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women's rights

Women’s Rights in Syria - by Mark Taliano

Syrian women are helping to save Syria and all of humanity against the scourge of Western-supported terrorism. The Canadian government, [ editor: and others, including Australia's, supporting the US-NATO agenda] on the other hand, is destroying women’s rights (and all human rights) in Syria and beyond.  If the truth were ever accepted by broad-based populations, then our government, led by those who project progressive fronts, would be exposed as the misogynist, life-hating rot that it is.

Saudi Princess seeking political asylum in Britain

Saudi Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdul Aziz (pictured) is seeking political asylum in Britain, alleging physical and mental abuse at the hands of Saudi authorities.

Editorial comment: The Saudi Arabian monarchy, from which Princess Sara is seeking asylum, is one of the Arab dictatorships which is supplying weapons and funds to the terrorist mass-killers of the so-called "Free Syrian Army". Should these Saudi/Israeli/NATO proxies win in Syria, the conditions from which Princess Sara fled will be the conditions that Syrian women will also have to endure.

Republished from PressTV. See also: Saudi Arabia's Princess Sara claims asylum in the UK of 8 July in The Telegraph, Russia should demand regime change in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, ... of 8 July, of 8 July in , Kofi Annan: International Community Has Failed Syria of 8 July by Tony Cartalucci in Land Destroyer, Saudi regime forces kill two demonstrators in Eastern Province, Bahrainis rally to support Shia cleric detained in Saudi Arabia, Protesters to gather outside Saudi Embassy in London of 9 July in PressTV.

Anti-Growth Lobby: Women in politics: why don't more participate - or do they? (Melbourne, Australia)

This article was adapted from a radio program I hosted on 3RPP with Jenny Warfe as my guest, called "Women in Politics, Why don't more participate?" The program found that participation rates depend on definition. Indeed, we found that women dominate politics in Victoria, Australia - they just don't draw salaries. Inside we look at three classical theories for why women participate less in politics than men; argue that the Real Politics are outside Parliament, (Indian theory); give examples of Victorian women in politics outside Melbourne's parliament; analyse these women's political roles as more reactive and militant than planned-for and careerist. We also note that women led the French Revolution and we ask, "Are Female environmental activists in Victoria leading a new political movement?"

2011: International Women's Day celebrations at Rye, Victoria, Australia

International Women's Day will once again be celebrated in all its darkness and its lightness at the Women's House at 3 Lyons Street Rye, on 8 March 2011. As usual there will be debates with women at the microphone. This time a feature will be women and Sharia Law. Known as "That Purple Place," the Women's Resource Centre was founded in 1982 by Elida Radig, a local and international tower of strength and force for good in Australia. Elida is also known for her creation of the Women's House program, where different female voices present "Freewaves" on 3RPP, Thursdays, 3-4pm. Rye Victoria's Women's Resource Centre is one of very few totally independent forces for women. It receives no government funding but is self-supporting, mostly through sales at its second hand store, which is one of the best loved in Victoria. There is also a cafe on the premises. The centre also provides hands-on support for women and their children in crisis.

CBC interviews Julia Whitty on The Last Taboo

Is the last taboo the issue of human overpopulation? Or is it challenging the fem-left, which having torpedoed the Cairo Conference on population some 16 years ago continues to thwart debate on effective birth control measures and consigns sustainability to the back seat behind women's rights?

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