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Planning reform (Backlash) candidates in Local Government Elections, Victoria - list

UPDATED Oct 18 Inside is list of names of people running for local councils in Victoria who are members of groups affiliated with Planning Backlash. The list was compiled by Mary Drost, convenor of Planning Backlash, who says it represents 14 councils and it the total she has so far.

This list of names of people running for council who are members of groups affiliated with Planning Backlash. It has been compiled by Mary Drost, who says that there could be more, but those are the ones she has received to date. Mary Drost is the convenor of Planning Backlash, an umbrella group of people from groups trying to get more democracy about planning in local government. At least some of these candidates will have an awareness of overpopulation. Clifford Hayes is also a candidate for Sustainable Population Party of Australia.

Mary Drost writes, "The number of Planning Backlash friendly candidates has now reached 50 in 20 councils. This list is of those who are members of resident groups concerned about the bad development that we are having forced on us. Party politics do not come into it and we certainly hope that those who do get into council listen to the residents who put them there and not to any party policy."

(The comments below about possum-friendliness are not the views of Planning Backlash but of wildlife friendly readers of candobetter.)

Updated list from 18 October 2012 (twice)

Clifford Hayes - Bayside

Michael Norris - Bayside South Ward

Tony Michael - Boroondara Cotham Ward

Jane Addis - Boroondara Maling Ward

Ian Quick - Boroondara Lynden Ward

Catherine Manning - Cardinia

Lynette Keleher - Casey - River Gum Ward

Craig Walters - Darebin - Cazaly Ward

Don Dunstan - Glen Eira - Rosstown Ward

Cheryl Forge - Glen Eira - Camden Ward

Frankston Penalluriack - Glen Eira - Camden Ward

Trevor Dance - Hume City - Jacksons Creek Ward

Rosemary West - Kingston Central Ward

Trevor Shewan - Kingston

Anthony Searle - Knox Baird Ward

Stephen O’Brien - Manningham Koonung Ward

Jennifer Yang - Manningham Koonung Ward

Magdi Khalil - Manningham Koonung Ward

Ed O’Flynn - Manningham Heidi Ward

Paul McLeish - Manningham Mullum Mullum Ward

Dot Haynes - Manningham

Brian Whitefield - Macedon Ranges Shire South Ward

Jackie Watts - Melbourne Carlton Residents

Kevin Chamberlain - Melbourne Nth & West Melb Residents

Michael Kennedy - Melbourne Eastenders

Michele Anderson - Melbourne Docklands

Susan O’Brien - Melbourne Southbank

Chan Cheah - Monash Mulgrave Ward

Des Olin - Monash Mulgrave Ward

Damian Lobo - Monash Glen Waverley Ward

Martin Forster - Moreland South Ward!/martin.forster.1422

Dr Derham Groves - Moreland South Ward

Leigh Eustace - Mornington Peninsula - Briars Ward

Peter Holloway - Mornington Peninsula - Seawinds Ward

Heidi Duell - Mornington Peninsula - Nepean Ward

Craig Thomson - Mornington Peninsula - Seawinds Ward

Neale Adams - Mornington Peninsula - Red Hill Ward

David Gibb - Mornington Peninsula - Seawinds Ward

Warwick Leeson - Nilumbik - Sugarloaf Ward

Serge Thomann - Port Phillip (Some complaints that he has done nothing for possums in Catani Gardens and they wish that he would - ed.)

Jane Touzeau - Port Phillip

Peter de Groot - Port Phillip Sandridge Ward

Richard Roberts - Port Phillip Emerald Hill

Catherine Sharples - Port Phillip Albert Park

Ann Birrell - Port Phillip Albert Park

Vanessa Huxley - Port Phillip Carlisle

Mary Gallic - Port Phillip Junction

Matthew Knight - Stonnington

Niall Baird - Whitehorse

Amanda Stone - Yarra Langridge Ward


See info below from PIA re the launch of the new metro planning strategy discussion paper at a symposium on Fri.Oct.26 with a free morning session. If enough people sign up for this free session, they’ll offer us a cut-price for the rest of the day – see below in large print.

But people need to indicate an interest by this Friday 19th.

Mat in the PIA office says this offer is definitely happening and the discount will be “significant”, so as many people as possible should at least try and sign up for this free morning session.

