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Victorian Trades Hall Population Event - Mother - caring for 7 billion - 30 July, 7.30pm

July 30. The film will be introduced by Australian population scientist, Sheila Newman, (Demography, Territory, Law) who will also lead discussion afterwards. Grounded in the theories of social scientist Riane Eisler, the film strives not to blame but to educate, to highlight a different path for humanity. Overpopulation is merely a symptom of an even larger problem - a "domination system" that for most of human history has glorified the domination of man over nature, man over child and man over woman. To break this pattern, the film demonstrates that we must change our conquering mindset into a nurturing one. And the first step is to raise the status of women worldwide.

Sheila Newman, who will be introducing the event, is the author of a new demographic theory book called Demography, territory and Law, the Rules of Animal and Human Populations.

The event is sponsored by Sustainable Population Australia and Arts in Action. You can find out more about it at You can purchase tickets at the door or order them online. Tickets online are $7/$10 BF. At the door tickets will cost $12/$15.


Mother, the film, breaks a 40-year taboo by bringing to light an issue that silently fuels our most pressing environmental, humanitarian and social crises - population growth. In 2011 the world population reached 7 billion, a startling seven-fold increase since the first billion occurred 200 years ago.

Population was once at the top of the international agenda, dominating the first Earth Day and the subject of best-selling books like “The Population Bomb”. Since the 1960s the world population has nearly doubled, adding more than 3 billion people. At the same time, talking about population has become politically incorrect because of the sensitivity of the issues surrounding the topic–religion, economics, family planning and gender inequality. Yet it is an issue we cannot afford to ignore.

Today, nearly 1 billion people still suffer from chronic hunger even though the Green Revolution that has fed billions will soon come to an end due to the diminishing availability of its main ingredients–oil and water. Compounded with our ravenous appetite for natural resources, population growth is putting an unprecedented burden on the life system we all depend on, as we refuse to face the fact that more people equals more problems.

The film illustrates both the over-consumption and the inequity side of the population issue by following Beth, a mother and a child-rights activist as she comes to discover, along with the audience, the thorny complexities of the population issue. Beth – who comes from a large American family of 12 and has adopted an African-born daughter–travels to Ethiopia where she meets Zinet, the oldest daughter of a desperately poor family of 12. Zinet has found the courage to break free from thousand-year-old-cultural barriers, and their encounter will change Beth forever.

Grounded in the theories of social scientist Riane Eisler, the film strives not to blame but to educate, to highlight a different path for humanity. Overpopulation is merely a symptom of an even larger problem - a "domination system" that for most of human history has glorified the domination of man over nature, man over child and man over woman. To break this pattern, the film demonstrates that we must change our conquering mindset into a nurturing one. And the first step is to raise the status of women worldwide.

"Mother: Caring for 7 Billion" features world-renown experts and scientists including biologist Paul Ehrlich, author of “The Population Bomb;" economist Mathis Wackernagel, the creator of the ground-breaking Footprint Network; Malcolm Potts, a pioneer in human reproductive health; and Riane Eisler, whose book “The Chalice and the Blade” has been published in 23 countries.

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"In pre-election phases you won’t hear politicians talking freely about this issue. It can veer too fast and too easily into the anti-immigration lane." Immigration has become intertwined with racism, and political correctness that as a Western country, we must have open borders and "share" our wealth with foreign nations. However, the converse is not expected. Any nation that is "anti-immigration" is a pariah, demonized as being anti-global and selfish!

Denmark is a largely homogenous country has reportedly offered immigrants cash incentives to leave if they cannot assimilate into Danish culture. The incentive was driven by the far-right Danish People's Party, which states on its website that "Denmark is not an immigrant-country and never has been".

In a country where nationals favour a racially unique and homogenous society, the foreign population accounted for only 1.7 percent of the total population in 2010.

Sweden has generously welcomed asylum seekers from the Middle East, but growing unemployment, which sits at 16 percent among foreign residents, and a recent string of violent riots have politicians and citizens questioning its open-door immigration policy.

