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Saudi Princess seeking political asylum in Britain

Republished from PressTV. See also: Saudi Arabia's Princess Sara claims asylum in the UK of 8 July in The Telegraph, Russia should demand regime change in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, ... of 8 July, Kofi Annan: International Community Has Failed Syria of 8 July by Tony Cartalucci in Land Destroyer, Saudi regime forces kill two demonstrators in Eastern Province, Bahrainis rally to support Shia cleric detained in Saudi Arabia, Protesters to gather outside Saudi Embassy in London of 9 July in PressTV.

Editorial comment: The Saudi Arabian monarchy, from which Princess Sara is seeking asylum, is one of the Arab dictatorships which is supplying weapons and funds to the terrorist mass-killers of the so-called "Free Syrian Army". Should these Saudi/Israeli/NATO proxies win in Syria, the conditions from which Princess Sara fled will be the conditions that Syrian women will also have to endure.

Saudi Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdul Aziz (pictured) is seeking political asylum in Britain, alleging physical and mental abuse at the hands of Saudi authorities.

"I've been physically abused. I've been mentally abused. My assets have been frozen," she said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph at a secret location in London.

She said that she was assaulted outside the Saudi embassy in London by an official, who tried to grab her arm.

"I am very scared right now," said the princess. "They know I can't go back now. There is a threat. That's a slap in the face of the Kingdom."

The embassy has turned down the princess' extended stay request in coordination with British authorities.

On Friday, her lawyers notified the Home Office of her intention to seek asylum.

Her allegations must be assessed by UK officials so the 38-year-old can be offered a safe haven, in spite of Saudi authorities' insistence on her return.

The princess went to the UK in 2007 after she fell out with her 80-year-old father Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

She also claimed that she has been subjected "to a litany of serious crimes, including threats, assault, an attempted kidnapping, and the attempted abduction of my children."

The motives are political, she argued.

"I am a threat because I am a reformer from within. My way is the modern Islamic way," she told the paper.

The political asylum request, which came weeks after the death of her uncle and main supporter Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, who was an opponent of her father, offers an insight into the tensions within the Saudi royal family.

Political analysts have predicted that the kingdom will experience instability in the near future as the poor health among the aging royal family augments the power vacuum amid a wave of protests over the persisting brutal crackdown on the Saudi people.


The following is a response to comments about the conflict in Syria on Professor John Quiggin's Weekend Reflections:

Katz @ 28 wrote:

Perhaps, Arabs are victims of false consciousness, ...

A good many Arabs may be the victims of 'false consciousness' but no less so than people in Western industrialised countries who largely accept the lies they are fed by newspapers such as the Melbourne Age which commenced its deceitful reporting of the Houla massacre of the 25 May with the report More than 90 massacred: Syrian activists. This and the Age's subsequent reporting of the Houla massacre and the Syrian conflict were shown to be lies by this report in the Franfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung of Syrien- Eine Auslöschung (Syria - an Extinction, English translation here) of 13 June 2012. This report shows that the massacre was not carried out by the Syrian Army or Police as was alleged by the Western newsmedia, but by the NATO backed Syrian insurgents.

Katz @ 30 wrote:

In Syria the regime will stay as long as they can stomach killing large numbers of people. ...

No government can defend itself against a terrorist insurgency sponsored by outside dictatorships and prospective colonisers, without killing people. In fact, if you examine the evidence, you will see that the Assad Government, its police and Army have behaved with extraordinary humanity given the circumstances they faced. Until a few months ago, they avoided bombing residential areas. However, they had to change this policy because of the supply of sophisticated anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to the terrorists.

The people who are fomenting the terrorist insurgency are no different than those who invaded Libya last year causing 30,000 deaths and the plunder of Libya's oil wealth by Western oil corporations, and, before that, the criminal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan in which many hundreds of thousands of people died. The lies being peddled by the Western newsmedia and phony human rights organisations such a Amnesty International and Avaaz are no less lies than were the lies used to justify the invasions of Iraq in 1991 and 2003, namely the Incubator Babies lie and Iraqi WMD's

Syria's ruling minority Ba'ath Party under President Bashar al-Assad will do just like Saddam Hussein's ruling minority Ba'ath Party.
It is an ethnic religious civil war between the al-Assed's minority 12% Shia (Alawite, Twelvers, and Ismailis) and mainly the 74% Sunni muslims.

I can't see the UN, USA, Arab States intervening until the protesting 74% have either given up, fled or are killed.
Since there are a few million souls, cynically I expect the media reports of massacres to be continuing for many years.
Readers will tire of the same news, so it will likely fade from the front pages.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region

Editorial comment: At the elections held earlier this year, the overwhelming majority of Syrians, who defied terrorist death threats to cast a vote, voted for Assad, giving him an outright majority of 51% of all Syrians casting votes for him. Could you please cite the sources upon which you base your claim that only 12% of Syrians support Assad?

I am so encouraged by this incredibly brave woman to be breaking away from her culture and her country and speaking up for what is right. She is definitely a light in a very dark time showing a better way for them all to be. I pray she will be given asylum (and Julian Assange too!). And I also pray that more Muslim women have the courage to speak out for their rights as Islam is an horrifically repressive regime for women and children.

Editor's comment: Thank you, Menkit, for expressing your support of Princess Sara. Regarding Julian Assange, I recommend you read what the Syrian Girl (who features in the candobetter article Young Syrian patriot fights corporate media lies against her homeland of 10 May) has to say about him. Whilst he appears to be a beacon of truth amidst a global storm of deceit, the information supposedly leaked by him, in fact, helps the New World Order propagandists. I suggest you also look at Webster Tarpley's broadcast embeded on Veterans Today.