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SPA Victoria AGM 30 July

Speaker - Bob Birrell: "'Why is immigration running at record high levels when unemployment is increasing?"

Population Australia ,

Victorian and
Tasmanian branch


General Meeting
and election of
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2.00p.m. Saturday
July 20th  2013


Guest Speaker:  Dr. Bob Birrell:

Monash University Centre for Population and Urban


'Why is immigration running at record high levels when
unemployment is increasing?



: 336
Whitehorse Rd

Balwyn VIC 3103, Australia

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Contact: Jill Quirk
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This topic would be one ideal for programs like Q&A, and other talk-back shows and the media. We have been trained to be so politcally-correct to be mute when it comes to questioning immigration and population growth! The public are like obedient trained dogs, simply obeying the constraints on thought.

Is it "western" or "white" guilt, that we have these "high" living standards, and "jobs", and we are meant to "share" then with the rest of the world? Or is the ideal and assumption of perpetual economic growth must be pursued at all costs, even at our detriment? Alternatively, are an "immigration nation" and nothing can change this and we are locked into immigration forever- despite logic and empirical evidence that it can't be maintained.

Asylum seekers are debated, but their numbers pale into insignificance compared to our legal immigration rates, and swelling numbers of permanent and temporary migrants. It's treated as inevitable, as natural, rather than government policy. The media will scrutinize other government policies, but not NOM!

Tony Abbot said: "The fact is, people from overseas have made a magnificent contribution to our country. And trying to stir people up against them is the last thing that the Prime Minister should be doing, particularly in western Sydney." (re 457 visa workers taking jobs from Australians)

Gillard-Abbott trade blows in row over foreign workers

Between May 2011 and May 2012. Western Sydney had an employment participation rate of 63.0%, which is lower than the participation rates for Sydney (66.0%) and for NSW (63.6%). In May 2012, almost 26% of employed persons in Western Sydney were working in part-time employment. This was lower than the NSW rate of just over 29%. The Fairfield-Liverpool labour force region had the highest unemployment rate of 9.2%, while the North Western Sydney labour force region had the lowest, at 4.2%. Western Sydney had a youth unemployment rate of 17.9%, slightly higher than the NSW rate of 15.3%.

Western Sydney: An Economic Profile NSW government

What about the "magnificent contribution" Australian born people are making, and trying to make, to our country? They are being overlooked. It's more like people are being amassed as economic units, as fillers for the housing and property industries and as an economic resources for businesses.

People born overseas have taken almost three-quarters of the net growth in full-time jobs in Australia in the past two years, even though they make up just 31 per cent of the adult population

Majority of new jobs go to migrants
This has merely slipped past any media follow-up.

The media should be invited to this event, and thanks to Dr Bob Birrell for taking on this topic.