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Shockwave! News of Resignation of "Plan Melbourne" Committee over East West Link

See update and details at groups have received the news of an apparent backflip on East West link. Is there some democracy left in Melbourne after all? REMINDER - NO TUNNEL Snap Protest at 12 noon for a 12:15 pm start TODAY Thursday 12 December 2013 on the steps of Parliament!

(1) State Planning Committee on "Plan Melbourne" Resigns Over East West Link

PPL VIC and other community group representatives were stunned to hear Ms Roz Hansen's denunciation of the East West Link at the Future Melbourne (Transport) Committee Meeting on the City of Melbourne's submission on the Comprehensive Impact Statement on the East West Link on Tuesday night. The Lord Mayor seemed taken aback. After the meeting I asked Ms Hansen for the speech and she said that it should be on Council records but to get back to her if it was not available. I am determined to obtain it as is an excellent statement.

(2) Kelvin Thomson's Speech in Federal Parliament on the East West Link on 10 December 2013

Please see Kelvin’s speech delivered to the Parliament last night on the East West Link. Please feel free to distribute it through your networks.

Kelvin Thomson Parliamentary speech on East West Link 11 December 2013

(3) REMINDER - NO TUNNEL Snap Protest at 12 noon for a 12:15 pm start TODAY Thursday next 12 December 2013 on the steps of Parliament!

Please send an apology if you can't attend and also messages of support if a representative of your group cannot attend. See you there!

Source: Julianne Bell Protectors of Public Lands VIC Inc.

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The whole "planning" of Melbourne is corrupt, and ruled by vested interests and distorted priorities. Melbourne's vital arteries are clogged, and already our city is crawling almost to a stand-still in many areas due to traffic congestion.

Planning should be holistic, not just allowing property developers access our suburbs for their profits. Planning should be about building hospitals, schools, ambulances, public transport, not just about cramming more people into our city, up to 8 million by 2050!
How are the public meant to agree and accept 70% of housing growth be confined to existing areas? Once a city is mature, adding more people and housing will simply clog up our city even more, exacerbating our city's problems. Already our infrastructure is heavily overloaded, and the $8 billion EW Link will absorb and suck out essential funding.
The East West link is not for the people, the commuters of Melbourne, but for the business lobby. Ironically, it's assumed that people living in the high density and high rise apartments will not need private transport, but the EW Link assumes private car use!

The EW Link is primarily to create Melbourne as the biggest transport hub in Australia. It's to support the supply chains of all the increasing imported goods we will be importing from overseas, thanks to the decline of even iconic national brands such as Qantas and Holden! With more and more shipping containers arriving with goods, they will need the EW Link to deliver them around the country. The empty shipping containers will continue to accumulate, symbolic of our empty economy, and empty policies coming from our State government.

No wonder Melbourne's planning committee is in disarray! It's a rort, full of contradictions and oxymorons.

REMINDER - NO TUNNEL Snap Protest at 12 noon for a 12:15 pm start TODAY Thursday next 12 December 2013 on the steps of Parliament!