Qld Health staff doctored tooth decay data used in decision to force fluoridation

Queenslanders against Water Fluoridation news alert

Saturday, 23 February 2008

This alert is to inform Queensland Members of Parliament and others, that Queensland Health staff have doctored tooth decay rates data used in the decision making process and the massive fluoridation advertising promotions.

A delegation to the Queensland Premier, Health Minister and Chief Health Officer on the 12th Feb made them aware of this situation, however it appears that this is being ignored by the Premier and that Legislation that has its basis in fraudulent data will be rammed through Parliament on Tuesday 26th Feb.

Premier Bligh's announcement on 5th Dec that she had made the decision to force fluoridation was hilighted by comparison of tooth decay rates ( but using data only from baby teeth ) between Townsville and Brisbane and led into newspaper advertisements which stated " In Townsville, water supplies have been fluoridated since 1964, resulting in 65% less tooth decay in children than those in Brisbane " additionally "... fluoride is proven safe and effective."

Examination of the source of the data used reveals that Qld Health staff have changed results from " teeth surfaces " to " teeth " a four to five fold difference (teeth each have 4 or 5 surfaces depending on the type of tooth) leading to a false and exaggerated impression of tooth decay favouring fluoridated Townsville. Brisbane children were falsely shown as having 2 more decayed baby teeth than Townsville children, when in reality, averaged out, it would have been only a fraction of a tooth . The data from permanent teeth in children aged 6 to 12 years old which was available but not used by Qld Health, showed on average only a tiny fraction of a tooth difference in decay rates.

Queensland Health also portrayed that the data is from 1996 when in fact it is from mid 1991 to 1992 . Queensland Health have refused to acknowledge tooth decay data in permanent teeth from recent Queensland Children's Dental surveys and refused to acknowledge tooth decay data from children's
permanent teeth measured at 12 years of age which is the international standard of comparison. Recent Tooth decay data from permanent teeth shows that Queensland compares favourably to other Australian states.

There is no scientific evidence to show that water fluoridation results in 65 % less tooth decay as Queensland Health claimed. A major Brtish Government commissioned review of water fluoridation done in 2000 by York University found that size of estimated benefit to be only of the order of 15% and additionally that the review did not show water fluoridation to be safe.

Queensland Health staff have illegimately dismissed creditable scientific publications showing links with harm from Osteoscarcoma and other adverse health effects and also recommendations from the Centre for Disease Control that infants under 12 months of age not consume fluoridated water.

Freedom of Information shows that a senior Oral Health advisor to the Health Minister had written in 2006 that there are no scientific studies to prove water fluoridation is safe.

Queensland Health would have spent millions promoting " safety " of water fluoridation in newspaper , radio televison advertising , even in posters in public toilets, yet the 2008 Water Fluoridation Bill assures the
Queensland Government blanket protection from liability.

The Water Fluoridation Act 2008 will give " protection from civil rights and remedies " to any person or corporation involved in water fluoridation. Unless Criminal negligence can be proved, no harmed person will ever be able to bring a case of harm against, or prosecute the State of Queensland, the Minister, any analyst, any official or any person authorised under the Fluoridation Act, or any Water Supplier.

It is contradictory for the Queensland Premier to claim water fluoridation is safe, and then introduce Legislation that forces fluoridation on the population but also prevents any people harmed by it (even by accident) from making a claim against the decision makers or any person authorised under the Act.

We urge the Members of the Parliament of Queensland to vote against this legislation which was based on and promoted by fraudulent data.

For further information contact mob 0418 777 112, , info|AT|qawf.org

Message authorised by Merilyn Haines President

What you can do.

  1. forward this to all your contacts
  2. visit follow "tools for fighting fluoridation" link and use the email links to email all the Qld MPs (copy and paste your own message into the email links
  3. il links
    (3) phone your own MP (phone and FAX numbers in the spreadsheet on ) and request an appointment to see them
  4. phone or FAX the Premier and leave a message that you do not approve of her actions
    Premier's Office: 07 32244500, FAX 07 32213631
  5. send a My Will Letter to your own local Qld MP (download pdf documen from )