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Unlimited immigration to Australia

According to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, at 30 June 2010, an estimated 566 815 New Zealand citizens were present in Australia. Total departures to Australia were a record 53,900 departures, offset by14,000 arrivals from Australia.
Already there are unlimited temporary sponsored working visas to Australia. These "temporary" workers are then allowed, after 4 years, to apply for PR. New Zealanders can enter Australia unlimited. Business-savvy migrants with at least $5 million to invest in Australia can apply for new investor visas from November.

Unlimited New Zealanders

Under various arrangements since the 1920s, there has been a free flow of people between Australia and New Zealand.

The 1973 Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement has allowed Australian and New Zealand citizens to enter each other's country to visit, live and work, without the need to apply for authority to enter the other country.

According to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, at 30 June 2010, an estimated 566 815 New Zealand citizens were present in Australia.

Clifford Hayes, Victorian Senate candidate for the new Stable Population Party, said rapid growth was worsening urban congestion and damaging the environment. Australia's population grew by 1.4 per cent to reach 22.5 million by the end of last year.

Cr Hayes, who is deputy mayor of Bayside Council, said more than 50,000 New Zealanders moved to Australia during the past year.
He said the deal that allows unlimited trans-Tasman migration should be abolished.

Call to Stem Kiwi tide as States Head Count Surges- Herald Sun

Total departures to Australia were a record 53,900 departures, offset by14,000 arrivals from Australia. In both directions, most migrants were Kiwis. They seek higher wages and a better standard of living, thus creating a political issue for the National government, which vowed to reverse the trend.

From the data gathered the findings suggest that the Amendment to the TransTasman Travel Agreement has had a number of negative impacts on the Pacific Islander and Maori population in South East Queensland. The younger generation experience barriers to education, which constrains employment opportunities and exacerbates social problems within families, communities and broader Australia.

Out of Reach, Out of Sight : Unequal Opportunities across the Tasman. Tove Andersson, Rebecca Latta, Jeremy Leonard and Jordan Stock . University of Queensland.

457 Working Visas

Already there are unlimited temporary sponsored working visas to Australia. These "temporary" workers are then allowed, after 4 years, to apply for PR. New Zealanders can enter Australia unlimited.

This 457 visa allows a business to employ someone from outside Australia in a skilled job in Australia. If you hold this visa, you can:
- work in Australia for up to four years
- bring your family with you (people who may not be skilled)
- travel in and out of Australia as often as you want

The 457 visa is Australia’s principal long-term working visa, and as such is the favoured means among Australian employers looking to bring on skilled offshore talent, or individuals who want to work temporarily in Australia.

The 457 visa program is demand driven and therefore uncapped (unlimited in the number of visas the government can approve) and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) "Centres of Excellence" who process these applications prioritise quick processing so that Australian businesses can access the skilled workers they need from overseas without delay through the visa process.

Immigration Program: record numbers, city bound

At the time of the 2012 May Budget announcements the Labor Government indicated that there would be a further increase in the permanent-entry program from 163,000 in 2010–11 and 185,000 in 2011–12 to 190,000 in 2012–13.

The skilled program includes points-tested, state-sponsored, business-sponsored and employer-sponsored migrants. The humanitarian program is likely to add another 14,000. These categories add to 204,000, which is the highest annual permanent entry level since World War Two.

This record-high intake will occur at the same time as the Labor Government is permitting employers to sponsor an unlimited number of temporary entry 457 visa holders.

(The 2012–13 immigration program: record numbers, city-bound Bob Birrell and Genevieve Heard. Centre for Population and Urban Research , Monash University, May 2012)

Their conclusion:

The Government’s migration program is out-of-date. It is now part of the problem. The new circumstances require a smaller and better targeted intake, which delivers scarce skills to the industries and locations which really need them. The rest of the program should be culled until the current employment crisis is over.

With little industry in Australia, and heavy reliance on the now-peaked mining industries, wealth creation and revenue raising has resorted to actually poaching not only skilled from Asia and developing nations, but the wealthy too. It assumes that Australia has unlimited natural resources to plunder, and that any population pressures, infrastructure shortages and costs of living can simply be passed onto voters who will bear the brunt of this excessive welcome to Australia of unlimited numbers of foreigners.

Discussing of population has been (almost) successively squashed by political correctness, and any criticism of our immigration levels - mostly from Asia - is often unreasonably deemed "racist" and "xenophobic".

We face challenging times ahead, with a changing climate and managing natural resource depletions. Adding more people is a sign that those who have their bums on seats in our political power-houses have little appreciation of Nature, planetary threats, social justice issues, and the pressures on our social and environmental structures that are exacerbated by increasing populations.