Migrationwatch UK, a body calling for immigration restrictions, says 36 per cent of housing demand is created by immigrants – 200 new homes a day over the next 25 years. It says the UK will have a population of 70?million by 2028 (it is now 61m), needing a new Birmingham-sized city every three years.

Joseph Chamie: The world is seeing the greatest mobility of people in human history. Hundreds of millions are on the move – many without authorization – to wealthier and growing economies north and south. The consequences of these migration flows are challenging the capacities and finances of government authorities and intergovernmental organizations as well as public attitudes towards immigrants. This human tide is also shifting the political landscape throughout Europe, with mounting public support for anti-immigration legislation and parties of the extreme right.

The Human Tide: Joseph Chamie

While most of Australia's migrants now come from India and China, there's no reciprocal immigration agreements for Australians, if they wanted to, to immigrate there. They would need to at least have a national background, or be married to a national.

California has some of the most varied wildlife habitat on earth, boasting more endemic species than any other state, but rapid population growth imperils this extraordinary biodiversity. Over one-fourth of California’s plants are extinct, rare, endangered, or threatened, and over 150 animals are listed as threatened or endangered.(SOURCE Californians for Population Stabilization)

There a deeply embedded Cornucopia myth that assumes that the planet has a primary duty to prioritize human concerns and accommodate social/political trends above the environment and living ecosystems. The Cornucopia myth embodies the ideal that while other species are capable of overpopulation, and can become "plagues" and pests (even native species), when it comes to humanity, there are no limits to growth, and Nature's goodness and provision is infinite and never-ending! Overpopulation, and "anti-immigration" movements, therefore are misanthropic and "racist" sentiments, denying the immigrants the social justice due to them!

Those condemning of "anti-immigration" movements are thinly disguised upholders of the Cornucopia myth - something that defies science, reality and the finite-ness of our planet Earth.

The human predicament may well be one for which humankind collectively bears responsibility, but each one of us has to engage in an intellectually honest and morally courageous way in the global conversation offered here. The work at hand for "the collective" has got to be done by individuals speaking out, but also by people working within organizations and institutions so that instrumentalities of governance adopt sustainable practices.

Because there is so much to be done, we have no time to waste. Ideas are good but actions are what matter now. We need action not only at the individual level, but also at the local, state, national and international level. This necessary work is impeded because many too many responsible people have chosen willful blindness and elective mutism regarding “the human predicament” confronting all of us rather than electing to speak out about what could somehow be true, according to the lights and scientific knowledge they possess.

What is happening now here is not being sensibly acknowledged and reasonably addressed by virtually all organizations, including the predominant environmental organizations. The limits of the natural world and the necessity for human behavioral changes toward sustainable lifestyles and right-sized corporate enterprises are everywhere passively ignored and actively denied. Business-as-usual activities that are marked by seemingly endless economic and population growth…at all levels… are extolled as virtuous. Consequently, human institutions cannot be changed and the global challenges before "the collective" cannot be overcome.

People in large numbers must begin to speak out regarding what they see. Most are not doing so. I have become scared of people who cannot see what is obvious as well as frightened of people who do see what is happening and yet consciously and deliberately refuse to speak out about what is occurring on our watch.

Truly, this is the great tragedy of our time. ‘The brightest and best’, the silent ones and the vociferous deniers, the ones with unshared knowledge of the human-driven aspects of the global predicament looming ominously before us, are failing science, the children, humanity and all that exists.

This is the first time I've seen this premise - immigration as Ponzi. The problem with - not just immigration debate, but all debate in this dumbed down democracy - is breaking through with clear concepts. If this is your concept you should develop it further on the micro-economics side. There's is clearly an argument that lining the pockets of property developers with rapid immigration growth does nothing for the structural efficiency of the economy at all. It simply delays facing the hard facts of de-industrialisation caused by China. While immigration surges, the broad conventional economic figures are shown to be satisfactory but what is underneath is a fake economy. It is indeed a ponzi scheme. One day all these 457 visa immigrants that now populate just about every franchise, cafe and service station will be kicked out of their jobs and the true unemployment figure will emerge. Slave class jobs (your passport is in the safe - 50% of your wage is going to the sponsor (crim) who brought you in are not proper jobs.