The symposium is at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The flyer link is Planning org documents

Speakers include Guy and Rob Adams. Adams happens to be the Vice Chair of the Urbanisation Council of the World Economic Forum, and this is what they say about increasing urbanization:

"Humanity is rapidly urbanizing, but will its cities be ready? In the face of historic worldwide migration that could lead to 80% of all people living in urban areas by 2050, cities will be hard-pressed to provide basic urban services. Clean water, efficient transportation and reliable electricity cannot be ensured in the future for any city - rich or poor - without massive investments to build or repair infrastructure. In almost all urban areas, decisions on allocating resources for infrastructure will shape the options available for other urban concerns: public health, crime and economic development."

Not my idea of a sustainable future.....

According to an email today from Mary Drost, of Planning Backlash, Planning Minister, Matthew Guy has now agreed to put on a free session for residents of the new metro planning strategy discussion paper. Mary asked him to put on a session where residents could have input. She reports that he says that the paper is in draft form currently as a discussion paper and that residents can have an influence on the end result. Another session projected for Friday October 26th is geared mostly to professionals and charges around $400 per seat. Mary Drost is to be congratulated in persevering with the Minister, who appears to be making an effort to accommodate residents in this matter, and should be acknowledged for this.

Candobetter Ed. Note however that it is only our system that makes it so unusual for citizens to be consulted. The real order of things should put citizens first, and in charge of what contractors and private companies carry out in terms of infrastructure , with the Minister, of course, their cheerful servant..

The Weekly Times: 18th October.

VICTORIA'S best farmland is set to be swallowed by urban development as Australia's population grows to 40 million by 2050. Australian Farm Institute chief executive Mick Keogh said decentralisation was a live issue as Australia debated how to deal with population growth and how much should occur.

Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy said the Government was funding new regional growth plans. These would allow "high-level strategic planning across regional areas to identify areas for food production".

Our population growth is NOT inevitable, but a political policy, a political choice. It's driven by high levels of immigration, increasing by stealth since John Howard's years. "Planning" has morphed into a political policy for allowing and encouraging population growth. An economy that is driven by perpetual growth is unsustainable. When will the growth stop? There can be no turning back. It means continually accepting increasing environmental problems, higher costs for energy, water and food, and loosening of environmental policies. We are really a small nation in a big, vast and expansive inland desert. This reality seems to evade our politicians.

Digging up farm land for housing is like mindless, brainless bacteria enjoying their breeding and eating, but blissfully ignorant of the future, and that their sources of food is finite. This problem falls into the portfolio of Minister for "Sustainable" Population Tony Burke - but he remains mute and in his silent comfort-zone. He is also the Minister for the Environment, so he must be guiltily aware of the limits to growth, and environmental threats.

The planet's population is expected to swell to 10 billion by the end of the century, yet Australian politicians are living in a bubble of deliberate ignorance, and still in the post-war mode of using population growth for "economic growth"

From Urban growth threatens farmland of 18 Oct 2012 by Leslie White & Kate Dowler at

This article outlines how Greens on Moreland council voted against mandatory heights for Brunswick, and ditto voted against residents' notification, objection and appeal rights for the whole of the Brunswick Activity Centre.
Party politics have no place in running a council. Councillors should listen to the residents not Spring Street. The scandal happening right now in Moreland is the result. Voters should check the policies of any parties candidates represent. Disappointing for a party to be against mandatory height control when people everywhere are crying out for it and we finally have a government prepared to give it if you want it. For years we have been fighting Melbourne 2030 which has been responsible for the development disasters across Melbourne, allowing anything anywhere.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHO YOU VOTE FOR, the future of your city depends on it.

Melbourne planning strategy preparations

Get Involved

Throughout the development of the new Metropolitan Planning Strategy we will be seeking views from the community, councils, industry, and other stakeholders on a range of issues.  Your feedback will be used to help plan Melbourne’s future and we encourage you to get involved. 

Have Your Say on the Discussion Paper

The Victorian Coalition Government's Ministerial Advisory Committee has prepared a Discussion Paper called "Melbourne, let's talk about the future".  The paper was released by the Minister for Planning to prompt debate around the challenges and ideas for Melbourne's future.  The Committee raises many interesting ideas for you to consider and there are a number of ways for you to provide feedback:

Feedback on the Discussion Paper close on Friday 1 March 2013.

If you would like to make your comments in writing please email to request a copy of the submission template.

Next Steps - Draft Strategy

Building on the feedback from the previous consultation and further research, a draft strategy will be prepared. The draft strategy is expected to be released for comment in Autumn 2013.