Australia is being wrecked by an environmentally bankrupt administration. They imagine that Australia is no more than an Economy, and our economy can survive, despite a sterile and depleted environment, overwhelmed by concrete housing, urban sprawl and the multiple demands of growing human numbers.

False assumptions

Birrell and Heard conclude that the Labor government has acted on two assumptions. One is that the minerals boom will require a huge increase in skilled workers who must be drawn in part from migration. The other is that, as a consequence of the resources boom, the rest of the Australian economy will surge, generating a nation-wide shortage of skilled workers.

The first of these assumptions is correct, but not the second. DIAC’s skilled visas are structured on the assumption that there are nation-wide shortages of skilled workers and that employers everywhere should be allowed to sponsor 457s and permanent migrants in any skilled occupation, industry or location in Australia. As a result most of the migrants in the record-high intake planned will end up in East coast cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne. They will add to the stresses of Australian workers struggling to find work in a weak labour market.

It's also tunnel-vision thinking – the jobs market, skills supply and economic development do not embrace democratic considerations, housing, costs of living pressure, environmental impacts, human footprints, and social/economic implications for existing Australians.

New Business migration

Business-savvy migrants with at least Got $5 million? Here's a visa - The Age can apply for new investor visas from November. The investment visas were announced in May and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen released what the conditions were on Wednesday.

People can submit expressions of interest through SkillSelect from November 24.

Australia seen as a refuge in a troubled world

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is uncovering record numbers of fraudulent weddings and spouse claims being made by visa cheats in order to gain Australian citizenship.

The Herald Sun recently reported details of DIAC's efforts to find and act upon the fraudulent claims:
Immigration report reveals Former foreign students switched visas in a bid to stay in Australia

More than 1300 overseas-born partners have been sent packing in the past four years after their relationships with Australian residents and citizens were exposed as lies - 406, or eight a week, in the past year alone.

Given the increasing value of an Australian visa in a troubled world and the massive interest in coming to Australia it is high time that we raised the bar, Monash University immigration expert Bob Birrell said.

 Immigration officials granted 45,150 partner visas in the past year, almost 20,000 more than 15 years ago.

Australia is assumed to be a repository, a safe haven, and unlimited resource for jobs, housing, food, and immune from the world's increasing problems – caused largely by human overpopulation.


Eight people have been arrested and six police injured after protesters clashed with police in Sydney's CBD.

The NSW premier says the violence at a Sydney Islamic protest is an 'unacceptable face of multiculturalism'.

THE Prime Minister and NSW Premier have condemned yesterday's violent Islamic protest that has horrified the nation, saying it represented 'the unacceptable face of multiculturalism' and was not 'the Australian way'.

A child with a poster demanding that those who insult Mohammed should be beheaded is particularly chilling. "I absolutely condemn the violence that we saw yesterday on the streets of Sydney," Ms Gillard said. "There is never any excuse for violent behaviour.

Meanwhile Barry O'Farrell told Sky News: "What we saw yesterday was the unacceptable face of multiculturalism," "I'm just horrified by what I saw."
Mr Abbott said newcomers to Australia were not expected to surrender their heritage but were expected to surrender their hatreds. Maybe fostering hatred is part of their heritage?

While some people of Muslim background may be shrinking in horror of the violence, the big picture of global Islam is one of dis-rest, violence and disruption. This is not about The Salvation Army, Orthodox Jews, or Buddhists.

There are cracks appearing in the great and lofty ideal of multiculturalism. Not only have some European leaders pronounced the “end of multiculturalism,” but some governments have challenged the Schengen agreement, by bringing back border checks in response to the influx of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East.

On 14th August a group of Muslims living in Norway, called Ansar al-Sunna, expressed their desire not to mix with infidels "and your dirty values ??and attitudes", including women allowed to walk around "half-naked", promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse. They requested to be handed over a largely Muslim neighbourhood in Oslo, Grønland, "which we can control completely with our own ministers, border guards, police and legal system governed by Sharia law, and prohibit the wickedness you stand for which is contrary to Allah's Laws".

Multiculturalism assumes that people can leave their past religious and political alliances, contrary to ours, but at the same time cherry-pick those that are acceptable to continue? People come with packages, and the amount of discernment needed is beyond what humans are capable of.

It was clear the very nature of British society was being changed by a new kind of uncontrolled mass immigration — and without the British people ever having been asked whether they supported the policy.

