Chief Minister- Katy Gallagher
Phone :(02) 6205 0840