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ACT kangaroo cull: Panel intervenes for Australian Society for Kangaroos to apply to injunct

The Panel assembled a legal team of Sydney senior and junior counsel instructed by international law firm, DLA Piper, to apply to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal this afternoon on behalf of Australian Society for Kangaroos to injunct the ACT kangaroo cull due to commence it was thought this evening. During the hearing it was disclosed that the ACT had planned to commence the first round of shooting on Tuesday night.

7 June 2013
In summary, the hearing will resume next Wednesday to determine whether the Australian Society for Kangaroos and another applicant, Animal Liberation ACT, each has standing to sue. The ACT Conservator of Flora and Fauna has undertaken not to commence any killing pending the Tribunal’s determination next Wednesday, 12 June 2013.

The matter has been stood over until 11:00 am next Wednesday, 12 June 2013 for further hearing. The Tribunal made orders that:

the Australian Society for Kangaroos file and serve affidavit evidence by close of business on Tuesday 11 June 2013 in support of its status as an entity, the interests of which are affected by the decision under review, and whether it has the authorisation to commence these proceedings.
the Respondent (the Conservator) is to file and serve affidavit evidence by close of business on Tuesday 11 June 2013 that she (the Conservator) seeks to rely on in response to the application for interim relief.

The Tribunal also noted the undertaking by the ACT Conservator of Flora and Fauna to not commence any killing or activity pursuant to the Licences (all seven) until the Tribunal determines the application for interim orders. Animal Liberation ACT filed a separate application heard at the same time and was represented by a volunteer for the company.


Ironically, there are members of the public calling out "overpopulation" of kangaroos, and damage to woody grasslands, threatened species and erosion. It's as if people are projecting themselves and our own damage and overpopulation onto native animals.

There's no science to support kangaroos being a threat to soils, native plants or animals. Kangaroos are being vilified as invasive pests, akin with feral animals, rather than home-grown animals that have long evolved in Australia.

There's evidence of invasive weeds, livestock damage and rabbits, all of which are being ignored. The kangaroo-phobia is blood-thirsly and illogical. Nobody believes the "scientists" any more than anyone believes in Japan's "research" whaling in the Southern Ocean.

The ACT government is hiding behind "green" or conservation jargon, but the real reason for the "cull" no doubt is much less interesting and pedestrian. The public and the insurance companies and the government road managers are no doubt behind this drive to "cull" the kangaroos.

Once our land is denuded, destroyed by mining, logging, species extinctions, urban sprawl, coal seam gas mining and agriculture, then eventually - after little over 200 years of European settlement - there will be no other "animals" to blame except for ourselves!

According to a property report, there is a $171 million worth of residential building work approved in Bonner, 16 kilometers north of Canberra, which has a population growth rate of 100%, reflecting the relatively new history of this area.

The HIA defines a 'hotspot as a local area where population growth exceeds the national rate (which was 1.6% in the year to June 2012) and where the value of residential building work approved is in excess of $100 million.

A 100% population growth will definitely impact on native grasses and woody grasslands, and threaten flora and fauna. With the immigration tap turned on full blast, housing must continue to spill out over native vegetation and mean more soils are lost and dug up for housing.

With more housing and roads, kangaroos will be a threat to property developers and hinder road access to spreading suburbs. While the public cry "overpopulation" of native kangaroos, rightful inhabitants of their land, human numbers are swelling - and human numbers are a much greater threat as we are top of the apex with regards to environmental consumption, energy and resource usage.

We can only question, why the population growth in Canberra, except for property development as an industry itself without considering jobs. The public sector, diplomatic staff and government departments, are traditionally the reasons for living in Canberra - but their numbers are not increasing?

Again this year the ACT Government has show just how dictatorial they are. The case put before the ACTCAT was once more defeated even though the case against the slaughter was sound and backed up by eminent scientists. But how can anyone win when cases such as this are judged by people on the Government pay roll? Shane Rattenbury should get out of the Greens Party and join the Coalition. His empathy seems to be with his position and pay packet, not animals and the environment.

Those who give their time to opposing this slaughter should be given the highest congratulations, unless you've been there you have no idea what it like for them and yet they do it year after year, they are truly remarkable.