Read more:

UK Communities Secretary Eric Pickles plans to signal an end to the policy of multiculturalism. Instead, children will be educated in a "common culture".

Read more:

500,000 unchecked people were let in to Britain via Eurostar between 2007 and last year, while countless so-called students were just nodded through. Former Labour Home Office and Downing Street adviser revealed that mass immigration was a deliberate policy by the Left to change the social fabric of the country and to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’.

Immigrants will be expected to learn English and understand the British way of life, the government was due to say today when it unveiled its new strategy on integration. He says. "If we are to remain a country where people of different backgrounds feel at ease and get along, we need more confidence in our national traditions".

The bogus notion of multiculturalism was designed to open the door to mass immigration, and end national unity, common values, assumed normal lifestyles, and support population growth. It assumes people can be united by their differences, rather than by their common backgrounds and collective national memories and values.

Editorial comment: Whilst the writer is correct to be concerned about high immigration and the corrupting influence of multiculturalism, in recent years most Moslems in Syria and Lebanon have set an example in tolerance that is not often matched by Christians. This includes the defence of Syrian Christians against fundamentalist Islamist terrorists, funded by the US, NATO, Arab dictatorships and Israel, by the Government of President Bashar al-Assad. President al-Assad is an Alawite Moslem. More information can be found on Global Research and the YouTube Channel of the Syrian Girl.

Oh come on for Gods sake, can't you see all this chaos has been set up by the Yanks to try and paint the Muslims as terrorists and trouble makers, and gives the Western governments more excuses to clamp down on their fairy tale terrorism stories, and tighten the belt on the human race and bring us all under ever increasing control? ... 9/11 was a set up ... Bin Laden was created by the Yanks and Al Qaeda a fairy tale ... Orwell's prediction is here ... All chaos in the world now is created by Governments ...

Muslims living in Australia are the result of immigration or our refugee/humanitarian program. The problem is of multiculturalism, of the expectation that all immigrants can retain their allegiances to their nations of origin, their identity, their culture and religion and at the same time be "Australian". There are always attacks on Christianity, and insults to Jesus. The churches usually ignore them, or protest without causing social discord, violence or loud demonstrations. We live in an increasingly secular world, due corruption within churches, multiculturalism, loss of identity with our past and a fragmented society. These are harsh times, and Jesus predicted persecution and the "end times". However, Christians don't feel the need to violently defend Jesus to such extremes. Unlike Mohommed, Jesus doesn't ultimately need our approval, as he is Lord, Creator, Himself.

All the chaos in the world will be created by poor governments, lack of social order and social justice, yes, but also by draconian, oppressive beliefs and regimes. While most muslims arriving in Australia are "moderate", there's always the danger of fostering extremist elements.

Humans, by their very nature, like to associate with like-minded people with common ancestry, common ideals, or with people who make an effort to be friendly, and "fit in". Some diversity is stimulating, but when new-comers cause threat and have violent displays of allegiances to foreign deities and foreign powers, then there's an obvious problem of dis-integration. We end up with a group of mono-cultures rather than harmonious multiculturalism. The dodgy and offensive film was produced in the US, not Australia. The film got forgotten about in the riots.

Never before on our planet do we need a steady-state, stable population, and a sustainable future to preserve our fragile "life boat" - Earth. The drive of greedy super-powers, like the US, for natural resources and energy is a global, unstabilizing threat.

Shuffling people around the planet, in such radical and unstable times, is a formula for disruption, conflict, inequitable demand for resources as more people struggle for survival - and a future.

See also: "The Innocence of Muslims" : Blasphemy as a Political Tactic of 15 Sep 2102 by Thierry Meyssan. Editorial comment: It's instructive that some of the very same political groups which push for high immigration and multiculturalism also support wars by the US and its allies against muslims. This includes support, by the phony UK socialist group Workers' Liberty, for the invasion of Libya and the current terrorist war against Syria by the US and its allies.

There are the forces who have long opposed the rule of Assad based on faith. Assad is an Alawite, a mystical sect based on Shiite Islam that held most of the ruling offices as a minority in Syria. Nearly three-quarters of Syrians are Sunni, and some consider the Alawites to be non-Islamic.

In Iraq around 60% of all Christians have fled. Also, in Saudi Arabia not one single Christian church or Buddhist temple is allowed. Ten million Coptic Christian minority in Egypt now faces greater Sharia Islamic law and persecution. The iron grip of religious extremism is an wakening force, being propagated by illegal wars.

Syria of Assad is a place where Alawites, the Druze, Christians, Sunni Muslims, secularists, socialists, and others, are (were) part and parcel of society. Also, Afghanistan and Iraq were SECULAR societies which were overthrown by America and its allies. Egypt is now entering a stage of GROWING Sharia Islamic law and anti-Christian persecution. The Obama administration WELCOMED the demise of more liberal forces which have been replaced by the “radical Sunni Islamic Arab Spring.”

Syria which was multi-ethnic and multi-religious and secular – but then Obama insisted on supporting an opposition which isn’t unified and whereby radical Sunni Islamists were waiting in the wings in order to take power. This is despite the fact that this nation, Syria, was LIGHT-YEARS ahead of pro-Western supported nations like Saudi Arabia – with their religious Sharia laws. Syria shames nations like Turkey where Christians and Alevi Muslims suffer such blatant discrimination.

Assad and the government of Syria are fighting to maintain the sovereignty of Syria and the military of this nation, which is multi-religious. The losers are always moderate and secular Muslims, and Christians, such as those who make up the vast majority of Palestinians and Syrians. There's hatred for Assad’s minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam that some Sunnis reject as not being Islamic at all.

Those battling the secular Bashar al-Assad regime are NOT trying to create a “democracy” with “human rights” for all. Instead, they are waging so-called "holy war,” to build an Islamic dictatorship under Sharia law as part of an emerging international Muslim system. As The New American and several other sources, including U.S. officials, have documented for months, a large percentage of the Western establishment-backed fighters are actually openly affiliated with al-Qaeda.

U.S.-backed Syrian Opposition Linked to Bilderberg, CFR, Goldman Sachs & George Soros of 16 Jul 2012 at

Financiers of the slaughter — Western governments, Arab dictatorships, and wealthy elites — will almost certainly escape accountabilty.

More than 20,000 people have been killed since the start of the conflict and over 250,000 have fled Syria, according to the U.N.

Read more: Human Rights Group Says Syrian Opposition Committing War Crimes of 17 Sep 2012 at

Around half of the rebel fighters in Syria are foreign Islamists who aren’t interested in toppling the Assad regime. Instead, they’re seeking to implement SHARIA LAW throughout the country, according to a prominent French doctor.

­The co-founder of the medical charity Doctors Without Borders, Jacques Beres, discovered some interesting information while treating Syrian rebels in the besieged city of Aleppo. He says the fighters aren’t focused on the fall of the Assad regime. Instead, they have their eyes on a different kind of prize – implementing SHARIA LAW throughout the country.

According to all contemporary schools of Islamic jurisprudence, converting to another religion is a crime punishable by death, in accordance with the Prophet Muhammad's command: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” All around the Muslim world, an assertive, combative, and expansionist Islam is newly energized. A mass exodus of thousands of Christians from Syria is taking place, even as mainstream Western reporters like Robert Fisk demonize those same Christians for being supportive of the secular regime.

The 2011 State Department Annual Report on International Religious Freedom refused to list Egypt as “a country of particular concern,” even as Christians and others were being murdered, churches destroyed, and girls kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. The Obama administration played politics by failing to acknowledge this terrorist behavior.

Read more on Obama Overlooks Christian Persecution of 24 May 2012

Never before in the history of our planet is peace more important. Overpopulation, draconian monotheism, rising enforcement of sharia laws, declining democracies, and religious intolerance is an awakening deep set powers and rebellion, and spreading the dis-ease of unrest. It fosters rebellion, hatred, suffering, division and persecution.

According to a survey commissioned by the German Marshall Fund of the U.S., anxiety about immigration is more acute in Britain than in any other European country surveyed. And, as in the rest of Europe, in Britain—where the Muslim population has increased by seventy-four per cent, from 1.6 million to an estimated 2.8 million since 2001—concern about immigration is often a euphemism for concern about Islam.

Read more England, Their England - The failure of British multiculturalism and the rise of the Islamophobic right. of 4 July 20123 at

The great "multicultural" ideal of people from different cultural/ethnic/religious/idealistic/political backgrounds being able to celebrate their differences, but overwhelm the mainstream nation's culture and at the same time live harmoniously with "diversity" is being questioned. It's an oxymoron - to be a nation based on differences! Global forces inevitably infiltrate and disrupt and spill over within nations.

The drive for energy, economic growth and power is prying open forces against human rights and tolerance. Moreover, the U.S. economic woes are part of a growing world economic crisis. The Bush Doctrine of promoting economic growth and economic freedom promises to help countries facing economic crisis and to help countries prevent them, but the administration's actions show that it will use economic crises to push the interests of American capitalism.